Imagine: The List
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Dean froze when he saw the achingly familiar figure not ten feet away in the waiting room. But how could it be? He was in California, living his normal college life. The figure turned and panicked hazel eyes widened in shock before long legs ate up the distance between them.

“Dean.” Sam whispered and then lunged, wrapping his arms around his shocked brother. That was when Dean realised Sam was shaking.

“Sam? What are you doing here? What’s wrong, you’re shaking.” Dean demanded as he got Sam over to a chair.

“We…it’s spring break….we were heading to Boston…..this van it………” Sam mumbled brokenly and Dean began to frantically search for injuries.
“M’okay. Just some scrapes and a headache from hitting the dash. It’s…its Jess, they took her and……we…..we’re engaged Dean. I can’t lose her.” Sam whispered and Dean froze. Sam was engaged?
“Tried to call you before, wanted you to meet her, help me pick the ring but you didn’t answer.” Well that explained that and Dean felt a flash of guilt for not picking up or calling back.

“Shh, its okay Sammy, I understand.” Dean whispered, hugging his brother close. Sam looked up and then frowned.

“Why are you here? Are you hurt?” Sam asked, returning the favour of searching for wounds.

“I’m fine Sam.” Dean assured him and Sam’s eyes went wide.

“Dad?” He asked quietly and Dean nodded.

“He’ll be okay. Broke his arm and needed a lot of stitches.” Dean answered and Sam relaxed a little, still clinging to him.
“To be with you she’s gotta be a strong girl, you have to think positive Sammy.”

“You’ll stay, meet her? I want you at the wedding. It’s this summer.” Sam answered and Dean nodded, there was no way he was missing Sam’s wedding. If he was injured at the time he’d get Bobby to drive him and use a wheelchair if he had to.

“I promise Sam. Just give me a date and I’ll be there.” Dean swore and Sam smiled.
“Any other bombshells?”

“I got into law school….Jess is seven months pregnant.” Sam answered and Dean stared in shock.

“Preg….I’m gonna be an uncle?” he demanded and Sam nodded.
“Way to go Sammy!” He praised and Sam blushed.
“Do you know if it’s a boy or girl?”

“We decided we wanted it to be a surprise. I….Dean what if…..where the van hit, it was Jess’ door….the baby….”

“Seven months is okay right? The baby’ll just be a little small?” Dean asked, heart in throat and Sam shrugged.

“If it survives the accident. I’m scared Dean.” Sam whispered and Dena held him tightly.

“I’ve got you kiddo, no matter what.” Dean whispered and then saw his Dad approaching, arm in a cast. He watched him freeze in shock as he realised just who Dean was holding. He could see the pain, longing and old hurt in his Dad’s eyes and juts prayed he wouldn’t say anything to hurt Sam.

“Sam?” Their Dad called and Sam sat up, wiping his eyes.

“Hey Dad, you okay?” Sam asked and John nodded.


“I’ll live.” Sam mumbled, staring at the doors Jess had been taken through.

“Want something kiddo? You could be here a while.” Dean said and Sam shrugged.
“Come on, when did you eat?”

“Lunch? I think.”

“Yeah, Dad and I’ll go grab you a sandwich or something and no arguments. You have to keep your strength up.” Dean stated and Sam nodded absently. Dean grabbed their Dad and headed for the cafeteria.


“There was an accident. Sam’s said he’s okay, just some scrapes and a headache but….his fiancÚ and unborn kid weren’t so lucky.” Dean stated and John froze. He couldn’t have heard right, could he. He stared at Dean who nodded.
“From Sam’s reactions I’m thinking it’s not looking good, the van apparently hit her side of the car.” Dean explained as he grabbed the freshest looking sandwich he could see plus a bottle of juice since he figured Sam had been given something for the pain. They headed back the ER’s waiting room to find a man in surgical scrubs kneeling beside Sam whose head was down between his knees.
“Sam?” Dean called, moving quickly to his side.
“What’s wrong?”

“Are you a friend sir?” The doctor asked.

“Brother.” Dean answered as he rubbed Sam’s back.
“It’s okay Sammy, I’ve got you.” Dean soothed and the doctor smiled slightly. Sam sobbed and turned to cling to his brother, making him look at the doctor in fear and he nodded.

“We had to preform an emergency c-section. The baby is alive and in an incubator. She’s small but we’re not really worried since for the moment she’s breathing well, we’re giving her oxygen just to be sure. She’ll have to stay here for quite a while just to be safe, make sure there aren’t any complications.” The doctor explained and Dean felt a swell of happiness, he had a niece!

“Jess?” Dean asked fearfully, knowing Sam wouldn’t be this bad with the news about the baby.

“She’s asking for your brother. I understand they’re engaged?”

“Yeah, meant to get married this summer.” Dean answered and Sam choked on a sob.

“We need to get him calmed down enough to go through. She….I am sorry but she doesn’t have long. She was awake and informed enough to make the decision that we were to save the baby no matter the cost.” The doctor explained and Dean closed his eyes.

“Hear that Sammy, you got to pull yourself together, your girl needs you.” Dean whispered and Sam nodded against his shoulder. Dean looked up at John who nodded and helped him get Sam up.

“Family?” The doctor asked him.

“Their Dad.” John answered as they got Sam moving down the hall. They reached the room and Sam froze in the doorway, staring at Jess who was asleep. For a second Dean thought they were too late but no, the monitors were still working and her chest was moving slightly.
“Go on son.” John nudged him and Sam fell into the room, stumbling to her side. He clasped her hand in his and blue eyes fluttered open. Jess smiled up at him and Sam managed a watery smile for her, reaching down to brush some hair form her face.

“Hey.” He whispered.

“Hey.” She answered before noticing the two strangers.

“Jess I’d like you to meet my Dad and Dean. I uh, found them in the waiting room.” Sam admitted and she smiled at them. She was pretty alert but very pale. Thankfully the nurses had cleaned her up so Sam wasn’t having to see all the blood she’d lost.

“Hey little sister.” Dean greeted quietly and her smile brightened slightly.

“Almost.” She answered before looking back as Sam.

“We have a baby girl Jess.”

“Seen her?” She asked and Sam shook his head.
“I want to see her.” She whispered and Sam looked at the doctor who nodded and left.

“I’ve got an idea.” Dean muttered and then left too.

“You have to fight Jess, please. I can’t do this without you.” Sam choked and she reached up to touch his face, he had to hold her hand up.

“You can, she needs you. I love you.” She said and Sam sobbed, leaning down to kiss her. The doctor came back with a nurse, wheeling the incubator in. they gave Sam a gown and mask and he mechanically slipped them on even as the nurse put a mask on Jess. Then their baby girl was lifted very carefully out and placed in Sam’s arms. He froze in terror, petrified he’d hurt the tiny thing but the nurse adjusted his arms a bit and then helped him sit down. He leant in and Jess stared at their baby happily.
“Has your hair.” Jess told him and Sam nodded.

“She’s beautiful Jess. You did great.”

“We did.” She answered and Dean came back with the hospital chaplain.


“Well I….I thought maybe you’d want to get married?” He offered and Jess smiled. Sam looked up at him and nodded. The doctor took the baby back and put her back in the incubator put left it beside the bed.

“We have enough witnesses.” The chaplain stated and pulled out the paperwork.
“Usually you sign all this last but given the circumstances….” Sam signed his parts and the nurse helped Jessica sign hers. The ceremony was very short because they could all see she was fading.
“Rings?” The doctor handed Sam back Jess’ engagement ring since it had been removed earlier and he slipped it on her finger.

“Here.” John handed over his wedding ring much to Dean and Sam’s shock and Jess managed to just get it on Sam’s finger.

“I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride.” The chaplain finished and Sam gently kissed her.

“I love you Mr. Winchester.” She murmured, fighting to keep her eyes open.

“Love you Mrs. Winchester. What do you want to name her?” he asked and Jess turned her head to look at John.

“Would you mind?” She asked and John’s eyes widened but he nodded.

“Mary Jessica Winchester?” Sam asked and Jess smiled even as he eyes slid shut.
“Jess?” Sam whispered even as the monitor began to wail. He sobbed and put his head down on her chest. The nurse turned the machines off and took the incubator back to the NICU.

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