Imagine: The List
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Sam woke slowly, his head pounding and his body aching but he was feeling better. He slowly levered himself upright and looked around. He’d been moved from the couch and into a sleeping bag at some point but he didn’t remember it happening. Next to him in a pile was what looked like clean, new clothes. He reached out hesitantly to touch them, smiling slightly at the softness of the cloth but then he withdrew his hand, looking around warily. A second later his Master appeared in what must be the bedroom doorway, dressed in a pair of sleep pants and his hair messy form sleep.

“Morning Sam. See you’ve found the clothes I got for you. They should fit and we’ll get you some more when you’re feeling better. How are you feeling?” His Master asked as he walked further into the room.

“I am well Master.” Sam answered automatically and since he was looking down he nearly jumped when he found his Master suddenly kneeling in front of him. A gently hand came to rest on his forehead and Sam froze.

“ feel a bit warm. I want to check the burn and then we’ll see about getting you cleaned up and some breakfast.” His Master told him and Sam risked a peek through his bangs, seeing that his Master seemed concerned. But of course he use for a sick slave after all.
“I’ll grab the kit, be right back.” Sure enough a few minutes later his Master was back with a first aid kit in hand.
“Okay turn around so I can take a look. I’ll try to be gentle but let me know if it hurts.” He ordered and Sam turned around as quickly as he could, hiding a wince as his head throbbed. He found himself relaxing a little as gentle hands tended his burn, trying not to show pain the few times his Master had to actually touch the burn.
“Sorry.” His Master whispered softly and then Sam felt a new bandage being taped over the wound.
“You’re lucky, it seems to be settling down and I don’t think there’s an infection. Using hot brands like that...” His Master trailed off, muttering something angrily.
“Think you can stand?”

“Yes Master.” Sam went to stand only to sway and then his legs were giving way. He felt strong arms catch him, steadying him.

“Easy, take it easy Sam. Nice and slow, there’s no rush.” His Master soothed and then they slowly started walking towards the only other door in the apartment. Sam was lowered onto the closed toilet seat and then his Master left the room only to return with the new clothes. The clothes were placed on the edge of the sink and then his Master turned to crouch in front of him.
“I don’t think you can stand long enough for a shower on your own so we have two options. Either I help you with it or we can go for a sponge bath for now. Which do you prefer?” He asked and Sam stared at him, confused. Why was he being asked? The thought of either gave him the chills, he’d never been touched like that by an owner but he knew others had.
“Sam I won’t hurt you or.....or touch you like that. I have plenty of willing partners if I need that.” His Master whispered gently, laying a hand on his shoulder. Sam bit his lip, nervously looking up at his owner and then he slowly nodded. His Master seemed to be telling the truth and he really wanted to be clean.
“So which would you prefer?”

“Whichever you prefer Master.” Sam whispered, flinching slightly when his Master sighed.

“Sam....I will not get mad no matter what you answer. I want you to feel alright.” His Master told him and Sam closed his eyes for a second before looking longingly at the shower stall.

“Shower please Master.” Sam whispered and his Master nodded, smiling at him.

“Okay. Think you can strip off yourself?”

“Yes master.” Sam answered, reaching for his pants. His Master nodded and stood, moving over to ready the shower. He adjusted the water and then stripped his own pants off and then moved slowly back over to Sam who fidgeted nervously. He gently helped Sam up and over to the shower, helping him in and then stepping in behind him. Sam relaxed as his Master’s touch remained purely clinical as he helped him clean up. Once done Sam was dried and then dressed in the warm, soft, new clothes they headed back into the living room and Sam was settled onto the couch.

Dean headed into the kitchen and got out the packet of oatmeal. He figured it would be okay for Sam and wouldn’t upset his stomach since he doubted Sam had eaten much over the last few days. He heated it a bit and then added the soy milk and a little bit of honey. He carried it out and placed it on Sam’s lap. Sam wrapped a hand around the bowl and looked up at him, making Dean smile.

“It’s soy milk. East up, just slowly. Figure you haven’t eaten much the last few days so don’t make yourself sick.” Dean warned and Sam nodded, lifting the spoon.

Sam closed his eyes in pleasure as the warm food warmed him from the inside out. He was clean, warm and being fed, something that very rarely happened to him, especially all three at once. He knew it wouldn’t last....if this Master had bought him for his powers he would be sorely disappointed and then the pain would start. He’d sworn he hadn’t bought Sam for sex and so far he was keeping his word but he’d wait and see. If he just wanted bait.....well it wouldn’t be the first time. It was well known that psychics attracted the unnatural after all. He’d enjoy the comfort while it lasted and store the memories away to help when the pain came as it always did.

Dean took Sam’s bowl and rinsed it out in the sink before grabbing the paper and sitting next to, but not too close to, Sam. He opened the paper and made sure Sam could see it too as he searched out the real estate section. He saw Sam lean closer curiously for a second before flinching away and so he shifted the paper so that it lay across both their laps.

“Time to look for a new place to live.” He said, grinning at Sam. Sam stared at him and then hesitantly nodded, looking down at the paper.
“So we need two bedrooms....two bathrooms or at least an extra toilet would probably be good to, I’m not much of a cook so the kitchen’s not really important......see anything that looks good?” Dean asked and Sam began to search for what his Master had said.

Two bedrooms.....he fought against getting his hopes up but....even if he had no furniture a room to call his was something he hadn’t had since he’d been taken from his mother after his powers had developed. He barely remembered her anymore but she’d always smelt of roses. He blinked and shook his head, forcing himself to focus on the task at hand, finding a new place to live. He didn’t even realise when the light pain in his head changed to something he should have recognised.

The first clue that something was wrong was when he caught Sam pinching the bridge of his nose out of the corner of his eye. Dean turned to ask if Sam was alright when the younger male gave a sudden groan of pain and slumped, beginning to slip from the couch. Dean grabbed him, pulling him into his arms as Sam whimpered in pain, clutching at his head. He didn’t know what was going on as Sam’s eyes glazed over but then he figured it out, vision. Poor kid. He held him and whispered to him, trying to keep Sam calm and give him something outside what he was seeing to focus on. Sam finally came out of it, blinking groggily and obviously in pain so Dean kept on gently holding and talking to him. He felt Sam go rigid in his arms when he realised he was being held and sighed.

“It’s okay Sam, just take nice deep breaths. You nearly fell off the couch so I caught you. Are you okay?” Dean asked gently and Sam flinched slightly.

“Yes Master.”

“ you need some painkillers? I don’t want you in pain.” Dean urged and Sam looked away before shaking his head and then winced.

“They don’t work Master.” Sam croaked and Dean nodded, gently moving Sam to recline on the couch. He headed into the kitchen and returned with a glass of water.

“Here. Sip slowly. Do you feel sick or anything?” Dean asked and Sam took a slow sip of thee water.

“I am fine Master.” Sam answered automatically and Dean frowned, running a critical eye over him. Sam was a bit pale looking still but he didn’t appear about to pass out.

“Was that what I think it was?” Dean asked and Sam nodded, refusing to make eye contact.
“What did you see?” Dean asked softly, taking the now empty glass back.


“Sam it’s okay. I won’t be mad.” He promised and Sam chewed his lip.

“I don’t know where it was and it was really odd, disjointed. There were people, two men and they were attacked. I think it was a demon and it killed them.” Sam answered and Dean nodded.

“So nothing to tell date or place?”

“No Master...I’m sorry.” Sam said, cringing and Dean sighed again.

“Sam it’s not your fault. You can’t control them or what they show you. I can pass what you saw; someone might be able to do something. Just lay back and relax for a while.” Dean said and Sam slowly lay back on the couch, watching Dean from under his bangs. Dean went and made a few calls, passing on what Sam had seen to the few hunters he had contact with and actually liked.

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