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As promised Act 2. Thanks to BluLadyK once again for the help, especially with coming up with a title.

Chapter 1

“Osiris, keeper of the gate, master of all fate, hear us.
Before time, and after. Before knowing and nothing.
Accept our offering. Know our prayer.
Osiris! Here lies the warrior of the people. Let her cross over.
Osiris, let her cross over! Aah...” Willow collapsed as the Urn of Osiris was smashed by one of the demonic biker’s that was trashing Sunnydale since there was no Slayer to stop them.

Separated by over a thousand miles two graves were suddenly encased by an orange mist. As the mist swirled over the decaying corpses the skin and hair began to repair themselves and the eyes reappeared. At the exact same moment two people woke, gasping, in their own coffins.

“Willow are you okay?” Willow managed a shaky smile for her lover.

“I don’t know. Just before the spell was broken I felt was powerful.”

“Did it hurt you?” Tara asked, concerned for Willow.

“No, it was like it...hitchhiked? Onto the spell. I think...something was trying to get out of hell with Buffy.”

“Then maybe it’s a good thing the spell failed.”


Bobby frowned at his nephew’s grave, something wasn’t right. He didn’t know what odd feeling had woken him, but it had him out in his back lot armed with a shotgun at two in the morning. Bobby knew he should have salted and burned the body but when the time had come he hadn’t been able to bring himself to do it.

Sam had helped him put protections on Xander’s body and coffin. They also had a priest in the know bless the grave itself. It had been over a year and nothing had disturbed the grave, so why was he here now?

Bobby’s eyes widened as he heard a soft scrabbling noise coming from the grave. He raised his shotgun and took aim at the ground in front of the rough headstone. His hands were steady but he was screaming in his head, screaming for whatever it was to not break the surface, to spare him from having to shoot his nephew’s corpse.

Bobby watched as a hand broke through, followed by the other, and then a body was scrambling free of the dirt to lie, panting beside the grave. It was Xander’s body, looking like he’d never died, let alone been buried for a year and a half.

“You get out of his body you bastard.” Bobby snarled, raising the gun. A head shot up to reveal wild glowing green eyes and then lips pulled back in a snarl before whatever was in Xander paused to scent the air.

Crouching on all fours, Xander’s body slowly inched forward before stopping to scent the air again. He growled and lunged, knocking the shotgun aside and pinning Bobby to the ground. The hunter tried to struggle, but it was no use.

Bobby froze as warm breath puffed against his throat. And then a nose was buried behind his ear and a tongue swiped across his neck. Xander pulled back to sit on his haunches and let out a yip before nudging Bobby.

Bobby slowly sat up and stared at his nephew. It couldn’t be, could it? But he’d seen those eyes before, after Sam had died, and Dean saw them when Xander had fought Meg. The primal hyena spirit Xander shared his body with was somehow still there.

“Xander?” Bobby called softly, slowly extending his hand towards the hyena possessed male. Xander flinched back from the hand before sniffing it and then pushing against it with his head. Bobby laughed and ran his fingers through the matted hair before getting to his feet.

He backed towards the house and Xander followed, still on all fours. Bobby frowned at that and slowly moved closer. He gently tugged one of Xander’s arms up and looped it around his shoulder’s, ignoring the hesitant growl. He then wrapped his own arm around Xander’s waist and slowly pulled him to his feet. Xander whined slightly, confusion clear on his face but Bobby just held on and took a slow step. It was hard going but by the time they got to the back porch Xander was almost walking on his own.

Once inside, Bobby helped Xander onto the couch and where he immediately curled up. He watched as Bobby headed into the kitchen and whined as soon as he was out of sight. He relaxed again when Bobby came back. Bobby sat beside him and held out the glass of water, but all Xander did was stare at it.

“Guess you don’t know what it is huh?” Bobby asked sadly. Bobby held it to Xander’s lips and tilted it so the holy water wet them. Xander’s mouth opened and he gulped it down greedily.
“I’d be thirsty too after so long dead. Tired?” He asked as he noticed Xander’s eyelids drooping. Bobby grabbed a blanket and put it over Xander.
“Its okay kid, you get some sleep. I’ll keep you safe.” Bobby gently petted Xander’s head until his nephew fell asleep and then slowly moved from the room to grab the phone.

“Hello?” A groggy voice answered.

“Dean it’s Bobby, you and Sam need to get to my house.” Bobby told him.

“Is something wrong?” Dean asked, suddenly alert.

“I’m not sure. Just hurry up.” Bobby hung up as he heard Xander whimper. He sat down beside him again and just let his hand rest in the matted locks. Xander instantly calmed and continued to sleep.

“Did Bobby say what was so important?” Sam asked from where he was slumped in his seat.

“No but he didn’t sound too sure that nothing was wrong.” Dean told his brother.

“He has to be okay.” Sam muttered quietly and Dean silently agreed, sparing a glance at his brother. Sam had rarely smiled since Xander’s death; though he’d been quick to reassure Dean he was ecstatic the older Winchester was still alive. Dean had to admit things were a lot duller without the younger hunter around. Bobby had sunk into the bottle for a few months, until Sam had dunked him into an icy bathtub. Dean had never realised Bobby had such a...varied vocabulary.

Dean turned the engine off as they got out of the car, both looking around to see if anything was out of place. The screen door opened and Bobby stepped out onto the porch walking over to the Impala instead of waiting for them at the top of the stairs like usual.

“Do we get an explanation now?” Dean asked and Bobby raked his hands through his hair.

“Bobby?” Sam asked hesitantly and Bobby sighed.

“I don’t know how to tell ya. Last night something woke me. I went to check on Xander’s grave.” Bobby explained and both Winchester’s went a bit pale.

“Did something?” Sam asked and Bobby nodded.

“Something alright. I’m getting tired of being sniffed! I called Sunnydale; Giles is back in England, so I talk to Tara. Turns out, that last night Willow pulled a resurrection spell, only it was interrupted. She felt something powerful latch on to it. That something...was Xander. Or at least the hyena. Can’t tell if it’s just her or if Xander’s still in there. But she recognised me at least. I tested him, there’s nothing demonic about him. I kind of hoped, the three of us around might jog anything of the kid that’s left in there. Xander said she saw you two as pack so that shouldn’t be a problem.” Dean and Sam stared at Bobby in shock as he explained the situation.

“You mean Xander’s inside?” The hope in Sam’s voice hurt.

“His body is, but his mind? It’s definitely the hyena in the driver’s seat Sam. He’s running on pure animal instinct and intelligence. Didn’t even know how to drink out of a glass or walk upright. But once he’s shown he remembers.” Bobby explained. Sam had stopped listening though and was already past him on the porch.

Sam took a deep breath and opened the door, slipping into the cool dimness of Bobby’s home. He looked around, catching the sound of a low growl. Moving forward cautiously, he passed the couch where he saw Xander. Sam dropped to his knees, unable to look away.

“Xander?” He called shakily, extending a hand. Xander bared his teeth and his muscles began to bunch for a leap, but then he took a deep breath and stopped. Sam watched as Xander’s body slowly relaxed, as Sam cautiously moved closer, his hand still held out.

Xander moved closer as well, sniffing at him and then Sam nearly jumped as Xander licked his hand. Sam soon found himself staring up at the ceiling as Xander sat on his stomach and then began nuzzling him. Sam laughed softly and ran his fingers through Xander’s hair.

Dean froze inside the door, watching as Xander happily sat perched on Sam, this brother’s fingers moving through Xander’s hair. Xander’s head snapped up and he growled at Dean but Sam wrapped an arm around Xander and continued petting him.

“It’s okay Xander, it’s Dean. You know Dean.” Sam soothed and Dean cautiously moved closer.
“Let him sniff you Dean.” Sam told his brother and Dean pulled a face but held out his hand as he finally came up behind Sam. Xander sniffed at him and then fully relaxed.

“So he does remember us.” Dean commented as Bobby followed them inside.
“Think he’s going to get off Sam any time soon?” Sam blushed and gently pushed Xander off so he could sit up. Xander was instantly pressed against Sam’s side and Sam blushed again.

“Uh, this may be a good time to point out that the hyena sort of sees Sam as Xander’s mate?” Bobby shuffled uncomfortably as the brothers stared at him.

“So at least we know the feelings are definitely reciprocated.” Dean pointed out with a grin.
“So how do we get Xander back to, well, Xander?”

“No clue.” Bobby answered, still watching his nephew cling to Sam.

“Great.” Sam groaned.

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