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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: Don’t own Supernatural or Caleb, he belongs to SkesisGirl from ffnet.
Written with the help of SkesisGirl and is a crossover with Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles due to her character Caleb. For his story read her fic Glitch.
This is set part way through Incubus 3, before Dean gets his puppy but after he’s started remembering some things.
This was also meant to be another one shot but it sort of took off out from under Skesise and me so it will have chapters!

He snuck around the house, peeking around the corner at Dean. Sam had finally called him after over a year of silence and had told him his eldest brother was an incubus now, but it still did not compute fully. So he wanted to find out for himself.

Dean sat on the stair, looking around and wondering where Sammy was, he was a little hungry and he missed him.

He ducked back behind the corner before moving to sneak up on Dean and scare him. He was still hurt about being sent away and wanted some payback.

Dean looked around with a puzzled frown, was someone there?
"Hello?" He called hesitantly.

He jumped over the railing and landed in front of Dean with a playful growl. Dean screamed and scrambled backwards, eyes wide in fear as the male growled at him.

“Gotcha!” Caleb sat back laughing. “Told you I'd get you one day!”

Dean stared at him with wide eyes. He didn't know this person, did he?
"W..Who?" He whispered, shaking slightly in fear. Sammy said there were people who would want to hurt him because of how he fed, was this one of them?

Caleb blinked and sat down next to Dean.
“It's me... Caleb... your baby brother.”

"I...I don't know you. Don't remember. Sammy said I forgot lots of things." Dean whispered, wrapping his arms around his knees as he glanced at....Caleb.

Caleb frowned a bit and looked around.
“Where's Sam?”

"Don't know. Said he had to do something and I had to stay here. But I'm hungry." Dean whispered.

“Make a sandwich?”

"A sandwich?" Dean asked curiously.
"Need Sammy to feed."


"Because that's how it happens. Sammy makes me feel good and I feed." Dean whispered.

Caleb nodded a bit as his computer fed him the information on Incubus feeding off of Sex and Lust. He leaned forward to kiss Dean. “Like this?”

Dean gasped at the feel of lips other than Sammy's felt nice. He moaned and nodded, waiting for Caleb to do something more. Caleb continued to kiss him, tongue snaking out to map out his mouth. Dean opened his mouth, not sure if Caleb wanted him to do anything in return. Sam liked him to but that mean lady hadn't. He didn't want to make Caleb and maybe Sammy mad by doing the wrong thing. Caleb said he was his brother, Sammy had said the same thing so did that mean he should react to Caleb the same way? Caleb pulled back and pouted when Dean didn’t really respond.

“What's wrong?”

"What.....what do you want me to do?" Dean asked, lowering his eyes.

“You used to kiss back... you liked being in charge.” Caleb shrugged a bit and cuddled up next to him, waiting for Sam to show up.

"I...I'm sorry, please I'll do better. Please, so hungry." Dean begged.

Caleb stared at Dean with the begging, a little, no, very worried.

"Please, tell me what to do. I'll do anything." Dean pleaded, eyes brimming with tears. He was sooo hungry. He didn't want this brother to be mad at him.

“Okay... just calm down. I'll... I'll what do you feed off of now?”

"Need..." Dean didn't know how to explain so he shakily reached for Caleb's hand and tugged it to touch his skin.

Caleb rested his hand on Dean's neck, rubbing gently before moving down, massaging his shoulders. Dean sighed, leaning into the touch, needing more but this was good too. He whimpered and pressed into the contact. Caleb nuzzled against Dean, pulling his own shirt off before doing the same to Dean's.


"Yessss. Please." Dean whimpered, feeling his body reacting, readying to feed. Caleb nuzzled and nipped at Dean's neck, undoing Dean's pants and sticking his hand down them to stroke his cock. Dean gasped, eyes glazing over as he began to feed, hips moving, wanting more. Caleb groaned softly, placing Dean's leg between his legs so he could rub against him as he tightened his hand around Dean's cock, stroking harder.

Sam got out of the car and stared at his brothers on the porch before walking over to wrap his arms around Caleb and smile at him hesitantly, not sure how Caleb felt after not seeing them for so long.

"Having fun?" He asked, worried since Caleb hadn't seen Dean since his transformation.

"Sammy!" Dean cried out, reaching for him.

"Caleb its okay, you need to let go of Dean." Sam whispered, hoping there'd been no permanent damage done. If he'd known Caleb was going to be there he would have ordered Dean not to try and feed from him.

Caleb groaned softly in response, moving against Dean, looking at Sam, eyes glazed in lust, not really seeing him.

"Shit. Dean you need to stop now. You're hurting Caleb." Sam ordered but they were too far gone so Sam yanked at his jeans. He would make it so Dean would feed off him. He knew from Dean's vague memories that when the demon had been there Dean had sex with her but only fed off Sam. Thankful for Dean's altered body he slipped a finger into Dean to start preparing him, even as began kissing his neck around his collar, tyring to focus the feeding on himself and away from Caleb before the kid was drained.

Caleb groaned, nuzzling and nipping against Dean's neck, snarling softly at the collar. He rubbed against Dean harder, his hand going up to clutch the silver collar. Dean moaned at the feel of Caleb rubbing against him and Sam's fingers, he was completely lost to the sensations and his feeding as he pushed back against Sam, mewling in need. Sam removed his fingers and gently pushed into Dean, relaxing as he felt Dean's powers shift to only feed from him but still influencing Caleb to feel pleasure. Caleb moaned softly, hunching against Dean, nibbling on his shoulder before he tensed grunting, he climaxed, biting Dean's shoulder with a snarl. Dean gasped as Caleb bit him, moaning in pure pleasure even as Sam began thrusting faster and deeper. Dean mewled, clinging to them both as he continued to feed. Caleb was out cold when the other two came down from their highs, unconscious from the small feeding that he was subjected to. Sam kissed Dean and then slid out of him and then from under him and Dean gave him a lazy, satisfied smile. Sam gently pulled Caleb's unconscious body off him, checking him over.

"Caleb can you hear me?" Sam called. Caleb didn't answer, limp in Sam's arms. Sam gently lifted him and struggled with his clothes, getting him covered and Dean finally started focusing on the world, staring in confusion.

"Did I do something bad?" he whimpered and Sam sighed.

"Dean you know you can't feed on anyone but me." Sam chided softly and Dean flinched.

"But.....but he said he's my brother. You're my brother....thought...." Dean stumbled over the words and Sam settled Caleb in his lap before reaching to tug Dean closer, kissing him softly.

"He is our brother but he wasn't there when you changed Dean, that's why it's safe for you to feed from me. You can't feed off Caleb, okay?" Sam asked and Dean nodded.
"You can have sex if you both want it but no feeding." Sam said and Caleb groaned softly, nuzzling into the neck he was against as he started to come to.


"Shh Caleb, just lie still, you're gonna be tired and weak for a while." Sam warned him and Dean whimpered.
"Its okay Dean, you didn't realise. Caleb you can't feed Dean, it will kill you. You two can be together but Dean isn't allowed to feed on you." Sam whispered calmly, not showing how scared he was at nearly losing Caleb.

"But D'n w's h'ngry." Caleb replied, trying to open his eyes.

"Caleb you nearly died, if I hadn't come back when I's no good offering to feed him and then dying. It would hurt so much if you died."

"Caleb hurt?" Dean whimpered, nuzzling at Caleb.

"N't h'rt." Caleb replied, petting Dean weakly. "St'ng... li'e ox."

"Don't understand." Dean looked to Sam who smiled.

"He said he's strong as an ox but at the moment I think you could take him easy. He's not hurt Dean, just really tired. But we’ll look after him right?" Sam asked and Dean nodded enthusiastically.

"No..." Caleb tried to force himself up and away, staggering and falling down the stairs to face plant into the ground. "Ow..." Dean moved to his side and stared at him with wide eyes.

"You do that worse than I used to." Dean informed him and Sam snickered.

Caleb groaned and pushed himself up, staggering. "I'm the strongest now... I protect you guys." Yep, baby Winchester just declared he was taking up Dean's mantle.

“If you say so kiddo. Come on let's get you two inside and up to bed." Sam said.

Caleb sighed as Sam pulled him towards the bedroom. "What? I can protect you... can't I?" Dean followed them slowly, not sure what they were talking about. Sammy protected him; did Caleb need to protect Sammy? Did that mean Caleb would feed Sammy like Sammy fed him? Caleb collapsed on the bed and curled around the pillow looking at his two brothers sleepily. Sam chuckled and got Dean to lie beside Caleb even as Sam got on Dean's other side. Sam put his arm across Dean's waist, his hand resting on Caleb.

"Get some sleep you two." He whispered and Dean's eyes instantly began to close at the order, breathing deepening. Caleb blinked as Dean immediately did as said before blinking at Sam confused.
"Its part of what he has become Caleb; he literally has to do what I say." Sam admitted sadly, brushing aside some of Dean's longer hair.
“It was the only way other than kill him. Incubus usually kill those feed them off, this way he can feed off me and not worry. A lot happened while you were gone kiddo."

"So... why'd he send me away anyway?"

"Dean did it to protect you. I didn’t know for weeks, thought you were off helping the Connor’s and then we got caught up in the hunt that led to this." Sam admitted sadly.

Caleb glared at Sam. "I could have helped. Maybe if I was there Dean wouldn't have been turned..."

"Or that bitch would have gotten both of you. We were up against the Seven Deadly Sins Caleb, we lost a hunter to them, he died. They could infect you with a touch. We couldn't risk you as well." Caleb shot Sam a glare and moved so his back was to him, starting to fall asleep.
"Caleb please don't be mad. Dean agreed. It would have killed him if this or worse had happened to you too." Sam pleaded.

"Like he even remembers who I am." Caleb muttered. He was hurt and upset. He hadn't seen his brothers for over a year because they were paranoid he'd get hurt.

"He will. It's my fault...he remembered everything to start with but........there was a demon, she did something to me. Dean remembers a bit of it. I just remember everything getting fuzzy. I didn't remember you either for quite a while. Bobby killed the demon and saved me. I was very sick for about a month though Caleb. I would have called you long ago if not for her. We can help Dean remember you, he remembers Bobby a bit now because he's here and I encourage him to try. It'll be okay." Sam offered.

Caleb froze at the mention of Sam not remembering him either. He laid there silently for a moment before pushing himself up and leaving. He wanted to be left alone; he'd sleep in the Panic Room. Sam watched him go silently, not sure what to do but then he got up, Dean wouldn't wake up and Caleb needed him. He followed him down to the panic room.

"I never wanted to forget you. I didn't really remember Dean, he was just a thing there for sex, I know that much of what happened. She used me and my powers, wanted a weapon against other demons. I love you Caleb. Please don't walk away." Sam pleaded.

"Leave me alone Sam." Caleb growled as he flopped onto the bed. "I wanna sleep. Alone. I'm good at alone. Had a year and a half of it... and more than enough before I hooked up with you."

"Please Caleb, don't do this. We didn't want this to happen. I remember I was going to call you to come to us before she came. I screwed up, I know that now. We should have told you what was going on, let you chose wether to come on that hunt. I'm sorry." Sam begged, fighting the urge to cry.

Caleb looked at Sam silently before closing the door of the panic room on him. He was really hurt. Of all three of them, he was the strongest, fastest, hardiest, and they treated him like he was five years old. Then they forgot about him. Yeah, he felt super right now.

Sam stared at the closed door before falling against it, crying softly. He loved Caleb, he hadn't wanted to forget him, he'd been under a demonic spell, not even he could fight that. Maybe Caleb just needed time to understand that? But Sam couldn't move, exhausted and heartbroken. He curled up on the cold concrete and cried himself to sleep, not even waking when he began shivering violently.

Caleb curled up in the corner of the room. There was no cot, but hell, he had slept on worse. He pulled his legs to his chest and rested his head on his knees as the tears flowed. He felt so rejected, so useless. He wasn't even good enough to fight with his brothers anymore. He was just a reject.

Sam slept through the night, dreams full of nightmarish images as he got colder and colder.

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