Imagine: The List
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Story Notes:
I had a funny thought and tried to write a little ficlet.I hope you enjoy it.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Notes: ficlet, silliness, ooc

(Warning: English is not my native language.)


Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, etc. All things Highlander belong to Panzer/Davis, etc.



   Seacouver, Canada in a durk blues bar  

 A slender and wiry man with the dark hair leaned over the counter to the barkeeper and whispered:

“Joe, I have a question about your new temporary help…“

The man with the graying hair leaned on his cane.

“What is aggrieving you about my nephew, Adam? “ 


“Since when have you a nepew? I didn’t know you had a nephew. I am not sure if am your friend if you don’t inform me of the important events in your life.” Methos mockly replied. “Kidding aside. You know he is reading a dusty old and certainly expensive book? And why has he a eye patch? Are you sure, he is your nephew?...Especially if…. ”


Joe interrupted him: “Yes, I checked quite thoroughly. My sister adopted him legally.”


But as Methos couldn’t suppress his curiosity and he didn’t wanted to make the young man suspicious he put off the disussion. “This is not the end of this.”


He sneaked over to the reading man’s side and managed to peek on the text. Then he sat on his table and begun with his – gentle - interrogation:

“Hi, my name is Adam and I am a regular customer in this Bar. You are new at bartending? I don’t know many bartenders who are reading Sumerian books.  And I have a inquiring personality. Where did you learn the language?”


The dark haired young man looked up and winked.

“I am Xander. I learned it in high school of course. It was required for my survival.”


“Kidding aside – where in the USA is Sumerian teached?”

Looking at the title of the book he exclaimed:

“And who teached the special knowledge for the understanding of the PROPHECY BOOK OF AGES?!”


Xander gave a jerk.

“Who you are, that you can recognize this book with one look?”

He diverged from the bar and looked with a betrayed eye at his uncle.

“In what crowd are you hanging around? Are you a lackey from the Watchers Organisation?” 

Joe tried to look innocent but a wince gave him away.

“I don’t know what you mean...”  

“You can spare the lies,” intercepted Xander “I mean this British stuffy people who are sitting on their hairy fat butts and pick their noses  …”


Now Methos interrupts with his attempt to placate

“I didn’t wanted to stir disorder up. But I think I can calm the waves. There are two organizations of Watchers…”


Xander exclaimed: “You are mean the peeping toms?”


“Hey!” was the reaction of Joe.

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