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Title: Here Geeky Geeky
Author: Starshinedogs
Fandom: Die Hard
Summary: just read to short for a summary
Type: Pre Slash
Rating: all ages may change
Sylum Fic: NO
Disclaimer: I don't own them them I’m just borrowing them for a while
** I blame this on Nicole Noone and Mac Taylor and the drinks from the Gumbo shop **

Word count 682

“ Here Geeky Geeky”

Echoed through the deserted office's, it was late at night and the geeks where playing some sort of bizarre version of hide and go seek. Consequently Matt Ferrell a.k.a Ferret, Frank Kaludis a.k.a Warlock, and Nana-Chan. Were not in their work room in fact John McClane was pretty sure that they where still in building but that was all he was certain off.

He had tried their cell phones and pagers, but when those went off he found them sitting on each of their desks. He then tried the P.A system but had no luck with that either so he was being forced to do a floor by floor search. He took the elevator to the top floor then locked them off and sent them to the basement, security had orders to report to him if they moved at all. Or if they actually spotted on of them on screen, they where to catch them and hold them till john arrived.

“ Here Geeky Geeky, I've got a fresh supply of Red Bull and donuts”

Still no answer but another floor eliminated, he really would prefer to be home with Matt either cooking dinner for them or indulging in a heavy duty kissing session. Prior to dragging Matt back to their bed room for some more positive re enforcement training. For all that he thought the the sensitivity training that HR made him and the other agents take was bull shit. But it seemed to work for he and Matt even though he had to come up with other methods for his other two geeks.

“ Here Geeky Geeky”

looking around he spotted a empty can of Red Bull sitting on a desk near by, scooping it up and dropping it in the trash can he continued his search. Soon he found a empty bottle of tang sitting on another desk, we the trail was getting warmer now but still not warm enough to net him his geeks.

“ Here Geeky Geeky I've got some chocolate ice cream”

Still no geeks but he did spot another empty can of red bull, this one was crushed in the middle meaning it was one of Warlock's cans and not Matt's.. turning the corner he found the flannel shirt that Matt had been wearing that morning when they left their apartment. Next he found one of Nana-Chan's Hello Kitty Barrettes laying in the middle of the hallway.

Looking around he spotted the sign for the swimming pool, giving a groan of disbelief he skipped searching the other floors and headed for the pool. He thought he had nipped that thought in the bud, the geeks where mad that the agents had ratted them out for skinny dipping in the pool late one night. Personally John had no problem with Matt going skinny dipping in the pool or even Nana-Chan going skinny dipping but Frankie on the other hand by law should be forbidden by law from skinny dipping anywhere on earth.

When he got to the pool area he found the geeks coming out of the showers. “You guys just had to do it didn't you, I told you that was a really bad idea but you just had to do it”

With a hangdog look on their faces the three looked at him, Frankie pushed Matt forward while he and Nana tried to hide behind him “We had to John they where gonna cut off our Twinkie supply and make us wear suits”.

Shaking his head John herded his geeks toward the elevators, once he got them on the elevator he called security. “I have the kids and am taking them home, so go ahead and sign us out for the evening”

“Agent McClane we will log you and the geeks out for the night”.

Heading out into the night John McClane could only thank good that Monday was a federal holiday, and by Monday the cleaning crew would have dealt with any traces the geeks had left behind in the prepping for their retaliatory strike
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