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Wincest but the boys aren’t related. Very AU. Dean’s not really one of the good guys but I can’t really class him as evil either.
Can someone please tell me how to stop the rabid plot bunnies? I have how many stories and the ideas keep coming!!!

He watched the young man comb the beach form the cave, knowing the human wouldn’t see him with the sun where it was. This was the third time he’d spotted this particular human and he knew why, he’d seen the weapons he was carrying. He was what the humans called a hunter, here to kill him for the poor people he’d killed. Of course this hunter wouldn’t take into account that everyone he’d killed deserved it. He knew he should of acted the first time he’d seen the hunter and yet…..something about the young man called out to him in a way he’d never felt before. He’d heard of it sure but to feel it himself? And for a hunter? Not that the other male was unattractive, enhanced eyesight had proven that. He was tall and well built with soft hazel eyes and longish brown hair. But it was his smile that had really gotten to him, that flash of deep dimples and the fact that even when he’d smiled there’d been such a sense of sadness and longing. He wanted to ease that longing, make the young man happy again and it scared him. After so many centuries alone why now? Despite the fact that killing the hunter would be the smartest and safest thing to do he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Attempting what he was going to do was risky, there was always the chance the mortal would be immune but he wanted him.

He shoved his hair out of his eyes as he combed the beach, searching for clues as to exactly what he was hunting. Mythology was full of creatures that lured people to their deaths near or on the sea so figuring out which one was important; after all they all needed different methods to kill. His Dad was on another nearby beach, looking into a fresh death that might be connected although it would be a break in the pattern.

“Looking for pirate treasure?” A voice called and he looked up to find a blonde man walking towards him on the sand. He tensed slightly, naturally suspicious, but the man seemed human.

“Not exactly.” He answered warily and got an easy grin in return.

“You’re new around here. I’m Dean.”

“Sam and yeah, I’m just passing through. Investigating the deaths around here.” Sam flashed his badge and Dean nodded.
“Have you seen or heard anything that could help?” Sam asked, watching as the local thought it over.

“No one’s tried the caves, if someone’s hiding out around here they’d be the best place, the things go for miles. Used to play in there as a kid. To my knowledge the cops haven’t looked in there.” Dean answered and Sam nodded, caves sounded like a good bet but where were they. Sam frowned as he looked around and Dean grinned.
“Can’t see ‘em? The entrance is hidden well, I’ll show you.” Dean turned and headed up the beach, Sam hesitated before following, if it were a trap he was armed. He followed Dean, listening to the other man chatter and it was….soothing. He was so used to his Dad barking orders that the sound of another person was very nice. He blinked in surprise when suddenly the cave entrance was right in front of him, looking to Dean curiously.
“People walk right by all the time; it’s the way the ground slopes, hides the entrance until you’re right on top of it. Going in or not?”

“Yeah, you should wait here.” Sam answered and Dean shook his head.

“And let you get lost in there? No thanks.” Dean argued and Sam found himself agreeing rather quickly but thinking nothing of it.

They talked quietly as they walked through the caves, Sam searching and Dean doing most of the talking. Dean watched Sam closely as they walked, seeing as the tension slowly left his tall form, his tongue loosening up as time past. When he figured it had been long enough for a first time he led Sam outside, watching him blink in the fading sunlight. Dean hid a smirk, seemed like Sam was just as susceptible to his powers as any other mortal.

“So how much longer will you be investigating?” Dean asked and Sam shrugged.

“Until we find the culprit I guess.” Came the answer as Sam headed for his car.


“My D…partner.” Sam covered and Dean mentally groaned at the thought of there being a Daddy Hunter to deal with as well.

“So where is this mystery partner?”

“South beach, checking out another murder in case it’s connected.” Sam answered as he opened his door. Dean nodded while inwardly dancing for glee; he’d just have to lay a couple of false trails for the other hunter.

“So I’ll see you around here?” Dean asked and Sam nodded, looking almost shy for a second.

“Be careful.” Sam warned before driving away.

It was several days before Dean spotted Sam again and he couldn’t help smiling at the sight. Looked like the other hunter was following the false trail and leaving the older kills to Sam, Dean had no complaints about that.

“Guess you came back.” Dean called and Sam looked up, smiling slightly at him.
“Want company?”

“Alright. We didn’t get all the way through the caves before.”

“Caves it is.” Dean answered happily, leading Sam back to the entrance. He wasn’t going to tell Sam that the only reason Sam could see the caves was because Dean led him there. Sam followed him inside even as Dean kept talking. Once again it didn’t take long for Sam to start answering him but he wasn’t ready to push it yet, if he moved to soon he could lose Sam for good. As it was he was learning little bits of useful information. Like the fact that Sam was twenty three, his Mom was dead and he’d grown up on the road. Sam didn’t even realise what he was telling Dean, slowly getting lost in the spell of Dean’s voice. It took another two trips though before Dean was sure Sam was under his power. When Sam tripped over a loose stone Dean caught him, holding Sam to his chest and to his surprise Sam’s head fell back to rest on Dean’s shoulder.
“Sammy?” Dean whispered and Sam ‘hmmm’ed in answer, making Dean smile. Apparently instead of being able to fight him Sam was actually more susceptible than others. He moved them over to where a large rock was, setting Sam down on it so he could look in Sam’s eyes. They were glazed over, pupils dilated so that only a thin rim of hazel was visible. Sam’s breathing was deep and even, his heartbeat slow and steady. All the signs pointed at Sam being completely enthralled.
“That’s good Sam, just relax.” Dean soothed, cupping Sam’s face with one hand and smiling when Sam leant into his touch.
“Would you like to stay with me Sam? Forever? No more hunting and being dragged across the country. Juts you and me, happy eternally.” Dean asked and Sam smiled vaguely.

“Forever? Please.” Sam answered dreamily.

“Okay then we’ve both got some stuff to do first. I need you to listen carefully and do exactly what I tell you to.” Dean told him.
“Can you do that?”


“That’s good Sammy. When we leave the caves you have to go back to your Dad for the next two days. Have you told him about me?”

“No. Friends not allowed.” Sam answered and Dean felt a flash of rage on his behalf.

“Okay that’s good Sammy, he can’t know about me. When you leave here you’re going to act normal so he doesn’t suspect anything. In two days you’re going to come back here and wait right on this rock for me, okay?”


“That’s good Sammy. Then we’ll be together and no one will ever hurt you again.” Dean promised, leaning in to kiss his lips chastely.
“Come on Sam, time to go.” Dean whispered, gently tugging Sam to his feet. Sam walked like he was sleepwalking so Dean kept one arm around his waist, steering him around gently. He let go as the reached the cave mouth and watched as Sam blinked, his eyes refocusing but Dean could see Sam was still under his control.

“Thanks for the help.” Sam said and Dean nodded.

“No problem Sammy.” Dean answered and Sam stared at him.

“No one ever calls me Sammy.”

“You don’t like it? I’m sorry.”

“I don’t…….but I like you saying it.” Sam admitted shyly and Dean grinned, reaching out to squeeze Sam’s hand briefly, making Sam blush. He knew it was what he was, the effort he’d put in to ensnaring Sam that was making the young hunter react so strongly to him but in the end it didn’t matter. Sam licked his lips, eyes locked on Dean’s and then he lowered his head. Dean smiled and moved in, letting their lips brush briefly.
“Will you be here if I come back?” Sam asked and Dean nodded. Sam smiled and left and Dean watched him drive away.

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