Imagine: The List
Fic posted by members of Vo's Imaginings YahooGroup

Story Notes:
These characters do belong to me, and one of my friends. Any likeness to real people is unintentional. Feedback is welcome.

“She went this way!” a male voice yelled.

The young man who was walking down the alley way ducked into one of the alcoves at the sound of the voice he knew to be a guards. Peering around the corner he observed a young child around what looked like ten years old running down the alley their long black hair waving like a banner behind them.

The young man grabs the girl, as he suspected, and dragged her into the alcove hand over her mouth.
Getting as flat to the wall as he could he listened as the guards ran past them yelling “Hurry up and catch her, she can’t be far!”

As he let out a breath he yanked his hand away when he felt the wetness of a tongue on his hand.

“Hey mister! Thanks for the save there; you’d think that a loaf of bread wouldn’t get seen by the guards by boy their eyes are good. So what’s your name, and wow I’ve never seen hair that color before it kinda looks like blood, which is icky but kinda cool. My name’s Jaz by the way. Hey do ya talk? Are you mute, I’ve never met a mute person before. Ah why are ya glaring at me I just…” the chatter was cut off as the young man’s hand once again covered the girl’s mouth.

Glaring harder at the girl he, in a soft but harsh tone, replied “Shut up! Look, do not ask me why I helped you because I do not know. Now let us leave it at that and go on our ways.”

As the hand was removed the girl pouted. “But mister… eep! I’ll just be going. Bye bye!”

Still glaring and holding the dagger he just unsheathed, he sighed and grabbed the girl as she turned right. Turning her around he instructed, “That way, away from the guards.” Watching the child quickly run down the alley the young man sighed and turned the other way walking off as he adjusts his cap.

A few days later

“Ten silvers,” announced the merchant to his customer.

A young man snorts holding a dagger as if saying ‘what this?’ “Ten? I could get two daggers of better quality for less. Try again.”

“All right for you my friend I’ll give it to you for seven silvers,” came the next offer.

“Well I might be convinced to give you five if…” the response is interrupted by a young girls voice.

Running up to the young man the girl, Jaz was what she called herself, opened her mouth and said,” Found ya! Yep, I’ve been looking forever for ya. Know why? No? Well I’m coming with ya, Mmhm yes I am.”

As he turned to face the girl the dagger he was holding disappeared into one of the various hiding spots on him. Grabbing her he starts walking down the street, “Kid, I am not looking for a partner and I am sure as infernum (hell) not looking for some kid to follow me around. So get lost.”

Looking up at the young man wide blue eyes suddenly got smug, “Well if you leave me here I’m just gonna have to follow ya, trying to get your attention every so often. How’s this…” the girl starts to open her mouth wide as if to yell before a hand for the third time covers her mouth.

Thinking fast the young man realizes that having this hyper child following him would make it a lot harder to steal. “All right it seems you know how to get your way. I will tell you what, you can come with me as long as you do as I say and do your fair share of work. Understand?”

“Yep! This is so cool. So what do I do?” Came the quick question of the now bouncing Jaz. “And hey! What do I call ya mister?”

“Well you can start by...” a shout from the merchant about a missing dagger and a thief, the young man finishes with “running!”

Grabbing the girl he starts towards the alleys, the sounds of guards approaching following them. Running down the alley they get stopped by a fence. After peering through the fence boards the young man grabs Jaz and tosses her over. With a short yell Jaz lands on what appears to be a pile of used rags. One second later and the young man appears next to her, having scaled the fence. Once more he grabs her and continues running. After a few more minutes of this they finally come to a stop.

Only breathing a little bit harder than normal the young man takes off his cap, releasing a small pony tail of hair.

“Oh man! You’re a girl mister! Hey can’ I even call ya mister any more, no I can’t. What do ya call a girl again… Oh yeah! Lady! Hey lady…” Reappearing on her mouth is the now young women’s hand.

Forcing Jaz to look into her hard green, almost black, eyes, the young women says gravely, “Yes I am female. Now this stays between us, understand? To everyone else I am male. Do not tell them otherwise.” Letting Jaz go she starts walking off. “The name is Alex. Now are you coming or not?”
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