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Story Notes:

Just a small angsty bit of fun, with a tiny hint of naughty teasing on the side.


I don't own them or claim any rights to them. The characters and the show of Hawaii Five-O belong to CBS, etc. 

Author's Chapter Notes:
Pairing/Characters:  Steve McGarret (Alex O'Loughlin)/ Danny 'Danno' Williams (Scott Caan)
Rating:  FRT to possibly FRM for language. Nothing too graphic sex wise...this time around *smirks*
Disclaimers: Hawaii Five-O belongs to CBS, etc. I claim no rights to them or the characters.
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Author's Notes: Not beta read, I did run it through spell check; it's a short, sweet, semi-angsty piece with just a hint of smut at the end. Yep, I'm in for another fandom, as I'm definitely loving the remake of this classic show.

Glancing up from the unending paperwork sitting on the desk as Danny walked in, Steve mentally braced himself for yet another long winded arguments. "Close the door and sit down."

"Excuse me?" Danny asked, frowning ever so slightly at the chill in his lover's voice.

"You heard me Danny," Steve said slowly and clearly, forcing himself not to rise to the bait. "Close the door and take a seat now."

"Fine," Danny shot back with a growl and a defiant glare as he walked over and shut the door with a bang, before taking a seat.

"I'm going to be blunt," Steve said simply, not bothering to hide his rising temper. "I just got off the phone with the Governor and she had any number of questions for me. Most of which I had absolutely no answer for. Since I personally put my ass on the line defending your 'good' name, I'd like to be sure that I'm not going to end up burnt for doing so."

Raising an eyebrow at that, Danny said nothing, willing to wait and see how bad it really was this time.

"It seems that an anonymous caller raised a number of points of interest to the Governor about you, about your past and whether or not you were trustworthy," Steve said slowly, staring into his partner and lover's eyes. "So you want to fill me in on the matter?"

Danny let out a sigh at that and shrugged. "Do I have a choice?"

Grinding his teeth together, Steve forced himself to stay calm with a visible effort. After a few minutes had finally passed in ever increasing oppressive silence he finally spoke. "No. You don't have a god damn choice. This is my ass on the line, my reputation and I'm not going to settle for acting without full information Danny. So I want to know every last detail, no matter how trivial it may seem."

Letting out a weary sigh at that, Danny just nodded. "Fine. Not like I shouldn't have expected something like this to screw my life up again. Short version then. When I was still in Jersey, I was assigned along with a few other officers to an undercover operation. It was part of a massive operation spanning multiple jurisdictions to bust a major drug ring. Unfortunately the DEA was also involved and their guy had been turned. In the end, the operation was a partial success, but the fall out and the finger pointing took months and months to come to an end. In the end IA cleared me of the charges that the DEA tried to pin on me, since I was forced to shoot their guy. It was a beyond massive fuck up and several folks ended up leaving the force over it, both voluntarily and otherwise."

Steve leaned back in his chair and swore softly at that. "Great... just fucking great. And you didn't think this was something that I should have known about before now?"

Danny slumped further in on himself at that and just shrugged.

"Jesus... what the hell is wrong with you Danny. Something like this; is not what you keep to yourself. If Internal Affairs cleared you, then I'm going to trust you, but this is not the kind of shit that we need to have blind side us."

"I know," Danny said reluctantly. "Trust me, I know far better than you can imagine. I nearly didn't get a job with the PD because of it."

"Uh huh," Steve said as he considered that. "Well, I can't say I'm very surprised. Then again, we do know we have at least one rat in the PD and a fairly high up one at that. And if there's one, there's more besides as well. Which is probably why they did decide to hire you. Figured a bit of pressure, a nudge here and there..."

Staring up at Steve, Danny's jaw dropped as he realized what his lover was saying. "You...but...."

"Yeah, me. I trust you, I'll back you to the hilt on this matter, but we are going to have to discuss it fully later on. As for the HPD issue, not a single word slips past your lips regarding that. Understood?"

Danny slowly nodded at that, still in shock at the fact that Steve thought there were multiple rats in the PD. "Who..."

"I don't know... yet. But when I do find out, you better believe I'm going to track them down and root every last fucking one of them out and ensure that it won't ever be a future issue again."

"Got ya, and I fully agree," Danny said slowly at that. "If you need a mole of your own..."

"NO! Not a chance in hell Danno, I'm not going to use you that way, or anyone else on our team. I'm not going to have to be the one to explain to Grace that I got her Danno killed," Steve said bluntly. "Not a chance in hell that I'm going to wreck that little angel's life that way."


"NO! That answer is final Danny, if you keep trying to argue the point, well" Steve said with an evil chuckle. "Then I'll just have to show you exactly why I'm in charge... again."

Letting out a tiny whimper at that, Danny shifted in the chair as he remembered the last time Steve had impressed on him about doing as he was told to do. "Steve...."

"After work Danny," Steve said with a hint of a smirk gracing his expression now. "And I will be giving you a separate reminder about why you aren't supposed to be hiding things from me. Understood?"

"Yeah...," Danny said with a groan. "Any chance that we could send the other two out for a long lunch? Maybe we could take one of our own here at the office?"

Steve swallowed at that and slowly nodded. "I... yeah, maybe we could do something like that. Just what did you have in mind Danno?"

Licking at his lips, Danny smirked. "You, me... your desk here... what do you say?"

Letting out a whimper at that, Steve slowly nodded. "I...I think that has some potential. Or maybe more than a little potential."

"After all, we're all caught up at the moment," Danny said letting his smirk deepen. "And I figure we do deserve a nice reward for that."

"Uh huh, I could definitely agree with that. After all, lunch is a very important meal," Steve said slowly licking his lips at the thought of Danny bent over his desk, pants down around his ankles, and begging for more as he rode him hard. "I'm thinking we should also finish the rest of this discussion in private."

"I couldn't agree more," Danny said. "So shall we let them know that they've got a long lunch and to enjoy it?"

"Oh yeah, don't move an inch Danno, I'll be right back and we can finish that discussion..."
Chapter End Notes:
The End
*smirks* Hey, you're minds can fill in the details well enough *very evil grin*
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