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I know, I really shouldn’t be starting another but this has been in my mind for a while.

He was running flat out through the forest, tracking the killer. He’d been tracking him for months, following the pattern of his kills and tonight he was going to catch him, he was only half an hour behind him at the most. He’d stop the killings and then move on to the next monster. It was all he did anymore. The sound of a pained cry had him altering his course a bit and a quick glance down showed a paw print in the damp earth.

That was when the scent hit him and he actually faltered in his headlong run. He raised his head and took in a long, deep breath. There was something hauntingly familiar about that scent. Shaking his head he picked up speed again until he broke into a clearing only to snarl in rage. On the ground in front of him was a dark haired teen, blood staining his jeans and terror etched on his features. Crouched almost on top of him was the wolf he’d been hunting.

He bared his own fans and let out a menacing growl, getting the other wolf’s attention. He took a step forward but the other held its ground and he snarled in frustration, needing to get the other away from the kid. Finally the other gave ground and they began circling, looking for openings and weaknesses. Hearing the kid moaning in pain he knew he had to finish it soon and somehow get him to help. The lighter wolf lunged, sensing his distraction and he howled in pain as claws raked his side before turning and sinking his teeth into the side of his neck. The other wolf whimpered and tried to get loose but he refused to let go. He tightened his grip and began to shake the light grey wolf. Finally it went limp in death and he released it before turning back to the injured teen.

He watched as the kid levered himself up on his elbows and tried to back away, fear evident on his face and in his scent. He took a slow step forward, lowering his head and wagging his tail, trying to show that he wasn’t going to hurt him and that’s when it hit him. The scent...that was why it was so familiar, because it was similar to his own! He’d know those hazel puppy eyes anywhere. He whined at his brother, his baby brother! He slowly crawled closer on his belly. He couldn’t believe it, after nine years he was finally seeing his Sammy again and the kid was terrified of him!

Sam lay on the ground, his leg broken and bleeding, and his gun well out of reach. The werewolf they’d been hunting was crouched over him and he knew his Dad was out of hearing range. Sam knew this what it, he was going to die the same way his brother had nine years before. He almost smiled at the thought of Dean, maybe he’d finally get to see him and his Mom again. He wanted to let out a hysterical laugh when a second wolf emerged but managed to hold it in. Well, watching the two he’d rather the second kill him than the first, it seemed to lack the ‘I’m a complete loony’ air the other had and so was probably less likely to play with its food.

He lay perfectly still as the two wolves battled it out and silently cheered the slightly smaller, but darker grey wolf, on. He wanted to cheer as the one that had attacked him died but then slowly began trying to back away as golden eyes focused on him, seemingly curious. He froze as the wolf approached, head down and tail wagging. Yeah, like he was really going to fall for that! Sam watched as the wolf whined at him and then dropped to its belly and crawled closer. He knew it had to be able to smell his fear but so far it was making no move to attack. He stayed utterly frozen as the wolf finally reached him and then stretched out its muzzle to gently nose his hand. Sam ever so slowly raised his hand and laid it on the wolf’s head. He smiled slightly as the wolf pushed its head up into his hand and then slowly began to pet the animal.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Sam whispered and the wolf tilted its head inquisitively making him laugh again.
“You can understand me, can’t you?” He asked and the wolf nodded its head.
“Thank you for saving my life. I don’t know why you did. I mean, I’ve never seen a werewolf that’s so...well human acting before. My brother...well he was killed by a werewolf, a long time ago. Wish it had been you he’d run into, then he wouldn’t have left me.” Sam kept petting the wolf as he talked. The wolf whined again and moved even closer, laying its head on his good leg and staring up at him with sad eyes.

Dean relaxed as Sam finally reached out to him. He hinted at his brother and was happy when the teen began to pet him. The fear slowly began to fade from Sam’s scent and the teen began talking to him. He nodded to let Sam know he could understand him and Sam began rambling a bit. He couldn’t help moving closer and laying his head on Sam’s uninjured leg, staring up at him sadly as Sam talked about Dean dying. Had John really told Sam the wolf had killed him? But why? Sam had lived the last nine years thinking a werewolf had killed his older brother, instead of it being John that had nearly killed him. If his aim had been even a quarter of an inch further to the left Dean would have been dead instantly, instead he’d played possum and then bolted.

Sam shifted slightly and then gasped, going pale as white hot pain shot through his leg. The wolf was instantly on its feet, moving so that Sam was leaning against it until the pain subsided and he could sit up himself. Then the wolf moved over to study the injured limb, sniffing it and then licking at the blood. Sam gasped and froze, a little fear creeping back in, making the wolf raise its head to stare at him. It nuzzled his hand again and then went back to licking the wound. Sam relaxed as he realised he was simply cleaning the wound and he found the pain was actually fading a bit. Sam sat up straighter and noticed the wound didn’t look as bad, other than the bone still being broken of course.

Dean gently cleaned his brother’s wound, knowing that his saliva would help it heal and numb the pain a little, which was all he could do for him at the moment. Where the hell was John? He should never have left Sam alone for so long or have gone so far to have not heard the fight. Sam was beginning to shiver and Dean was worried about shock setting in. He curled around Sam, trying to keep him warm, and Sam smiled, curling his fingers in his fur.

“Thanks. It’s, um, getting kind of cold. But you need to go before my Dad shows up. He won’t understand and I don’t want you to get hurt.” The wolf whined and snuggled even closer making Sam sigh in relief as the warmth spread through him.
“My Dad used to be a great gut you know? Yeah he could be this major drill sergeant but it was to keep us safe. Then...then Dean died on a hunt. I think Dad blames himself. He’s changed since then. He...he scares me sometimes but what can I do? He’s my Dad and I’m all he’s got left. I never wanted this life, I want to be normal, go to school, college, have friends. But we never stay anywhere long enough. I guess you know what not being normal’s lie. Hey, you’ve got it worse than me I guess what with the whole werewolf thing. It’s just; I want to live my own life. I’m seventeen and I’ve never even had a girlfriend!” The wolf let out an amused sounding huff at that and Sam grinned.
“Sorry, just nice to have someone to talk to. I’m probably boring you.” Sam stroked a hand through the soft fur and Dean nudged him gently.

Sam shivered and Dean stared at him, noticing he was looking a bit too pale. Dean looked around and came to a decision. He got up and gently nudged at Sam until the ten got the hint and tried to roll over as gently as he could but he was still whimpering in pain when they were done. Dean lay on his side beside him as close as he could, bumping against him until Sam got the hint to grab onto his fur. As gently as he could Dean rolled back onto his stomach, Sam rolling with him and biting his lip to keep from crying out.

“You really think this is going to work?” Sam asked shakily and Dean looked over his shoulder at him, giving him a lupine grin before gathering his legs under himself. Sam braced himself as the wolf slowly got to his feet. Sam held on as tightly as he could and Dean began to slowly make his way back towards civilisation.

By the time Dean made it to the road Sam was laying limply on his back, unconscious from pain. His front legs gave way under him as a familiar pain began and he lay down to roll Sam off as gently as he could. Sure enough he could see the sun beginning to crest the trees and the pain spread through his body. When it was gone he lay panting beside his brother, totally naked and exhausted. Dean pushed himself upright and staggered back to Sam’s side.

Dean gently rolled his baby brother over and gently ran a hand through his hair, smiling at the length. Trust Sammy to defy Dad enough to keep his hair long. He gently rolled Sam’s jeans up to get a closer look at his leg and winced, yeah his licking had helped but Sam needed a hospital. Seeing the bone poking through the skin of his baby brothers leg made him feel ill but he pushed pas that to work at splinting the injury. Thankfully Sam apparently still had his thing for layering clothes. Dean took his jacket to wrap around his own waist and then tore up one of Sam’s shirts to tie the sticks to Sam’s leg. Once done he lifted Sam as gently as he could into his arms and headed for town.

Half an hour of walking later he made it back to his motel and dug the key out from where he’d hidden it and then opened the door. He lowered Sam to the bed and checked his leg again before grabbing the closest pieces of clothing and throwing them on. Sam was shivering badly and his leg was bleeding again. Dean grabbed his first aid kit and rewrapped the limb, making Sam whimper.

“Sorry Sammy, I know it hurts kiddo.” Green eyes opened slightly and then locked onto him.
“Hey little brother.” Dean ran his hand through Sam’s hair and the kid leant into him.

“De...” Sam breathed.

“I know, you’re in shock. I’m going to get you to the hospital.” Dean soothed.

“Real?” Sam whispered shakily and Dean gave a sad smile.

“Yeah, I’m real. You need to try to stay awake, okay?” Sam gave a shaky nod and Dean smiled.
“Good boy. I’ve got to lift you now, just try to relax.” Dean lifted Sam as gently as he could but the kid still cried out. Dean put him in the backseat of his car and then floored it.

Dean paced the waiting room like a caged animal, which was sort of what he was. They’d taken Sam in straight away and he hadn’t heard anything since.

“Mr. Roberts?” A doctor called and Dean rushed over to him.

“Is Sam okay?” Dean asked and the doctor held up a hand.

“Your brother suffered a significant break to his left tibia and he lost a good deal of blood. Thankfully there’s no sign of infection yet but we’ve got him on antibiotics just in case. We had to operate to reset the bone and pin it in place. He’s young and healthy so he should be able to have the pins removed eventually. We also gave him a transfusion to help with the blood loss. He should make a full recovery but it will take some time.” Dean sagged in relief and nodded.

“When can I see him?”

“Now if you’d like but I will warn you, he’s still fairly out of it from the aesthetic and pain medication.”

“Thank you. When do you think I can take him home?”

“Give it a few days.”

Dean paused in the doorway to Sam’s room and just stared at him. The kid had sure grown up since the last time he’d seen him as a child. Sam was actually slightly taller than him now but still incredibly lanky as if he hadn’t grown into his height yet. It scared him how close he’d come to loosing Sam last night, but then, how many times over the last nine years had Sam nearly died without Dean knowing about it? Hunting was a dangerous lifestyle and one Sam apparently didn’t want. Maybe he could take Sam with him? Get him away from John? Where was he anyway? Surely he’d be looking for Sam by now? Sam groaning snapped him out of his thoughts and had him walking over to the bed. Bleary hazel eyes blinked open and Sam squinted up at him.

“De?” Dean smiled at the childhood nickname and nodded. He held out the ice chips and helped spoon a few into Sam’s mouth.
“Though I’d imagined you.” Sam admitted softly.

“No, I’m here Sammy. Docs had to operate on your leg so you’re stuck here for a few days.” Dean told him as he perched on the edge of the bed. Sam reached out and grabbed his hand.

“Stay?” He pleaded and Dean smiled.

“As long as you want me to.” Sam relaxed at that and started to drift off again.
“Sa? Hey, come on stay awake for just a bit longer.” Dean urged and Sam fought to keep his eyes open.


“Where’s J..Dad, Sam?” Sam frowned at him.

“Dad? Spilt up in the woods going after the wolf. Yelled but he didn’t come. Why didn’t he come?” Sam tried to sit up but Dean held him down.

“Easy tiger. You need to rest. I’m sure he’s fine. You wait, he’ll show up soon.” Sam nodded and fell back to sleep. Great thing about a dopy Sam, he didn’t ask too many hard questions.

Sam moaned as sunlight hit his eyes, trying to turn and bury his head in his pillow only to find he couldn’t move all that much. He froze and then listened. He could hear the beeping of machines and then he recognised the smell. Great, he’d landed himself in the hospital, again. Dad was going to kill him! He opened his eyes to an empty room and looked around. His left leg was heavily bandaged and strapped down and he had an IV in his right hand.

Frowning he tried to remember what had happened and then it hit him, the werewolf! He’d been running from it, trying to get a shot when he’d tripped and gone down hard, losing his gun. He’d thought he was a goner till another wolf showed up. The other wolf...had it really carried him all the way to town? Sam tried to remember more and got a hazy image of another man with familiar green eyes calling him Sammy. He’d hallucinated about his dead brother? Wonderful, as if Dean’s loss didn’t hurt enough already.

Sam stiffened as he heard a toilet flush and then a tap turn on. Looking around he noticed the closed door, obviously Dad was taking a toilet break. But then the door opened and Sam gasped, it was the man, the one that had called him Sammy so familiarly. But it couldn’t be, could it?

“Dean?” Sam called hesitantly and the man was at his side instantly.

“Easy Sammy, don’t try to move too much yet.” Sam swallowed hard at that.

“It’s really you? I thought...maybe I’d dreamed you. But how? You’re dead! Christo!” Sam pulled away but Dean didn’t flinch.

“Sam it’s okay, it’s really me. I won’t hurt you kiddo, I could never hurt you.” Dean soothed, not wanting Sam’s agitation to alert the nurses.

“But the wolf...and Dad did you survive? Where have you been? Why didn’t you come back for me?” Sam pleaded for answers that Dean didn’t really want to give. Dean sighed and ran a hand through his hair, trying to figure out how to tell Sam without freaking him out further.

“What exactly did Dad tell you?” He asked, half stalling and half wanting to know what story John had cooked up about his ‘death’.

“You were hunting a werewolf and got separated. It must have gotten the jump on you somehow and when Dad found you, you were dead. He killed the wolf and burnt...burnt the both of you there.” Sam sobbed slightly and Dean pulled him into his arms, knowing Sam may never let him that close again.

“That’s not exactly what happened kiddo. I need you to listen okay?”

“I’m seventeen not seven Dean.” Sam whined and Dean laughed, ruffling his hair.

“Give me a break, last time I saw you, you were this scrawny little thing. Now you’re taller than me!”

“Dean please tell me?” Dean sighed and nodded.

“We split up while hunting the wolf and yeah, it got the drop on me. But I wasn’t dead when Dad showed up. The thing bit me, clawed me up pretty good too.” Sam paled and looked like he was going to be sick so Dean grabbed a pan but Sam shook his head, his knuckles white where he was clutching the sheets.

“Then?” Sam asked shakily.

“Dad showed up, shot it off me. Then he saw the bite.”

“He shot you.” Sam breathed and Dean nodded, moving his shirt to show not only the scar from the bullet but the bite mark. He was surprised when Sam reached out to trace the marks.
“Missed your heart.”

“Yeah, but there was so much blood. I played dead, think I actually passed out for a while cause he was suddenly gone. Dragged myself deeper into the woods, dug the bullet out and when I woke up a few days later the wounds were gone. I headed back into town but you guys were already gone.”

“So you’re a...” Sam trailed off and Dean nodded sadly.

“You were the wolf, the one that saved me!” Sam suddenly exclaimed and Dean nodded again, still avoiding looking at Sam until his brother’s hand wrapped around his. Dean looked up, startled to find Sam smiling at him.
“You have control?”

“Yeah. I’ve never hurt anyone, I promise. Didn’t know it was you till after I killed the other one and then I thought you’d never calm down and let me near.”

“Well I was almost eaten by a wolf, can you blame me?” Sam teased, still smiling.

“Sammy? You don’ don’t hate me?” Dean asked, not looking at Sam again and Sam let out an annoyed huff.

“You’re my brother Dean, I love you. And you can suffer the chick-flick for a bit after nine years. I missed you so much!” Sam managed to sit up and fall against Dean to hug him. Dean froze in surprise but then hugged him back.
“Promise me you won’t leave me again.” Sam begged and Dean held him tighter.

“I can’t Sammy, Dad...”

“So take me away. It can be just the two of us.” Dean sighed and then nodded.

“Okay.” Sam said and then began to pull his IV out.

“Sam!” Dean tried to stop him but Sam glared.

“We need to be gone before Dad finds me.” Sam stated and Dean knew he was right.

“Okay, but let me do that.”

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