Imagine: The List
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Very AU from end of S3. Eventual Wincest. Possession. Excuse lack of medical knowledge please.

He didn’t know why his brother’s presence had led him to this place but he slipped into a vent and floated through them until he came to a vent. ‘Looking’ down he could see a familiar body lying on the bed with a few machines attached. Everything in him screamed to get into the room, to find out why he was there but he couldn’t. Even where he was he could feel the wards and traps in the room, even the vent was protected. Sure he was glad the kid was safe but he didn’t need protecting from him! He had to get in there and find out what was wrong. Forcing himself to calm he set off through the vents to find a likely target.

Nick stared in shock as black smoke billowed out of the nearby vent. He went to run but it was too late and then the cloud was pouring down his throat, choking him and then he felt his body move but he wasn’t controlling it! He started to panic, screaming in his head and then he stopped.

‘Calm down! Thank you. It’s kind of hard to drive with you panicking in here you know.’ An annoyed voice said.

‘Who are you? What’s happening to me?’ He demanded and he actually felt the voices impatience.

‘My name’s Dean and I’m a demon. Don’t panic! I’m, not gonna hurt you or make you do something bad. I promise I won’t be here for long.’ Was the explanation and Nick really wanted to pass out. He was possessed by a demon named Dean, maybe he was dreaming?
‘No you’re not dreaming. Look, I need your help and I don’t exactly have a body of my own anymore. There’s a patient here, he’s my brother. I need to know what’s wrong and get him somewhere safer.’

‘Why should I believe you?’

‘Well I could have knocked you out or even tortured you, that’s what demons usually do to their vessels. But all I want is to see my very human brother. Is that so bad?’ the demon asked and Nick had to admit it wasn’t if it was telling the truth.

‘Couldn’t you just float into his room or something?’

‘Tried that, someone warded the room against demons which means you can’t get in their either at the moment. Now the most common wards are salt lines so all you have to do is get maintenance to clean it up and then we’ll avoid the other traps in there. Okay? Now you can do it or I’ll do it for you. And no trying to ask for help, they’ll just think you’re nuts anyway.’ Dean told him and Nick thought about it.

‘Okay, I’ll do it. I need the patient’s name.’

‘Samuel Winchester, but he could be in under an assumed name in which case the last name’ll be different so I’ll just get you there.’ And suddenly Nick realised his body was walking through the building until he reached a room and he recognised the number.

‘Samuel Singer, he’s been here for three years now.’ Nick told the demon who suddenly felt happy.

‘Yep, that’s him. Now I’m gonna give you back control like I said so call maintenance.’ Nick staggered slightly as he suddenly found himself back in control. He leaned against the wall and took a few deep breaths before going over to the nurses’ station and calling maintenance. It didn’t take long for the room to be cleaned and then he opened the door.
‘Careful! Look up.’ Nick did as told and he could just make out faint lines on the tiles a bit in front of him.
‘Devil’s Trap, don’t go near it or we’re trapped.’ Dean warned and Nick carefully moved around it and a few other things the demon warned him about until he finally reached the bed and pulled off the chart.

‘Transferred from Mercy three years ago. Witnessed his brother being mauled to death by wild dogs and just shut down. Tests are all negative...’

‘What’s wrong with him?’ Dean demanded and Nick winced, a hand going to his head.
‘Sorry.’ The voice whispered sullenly and he nodded.

‘There’s nothing medically wrong with him. Diagnosis was shock; he just shut down after seeing his brother killed...he watched you die?’

“Yeah, ripped apart by Hellhounds. Damn it Sammy. So there’s no reason he needs to be here?’

‘Other than the fact he hasn’t moved in three years? Involuntary movement is all that’s been recorded.’

‘So what you’re saying is lights are on but no one’s home?’ Dean asked and Nick agreed. And then he froze as Sam blinked and his head lolled on the pillow, empty hazel eyes staring through him.
‘He moved!’ Dean crowed and then Nick felt himself shoved back into his own mind.

“Sam? Can you hear me? It’s Dean, I know it doesn’t look like me but it is. Come on Sam, give me a sign here.” The demon begged and Nick felt a flash of sympathy for it when there was no reaction.

‘Dean the fact that he moved at all for the first time in years...maybe he’s aware of your presence in a way. But you don’t just snap out of something like this. It’ll take months, even years and even then he may never fully recover.’ Nick tried to console the being that had taken him over and that seemed to surprise it.
‘Look, I don’t work this wing which means if I’m found here it’s going to look very suspicious and if whoever did these protections finds out and guesses well I don’t think that’ll be good for either of us. We’ll leave now and come back at the shift change, less chance of being noticed. I can do some research, dig a bit deeper into his file, okay? Then you can make plans to get him out of here and somewhere you can help. Just...I’ve got a wife who’s pregnant...’

‘I won’t take you with me. If it comes to it I can use Sam, though it would look suspicious if he just got up and walked out I guess.’

‘Just a bit. We could fake a patient transfer, that’d be best.’ Nick told him as he left the room and headed for his office. He sank into his chair and sighed tiredly.

‘Sorry, my being in here can be a bit taxing. If I leave...’

‘I’m not going to go hide. I might be crazy for doing this but all you want is to help him, I can feel it.’

‘Thanks.’ Dean sounded a bit shocked and then Nick felt his neck arch as the smoke fled his body. It hovered around him for a second and then retreated to hover just inside the vent. He sagged and then closed his eyes, trying to shake off the growing headache and downing some aspirin when it wouldn’t go away.

They watched the older man leave Sam’s room looking sad and Nick could feel Dean’s confusion.


‘Sorry, it sort of feels like I should know him.’

‘Logged in as Robert Singer, the last name your brother’s under. So family friend?’

‘I don’t know, I don’t remember.’ Dean answered sadly.

‘Why not?’

‘All part of becoming a demon, you really don’t want to know the details. Least I think most humans wouldn’t want to know.’

‘No offence meant but you don’t really seem like a demon, least from what I was told in church. Aren’t you meant to be all about killing and torturing or something?’ Nick asked and then wanted to hit himself for it.

‘But that would make Sam sad. I...I don’t remember a lot but I remember him, he was all I could hold onto when they...they tried to make me forget him too but I couldn’t. Maybe I did know that Singer guy, I just don’t know anymore. I don’t even know how I got out of Hell.’ Dean admitted quietly and Nick nodded.

‘Lets go see Sam.’ He thought to cheer him up. Maintenance was once again called to clean; apparently Singer was the one who was protecting the room since there was fresh salt down. He felt Dean’s pain when they approached the bed and Sam continued to stare blankly out the window since he’d been turned on his side. Nick gave Dean control and the demon reached out to brush Sam’s hair out of his eyes.

“Hey Sammy, I’m back again. The guy I’m, well wearing, his name is Nick and he’s a doctor here. He’s helping figure out how to get you out of here. I’ve got no reason to believe it’s me and not just any old demon in here but I missed you Sam, you were all I could think of down there. So I’m gonna take care of you, even if you never get better we’ll never be apart again.” Dean promised and then ruffled his brother’s hair like he used to before giving control back to Nick who checked Sam’s charts and fluffed his pillow a bit before leaving.

Dean fought not to make the body twitch as the final paperwork was signed and then he walked out of the office, the proud owner of a house in the middle of nowhere. The guy he was in right then would never know he’d bought it; unlike the doc he was completely suppressed. The house had been bought using a fake id, it had been a surprise to suddenly remember how to make one but very handy. And he’d picked a rich guy so hopefully he wouldn’t notice the missing money for months. He wanted nothing to be able to lead anyone to them once they were settled. He got the guy home and then left him, heading back to the institution where Sam was. He headed straight for Nick’s office and then spun around him and Nick opened his mouth.

‘Anyway I can keep from having others do this to me after you leave?’ The doctor asked once he’d settled.

‘Check Sam’s chest, he has a tattoo. Take a picture and get the exact same thing done over your heart. I think I had one too. Bought a house and made sure it had everything you said we’d need. When can we go?’ Nick got the feeling that if he could see Dean the demon would be bouncing in excitement.

‘Ready to be rid of me so quickly?’ he teased and felt a flash of guilt from Dean.
‘Just teasing. I’ve started slipping the paperwork in; you’ll have to take care of the driver though.’

‘No problem. When?’


‘And today is?’ Dean asked and Nick turned to look at his computer calendar.
‘Wednesday? Why so long?’

‘You don’t want people asking lots of questions Dean, despite your precautions they could track you down and then what? Actually that’s a good question, what are you going to do for a body once you’ve got Sam out?’ Nick asked and felt Dean mentally pause.

‘I could use Sam but I don’t know if that’s mess him up more.....Guess I’ll have to figure that out. Shift change yet?’ Dean asked and Nick laughed but got up.

Dean signed the paperwork and winked at a nearby Nick who nodded slightly. He then grabbed the gurney Sam was lying on and pushed it out to the van, using his vessel’s knowledge to make sure Sam was secure. He then got in and drove off. He was surprised by the thought that he’d miss Nick, for someone playing host to a demon the guy was pretty fun and very helpful. He drove the van to the prearranged spot and parked it. He got out and unstrapped Sam, easily lifting him and carrying him over to the waiting car. He secured him and then left his host on the gurney to let the poor guy sleep off the affects of being possessed. It had taken some though and help from Nick but sitting in the driver’s seat was a body that had been declared brain dead the day before. Dean slipped in and shuddered at the fact there was nothing else in there to either talk to or suppress. Since the body was empty it didn’t matter how hard he used it so he drove through until he reached the house.

He took a quick look around before carrying Sam inside and then decided he might as well get bath time out of the way while he had Sam up. Experimentally he sat Sam up on the closed toilet, hovering just in case but Sam didn’t fall from where he was leaned back, his head touching the wall. He ran the bath and then stripped Sam out of the hospital gown and carried him over to the bath. He washed him gently and then made sure to move all his limbs like Nick had shown him to keep them limber. He froze as a saw a finger twitch on its own and looked at Sam’s face. His eyes were still looking through him but there was something...

“That’s it Sam, keep working at it. I’m waiting for you to come back little brother.” Dean said. He got Sam out of the bath, dried off and redressed and then settled him onto the hospital bed set up in a nearby room. He bit his lip as he stared at his unmoving brother. Should he...Decision made he pulled Sam’s shirt down to reveal his tattoo and then very carefully cut a thin line through it with a scalpel that had been among the medical supplies. Once that was done he sat down and then left the body he was in to hover over Sam for a second. Would this do more harm than good? But if he could reach Sam’s mind...he plunged down and into Sam.

‘Sammy?’ He called out hesitantly as he entered.

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