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Notes: Calia suggested it.

D'Hoffryn looked at his redemption children that had finally gotten out of their 'vacation' lives. "We need a few of you to do some problem solving."

Dean Winchester looked at him. "Why are we solving problems?"

"Because the demons have learned that someone will end up causing World War 3 in a few months," the head demon said. "Which none of us want either. Even if it would get us a lot of work, it's not really good for continued work in a few decades."

"Got it," Dean quipped. "Where's Sammy?"

"Still sexing up parts of Cardiff," he complained. "I would've sent him on this, or you and him together actually but I cannot because he's still there."

"He's going to be there for *ages*," Xander said with a smirk. "What group? Are there going to be ties back to the last realm?"

"Yes. I believe they're a movie over there." He smirked at him. "I need you to pull back up all those memories of computers."

"No can do. I haven't practiced since they were taking up whole rooms."

Dean looked at him. "You did?"

"You did?" Rodney demanded. Xander smirked and nodded. "Huh." He looked at the demon. "Am I helping?"

"Not that way. We'll have you helping in another situation. Which will cause you problems."

Xander shook his head. "Send me on his."

"Are you omnipotent again?" Dean demanded.

"He's going to send Rodney into another situation where he'll have to arrange his thinking against science again. He did it to me a few times way back when."

"I was, yes," D'Hoffryn said. "The one I was going to send you to would get you back with warriors."

"Which one are you planning on warping Rodney with?" Xander asked.

"A dark one." He smirked. "You could do that very well. It would definitely warp them to know about magic and all of us." He switched into another language, telling Xander what the two assignments were. He knew the new ones' personalities better than he did.

"All right. John, you're going in on our usual method. Rodney... Can you babble?" Rodney shook his head quickly. "Hmm. John, by the way, make sure that the one you'll want to tease as the mommy *stays*. They'll look real familiar. Tony, be Jensen. You'll need to do the whole computer thing." Tony nodded at that. "Dean, you're going with me to do the mystical bullcrap. You even get to be a bit dark to make sure the balance is preserved." He smirked. "And Evan, you go into the helper role. You'd be a better guide." Evan nodded. "Then you and John can meet up in a few decades." He smirked at D'Hoffryn. "Anything else?"

"No. Shoo. Go." He waved a hand and sent them. He looked at the remaining ones. "We'll see where you can join in. Most of the other bit players are more evil."

"No thank you," Rodney said dryly. "I'd rather not destroy the world I've protected."

"Fine. We'll figure it out." He left, leaving them to relax until the next assignment starts. "By the way, Dean, your new sister is Don."

"I wondered who got sent to Dad to be our mythical sister," Dean joked with a grin. Xander smirked back. "What're we doing?"

Xander winked. "At least you'll be a teenager." He looked up and the change triggered.


The former John Sheppard showed up as a baby. He did like being a baby when the parents were good. This time, he'd get to channel Xander's naughty issues with language.

"What's that noise?" one of the group of men demanded.

"There was a twinkling over there," another said with a point. "Which is impossible."

"There's people working on it," the blond guy with glasses said. "A few are said to have it working."

"That's science fiction," the leader sneered.

"No, not hardly. It's working but it's a hush-hush Air Force thing." He grinned. "They do all sorts of insane things. Including some space stuff. I got told if I ever hacked them again I'd be recruited for life and they'd make me go to finish my degree."

"I doubt it was some Air Force geek twinkling in some bushes," the leader complained, going to look. He didn't find anything but by the time he got back the four tough guys in his team were staring in horrified awe at a cute little, drooling thing wearing a diaper and a t-shirt with his name on it. "What the fuck?" he demanded.

"It came out of the bushes," Pooch said, shaking his head. "It says it's not mine." He backed off. "Jolene's going to throw massive fits."

Cougar shook his head, reaching down to pick up the baby. "Where did you come from?" he asked in Spanish. The baby leaned over and kissed him, nudging the hat the big person wore up with his forehead. Then he cackled and wiggled so he got put back down.

Jensen clapped his hands. "C'mere, John."

"What?" Roque demanded.

"His shirt says his name is John Adam Clay. I'm guessing he probably recognizes his name by now. My niece Bethie did." He picked the baby up when it came closer, smiling at him. "Are you hiding other messages?" He checked his chest and nodded, taking the t-shirt off the boy's body. Underneath was smaller writing in what looked like washable paint. A few words were trying to run from the drool. He turned him around and let the others read his stomach.

"No way in fucking hell!" Clay shouted. "I'm snipped."

"Apparently it grew back," Jensen quipped. "There's all sorts of stories of that happening, Clay." He smirked at them. The baby got down and crawled over to one of the big, tough guys.

"Momma," he said with a happy grin. "Mamamamamamamamamama."

"No," Roque said, shaking his head. "I'm no one's mama."

"Mama!" John squealed, beaming at him.

"Pick him up," Pooch said. "That way he quiets down. We don't want someone to find us."

Roque did that but held him out at arms-length. "This is really weird."

Clay took him to reread and checked his back for anything else.

"Dada," John said with a happy smile and more drool. He leaned in and lapped him then giggled. "Dada."

"Someone clearly told him who you were," Pooch said, tipping his head to the side. "Jensen, see if they sent him with a diaper bag?" Jensen got up to check. He came back with a military style backpack. It was a filled with baby things and a large manilla envelope. That got handed to Clay while Jensen changed the baby. He had experience with his niece.

"Thankfully he's going to grow from that tiny dick to a real man," Roque taunted with an evil smirk.

"Mamamamama," John cooed, crawling away from Jensen to hug Roque's leg. He beamed at him and peed on his leg. Then he cooed and petted him.

Roque stared down at him. "If you weren't so tiny I'd cut you for that, kid."

Jensen got handed the baby by Pooch. "Try to contain him, J." He walked off pulling out his phone. "Clay, want me to tell Jolene so you can send the baby to her?" The baby fussed at that. Jensen teased his stomach but that didn't help. Pooch looked at him. "You're not that smart yet, kid. Maybe if you were the geekboy's kid instead."

"Not likely," Jensen quipped. "I always use a condom. Sometimes two if Clay picks out the women first."

"That's usually a good idea," Roque agreed. Clay was growling. He walked off before Clay blew up in his face. Clay's temper could be like a bomb at times.

"He's not mine," Clay growled.

"There's ways to find out," Jensen said, looking at him. "What's in the envelope?" Cougar snatched it and tossed it to him. None of them would understand anything scientific in there. He read it and nodded, holding up a sheet. "DNA paternity test." Clay snatched it to read. The baby cackled and crawled at Cougar, staring up at him. He shrugged and picked up the baby again, then had to save his cowboy hat from the tiny fingers. "Awww, he likes the hat too. So maybe he's gay too since usually it's girls that like it," Jensen teased. Cougar glared but the baby managed to grab the hat and put it on with a grin.

Cougar took it back. "Mine." He kissed him on the head and handed him to Pooch, who got grinned at and cuddled.

"That's a good boy. You take a rest," Pooch agreed, patting him gently on the back like he'd seen his wife do to her friends' babies. The baby belched all over him. "Eww!" He handed him back to Jensen.

Jensen looked. "Someone fed you oatmeal." He set the baby in his lap and went back to the papers. "Blacked out report." He held it up and kept going. The baby crawled off to Roque, babbling 'ma' at him over and over.

"I'm not your mama," he complained.

"Some kids are fixated," Jensen quipped. "At least you could handle Clay when he's in a bad mood." He found an envelope and looked inside then held up the birth certificate. "It's got the seal."

Clay looked at it, putting it on top of the report that was partially blacked out. His gut was sinking. "I remember her, kind of. She was on our last leave in Mexico."

"Which was about a year and a half ago," Pooch pointed out. "How old is he?"

"Just under ten months," Clay admitted. He cleared his throat and went back to the report. The baby was stalking Roque calling him mama again. Jensen and Cougar were trying not to grin about it. Pooch was texting his wife. Clay looked at his computer tech. "Find the rest of that report, Jensen."

"Got it." He took it to look up. He found a blacked out report and unblacked it. He read it and grimaced. "She was a plant, Clay." Clay took the computer to walk off reading. Now he was growling for real.

"Puppy!" the baby shouted then beamed at Clay. "Mama, puppy!" he said, pointing at Clay and grinning at Roque.

"I'm not your mama," he growled back.

The baby growled and then cackled and hugged him. "Mama puppy!" He babbled at him.

"Are we sure the kid's not Jensen's? He's warped, mental, and confused."

"No," Clay said. "He's not." Roque took the report. "The person who started that?"

"Need a name and my computer," Jensen quipped. He smiled and waved at the baby. "Hi, snookums."

"Don't encourage his insanity," Roque ordered.

"All kids are weird," Jensen assured him with a grin. "Bethie is." He took out his other netbook and got into it. "What's their name?"

"Holly Radon-Winters."

"General Winters' daughter?" Jensen asked as he typed.

Clay cleared his throat and nodded. "I think so."

"Okay." He looked her up. "She's locked in one of those quiet hospitals." He looked up. "She's on a criminal insane ward for those who have sensitive information in their warped brains. Apparently there were others." He got into her records and searched out things. "Shit."

"It's bad when he's swearing something other than 'fuck'," Pooch said, backing away.

Cougar looked over his shoulder and groaned, shaking his head. "That's bad," he agreed, walking off.

Clay took the netbook but Jensen took it back to finish his searching. Then he compiled a list for him. Clay read it and nodded then Jensen had to save it from being thrown. "How in the hell?"

"The others are probably being snuck back to their parents too. If I'm right and the same project sent him to us, then I'd expect some upset people in other areas too." He stared at the baby and grinned. He got a grin back and the baby pooped himself.

"Damn!" Roque said, walking off waving a hand in front of his face to banish the stink. "He's definitely Clay's and from Mexico with the way he stinks like Clay after too many burritos." Pooch cackled, shaking his head as he got away from the stench too.

"I have no idea what to do with that," Clay told the baby, who was smirking at him. "Do boys really pee on you when you change them?"

"Yup," Jensen quipped. "Put something over him so it catches it. My sister used to babysit a little boy when she was housebound during her pregnancy. The mommy told her to do that." He grinned. "He could almost hit the ceiling."

"Wonderful," Clay complained. "Wet wipes?" Jensen tossed them over without looking. He and the baby settled down on his t-shirt since the ground was messy. The baby wiggled but laid there and let Clay open his diaper. "Damn!" he complained, backing off looking horrified. "What is that shit?"

"Shit," Pooch said. "I'm wonder why it's orange."

"Carrots," Jensen said as he typed. "Green is worse than orange."

Cougar shook his head and tipped his hat down so he didn't have to see it. Nothing could block the scent. "Do it quickly, it's worse than gas grenades," he complained.

"Then you come do it. I'm not sure I can get that close."

Roque made complaining noises. "You're the colonel," he noted. "The boss has to handle the shit jobs."

"Literally," Pooch agreed. He wasn't touching that. He didn't make the baby, he didn't have to change the poopy diaper.

Clay held his breath and got the old diaper off him and cleaned him, walking off to gasp for air. The baby of course peed on his shirt but that was fine. He could wash the shirt. His lungs were burning with the stench. "Damn, kid. We've got to fix that." He came back and got a clean diaper on him. The baby cackled and headed off after Roque again. "Good, you go shit on him next time," Clay ordered. The baby finally captured one of Roque's legs and wrapped himself around him, sitting on his foot.

Roque looked down at his new ankle weight. "You're still not mine."

"Mama!" He beamed up at him.

Roque shook his head. "Do we think someone taught him that?"

"Maybe," Pooch agreed. "He seems certain." He looked at Clay, who was looking pissed off on his phone. "Higher ups?" Clay nodded. "We still going on with him?"

"There's no way we can bring a baby on a mission!" Roque said. "We can send him to Jolene until we can get back."

"No we can't," Jensen said. "I checked the signal I put in her house and there's something blocking it." Pooch stiffened, staring at him. "She's there, there's something feeding into the signal. I'm working on it." He kept working and sent her a text message. She didn't get it. "Her phone's not working." He got a third number and sent it to them. It was a viable link that no one really realized existed. They knew Jolene casually and would send her messages because she liked Cougar's hat too. She liked to stalk Cougar whenever he was nearby. He saw Jolene's phone ring and managed to break the sucking signal. Then he broke the original and restored it on another system. Always have a backup Gibbs had said. It works for commandos too.

Clay hung up and threw his phone. The baby looked over and waved with a grin. "I was just told he's a hallucination and if we bring him back to the US we're going to be charged with treason for finding him."

Jensen looked at him and shook his head. "No." He contacted some people. Including copying that report. He might not be working for Gibbs but McGee still was. So was Abby. Neither one was going to let a kid be hurt, even if Gibbs wasn't allowed to help them. "I know of someone at NCIS. They won't handle Army but he'll jump down a few people's throats feet first and make sure they're damn sorry." He grinned at the baby. "Let's see what Gibbs can do, little guy." He went back to his work. "Pooch, Jolene's phone is tagged by CID. I'm fixing that and now it's done," he said as he worked. "And the file for why is about the baby, which is also going to Gibbs." He grinned. "And the other ones. Gibbs is going to eat someone."

"How did you hear about him?" Pooch asked.

"I can't tell you that," he said in a sing-song voice.

"Whatever. As long as he won't screw us," Roque ordered.

"Nope. Gibbs hates people who hurt kids." He grinned at the baby. "If you're hungry, suck up to Mama there for his granola bars." The baby beamed and cuddled his 'mother'.

Roque handed one down, letting the baby gum on it. Pooch took it to unwrap and handed it back. The baby liked that more. It made him happy babble even more while he gummed it to death.

"Are we certain he's not Jensen's? He never shuts up," Roque said.

Jensen stuck his tongue out. "He's not blond. He'd be blond if he was mine." He smirked and got back to it. "The other babies are in... Cascade, Washington. It appears that they got a former Ranger."

"Which one?" Clay asked.


"I heard about his rescue," Clay admitted. "He was rescued just as I went into training." He shook his head. "Any idea where the others in that bitch's loony group are hiding?"

"Pentagon. Special Projects corps."

"Were they working for them before?" Pooch asked.

"From what I can tell, yup." He grinned at the baby. "Clay, are we camping tonight?"

"Not here," he ordered. "Roque, find us a spot." He nodded, prying the baby off him and handing him to Cougar so he could grab his pack and find them a better camping spot. The baby fussed. Clay looked at him. "He'll be back soon." The baby pouted but sucked on his granola bar again. Clay sighed. Jensen was working. Cougar and Pooch had no interest in saving him from the pouty baby. He sat down and the baby cuddled in. He let him have his bottle of water, guiding it so he didn't spill it after the first one nearly drowned them both.


McGee looked at his email. "Boss." Gibbs looked up from his paperwork. "I got a private message from a Ranger."

"Not our job."

"Someone found a special ops group that was holding their colonel's son and sent it to him." Gibbs' eyes narrowed. He got up and came over. McGee showed him what he had been sent in the few emails.

"I know them," Gibbs muttered.

A new email popped up and he read it, getting a nod from his boss. "Can we help?"

"Definitely. Trace that, McGee."

"Going to the lab to have Abby help." His message got shut down on him. "Someone doesn't like that idea." Gibbs glared at the computer. "It's sent to another address." He got up and went to the lab, logging into that account. Abby read over his shoulder and growled, moving to another computer to start the search. "Someone erased them from my work emails."

"They're so toast. We'll be able to hold a bonfire with marshmallows. The babies would like that."

"Gibbs would like that too. He was growling." Abby shivered and worked faster. Gibbs was going to leave them tiny chunks to burn so the bonfire wouldn't last for very long. He definitely wouldn't leave them anything to beat the crap out of.


In Cascade, Washington, Jim Ellison looked up from his desk. He was hearing something strange in the elevator, but it wasn't something that was alarming him. "Chief," he said quietly. Blair looked up from doing some of Jim's paperwork for him when the elevator door opened. A baby crawled off. "Where's your parent?" he demanded. For some reason he was drawn to the baby. His senses were soaking in on the baby's sounds and smells. He was nearly zoning on the baby.

Blair got up and picked up the baby, smiling at the happy thing. "Hi, little girl. Who're you?" He cuddled her on the way back to his seat. The other detectives were staring. Blair sat down and took off the baby's jacket to check her over. He paused. "Jim," he said, shaking him free. "We have an issue." He held up the baby so he could read the t-shirt.

Simon Banks, their boss, came out of his office. "What does it say, Sandburg?"

"It says, 'hi, my name's Caitlyn Elowin Ellison." Jim took the baby and stared at her. Blair checked the jacket and found an envelope folded in a pocket. "Envelope." He opened it and groaned. "Someone get into my email." He handed the forms to Simon and took the baby back to check over. "You look pretty healthy, Kate. We'll have to find you a good baby doctor who'll spoil you rotten."

"What?" Jim demanded. "Sandburg, we can't...." Blair stared at him. "I have no idea how to take care of a baby or even if she's really mine!"

"There's a paternity test included," Banks said. "Also a note saying that the program that had her come into being was shut down." Jim broke out his growl. Kate cackled and beamed, waving at him. Jim took her back to stare at again. He was memorizing her scent and heart rhythms. "Jim, let me call your intelligence contact," he said quietly. "Then we'll figure out what we're doing." Jim nodded mutely. "Sandburg?"

"If we're keeping her I can scrounge up a crib and all that really fast. I know a few people who have babies about her age or recently her age." He pulled out his personal phone book to go through. "How did she get onto the elevator?"

"I don't know yet," Banks said, making that call first. Someone was getting his foot up their asses. He might even take off his sweater vest to hurt them.

Kate looked over at Blair and then at the jacket then at him. "What?" he asked her. He checked the jacket again and found something pinned to the inside of her right sleeve. "Damn it," he muttered. Jim flinched because his guide didn't swear. "They have some of my research and a few other kids."

Jim stared at him. "So they have another working set?" he asked quietly.

"Probably." He let him have the note and took the baby to cuddle. She was definitely cuddly. She was yawning and worming her way into his chest and shoulder to get as much contact as she could. She pulled up a thumb and sucked it against his neck. He rubbed her back and grinned at his partner. "We'll be okay. Call someone," he said quietly. Jim nodded, grabbing his phone book and looking someone up. He walked off talking to them.

Blair put his feet up in Jim's chair, getting comfortable for her. She was snoring and it was adorable. He had wanted his own child some year but she was nearly as good.

Simon came to the doorway. "Want to put her on my couch?"

"She's fine," he said with a grin. "Snoring happily." Simon nodded and went to answer his phone's demand to be used. He really had to get Sandburg to reset his ring tone to something less annoying.

Blair called his friends one-handed and got them some supplies coming. That way he had diapers because she'd need changed soon.


Jim walked into an office downtown. His contact had told him to show up here and now. It was an empty office. He let his hearing spread out, finding the heartbeats. There were three. He walked that way, finding his contact and two younger teens. He looked at his contact. "Jack."

"Jim." He shook his hand. "The higher ups are highly embarrassed."


"Caitlyn is yours. They're not going to touch her. The other one that was the same age they're not so sure about. His father is still a commando."

"I'm sure they'll find a way to destroy them."

"Definitely. They went to Gibbs."

"I've only heard of him but what I heard I know I don't want to mess with."

"Me either. He does put the hard in hardass." He smiled. "This is Evan and Elizabeth. They...adopted as far as we could tell. We can't find any trace of their prior lives before the adoption certificate. So they're in the clear and the same people that are embarrassed are setting them up somewhere slightly classified." Jim scowled. "Sorry but they have a feel for the darker duties they'd love for you to do." He stared at him.

"They keep calling us dark guide and sentinel," the guide Elizabeth said with a small shrug. "Mostly because we're not really interested or feeling pushed to protect a whole group of people by being warriors."

"We're shadow warriors," Evan said with a shrug. "We're the ones that turned in the people who had us because we didn't like them offering our services to a bastard who has world domination ideas."

"Who?" Jim asked.

"Not up here and that commando team was almost used by them. The baby being sent to them made them get out of the field right before he latched onto them. He was going to send them on a few missions to test them and then use them for a suicide mission that was looking to lead to a new war."

Jim stiffened. "Do I know of them?"

"From what I've seen, no, but they know about you. We fed their computer tech something." Evan grinned. "They're Delta people."

"That's fine," Jim agreed. "Are you sure about their baby being one of us, Evan?"

"No, he's one of her," he said with a point at Elizabeth.

"Wonderful. Can you get them in contact with us?"

"Yeah. They know about you and Caitlyn." Evan smirked evilly. "We were paired because we were at the same place at the same time. They were going to do the same but I'm not sure. Personally, I saw the baby and had that gut wrenching pain feeling."

Jim grimaced and sighed, but nodded. "So Caitlyn might be Elizabeth's sentinel," he said quietly.

"No," Elizabeth said. "I'm a spare guide I think. Caitlyn is going to belong to a guide around her age. I'm filling in until John's old enough."

"Only seventeen more years," Evan quipped with a sigh at the end.

"You'll make it," Jim assured him. "Are you two sure?"

"We're sure," Elizabeth said. "We're about the only ones who can work behind the scenes to help stop the sick idiot who wants to be a Caesar."

"Fine. If you need us, you tell us," Jim ordered.

"Yes, sir," Evan said with a sloppy salute and a grin.

Jim smirked. "Talk to Blair, Elizabeth. He's come up with a lot of helpful things in the field."

"I will. And I'll share what I've come up with too. It might help with Caitlyn."

"Thanks." He shook their hands and Jack's hand. "Anything I should know about my daughter?"

"There's a bunch of people who thought that you had possessed Gibbs when he stomped in to end them. They forgot he was a Gunny in the Marines." He shook his head. "Anyway, be safe, Jim."

"Thanks." He walked off considering things. He still wasn't ready to be a father. He'd have to move or have Blair move so she could have her own room. Both options were bad ideas at the moment. Then again, having his daughter at the police station for much longer was probably dangerous. There was no telling what sort of sicko would attack the group again. He hurried back to tell Simon and Blair. They had to make some plans. Blair was changing her diaper when he got back and he looked totally natural at it. "Did Naomi put you with other kids?" he asked quietly.

"Yup. The few communes we stayed at had a lot of them." He smiled at the baby. "Any good news?"

"A lot. They're happier doing the shadow work. The guide, Elizabeth, will talk to you soon to share ideas."

"That's fine," Blair agreed calmly. He picked her up once she was redressed. "There, that's good, huh?" he asked. He grinned. She babbled back and patted him. "Simon, can you get the bag of baby food?"

"Sure, Sandburg." He got her a jar of food warmed up and a spoon. She was happily nibbling. "They seem to have taken good care of her."

"Her and a guide that belongs to another commando team."

Blair nodded. "I've noticed her tracking above what a baby should be able to do," he agreed. "Are they matched?"

"No, Elizabeth called herself a spare and Evan's is with that commando team."

"That kinda sucks," Blair decided.

"Yeah." Jim put his hands in his pockets, watching his daughter eat. "I have no idea what we're doing."

"Well, for tonight, she can nap on the couch or I can," Blair said quietly, feeding her another bite. "Do we like veggies?" She squealed and threw up her hands, beaming at them. He grinned back. "That's a great thing, Kate. Veggies are important for you to be strong and healthy. It's good that you like them more than your father does. I have to trick him into eating them or nag him into it."

"Chief," Jim complained.

"He does," Simon agreed. He was watching her eat too. "She's cute. Any idea on the mother?"

"Kelso sent a copy of her birth certificate to my email," Blair said. "Her mom was a 'fan' of Jim's."

Jim got into Blair's email. It was already pulled up on his system so all he had to do was reload things. He found a few emails from a few people. He read them and who the mother was made him mentally groan. He wrote back to the hacker that had wrote Blair. He stated he was a hacker and that they had similar circumstances. So he probably had the other baby. He got written back almost immediately. They did have the other baby. They were having to sneak back into the US with him. Jim laid out what he knew and they gave more information back. It helped and he was now pissed off at some people at the Pentagon. They'd be talking about the baby's special skills later on. The hacker had heard about Blair and about the idiot who had taken some of Blair's work to get Jim to break into a secure military facility for him.


Jensen put aside his netbook, looking at the gathered teammates and baby. Who was petting Roque and still calling him Mama. "Remember hearing something about a spook named Bracket and Cascade?" he asked casually.

"Yeah, and the crackpot theories he had," Clay admitted. Jensen shook his head. "No?"


"Why is it important?" Roque asked, clearly not having heard a thing.

"Bracket stole some research and decided some soldiers had super senses or some shit like that," Clay told him.

"Like Ellison, who he blackmailed into breaking into a secure facility but Ellison stopped him and got him caught," Jensen said. Pooch stiffened. "The research by one ABD guy named Blair Sandburg...."

"Any relation to Naomi?" Pooch asked. "I remember my mom knew someone by that name with a boy named Blair."

"Yup." Jensen grinned. He handed Clay the information he had gotten that wasn't classified yet.

Clay read, grimacing. "So, these watchmen.... Ellison," he said blandly. Jensen nodded. "John?"

"Other side by what I've been catching a few places." Clay went back to reading. He took him to hold. "So, John. What's being a guide like?" He grinned and baby patted his nose and glasses then wiggled down to crawl along the bed so he could pounce Pooch. Who laughed and cuddled him. Pooch's bald head got petted too. The baby looked so confused. "It's a fashion statement that only very badass black guys can pull off, John. You'll never be bald that way."

Clay punched him on the arm. "Quit."


Clay handed back the netbook. "So this guide......"

"Another name is often Shaman from what I read later on. A helper for the hunter, a focus to keep them grounded in this world and able to work."

"Does Ellison know about this?" Clay asked.

"Yeah, since it looks like Sandburg's his. Blair joins him as a ride-along partner for his dissertation. Suddenly his stats go up, Sandburg moves into Ellison's spare room, psychos start going for Sandburg. Ellison starts solving cases in ways that don't quite tweak your attention but you have to keep going 'how did you get the clue to solve that'," he said sarcastically. He grinned. "All since he met Sandburg. Also, his classified files from Peru state that he had some of the same issues but they closed down when he got brought home and recentered in society."

Clay grimaced. "So we should probably at least meet Ellison."

"We should," Pooch agreed. "So John's a .... what?"

"It's called a Guide," Jensen said, leaning on his knees. "They're the centering, backup, helper sort of being. They keep the hunter sane and from going into something that Sandburg calls zoning. Which basically is over-focusing to the point of getting lost." He stared at Cougar's back, but Cougar was shaking his head before he stopped speaking.

"Bastard!" Roque said, glaring at Cougar. "You are, aren't you?" Cougar shook his head.

"According to the article, Watchmen had all five senses heightened," Clay said, staring at Cougar. "You have how many?" Cougar sighed but held up two fingers. "So, that's why you went into sniping." Cougar nodded. "And Jensen's babbling is your tether?" Cougar groaned but nodded, looking down. "Okay, I should've heard about this before now," he said firmly. Cougar stared at him. "That way we could make plans, mother fucker."

"I am in control," Cougar said quietly.

"I realized Cougar was using me to clear his mind," Jensen said with a shrug. "I don't mind helping when I'm needed." He stared at Cougar, who nodded and grunted. He took the baby back, giving him a hug. "But you'll be a full guide and have a watchman or sentinel of your own. That's going to be cool, huh?"

"Evvie!" John squealed with a grin.

"I take it they've met," Clay said dryly.

"Maybe. Ellison said that the other pair were Evan and Elizabeth, but she's not his guide. They apparently were the ones that brought the kids to attention due to someone who was looking at us to be their chess pieces." He pushed his glasses back up his nose. Everyone was staring at him. "I talked to Elizabeth. They found information that someone who deals weapons and has a lot of contacts, like our bosses, wanted to use us to take out some of his rivals. And he didn't care if we survived. It'd be better if we didn't really."

Clay cleared his throat. "How far was he?"

"He was picking teams to test for the ability. So probably within a year."

"Any idea if we can head him off?" Roque asked.

"Not yet. They don't either. Gibbs got told about him though and we'll see what they come up with." He looked at the baby then at the others. "Are we sneaking directly to Cascade or going to visit Jolene first?"

"She can join us," Pooch said.

"So can your sister if we have to hide," Clay ordered. "Our bosses are already saying that we don't exist."

"No, we don't," Jensen said. "We were supposedly injured tragically on our last job and put on medical retirement but subject to recall if we're healed." He grinned. "All our retirement checks are being direct deposited to a blind account and then to our banks from there. It's very hard to track and Gibbs knows, he helped us have it set up." He grinned and leaned over to kiss the baby on the cheek. "Also, Pooch, your wife probably wants to hear from you since she has food poisoning or something." He nodded, taking the netbook to dial her for a video chat. She wouldn't accept it and when Jensen logged into the cameras he had placed she was out of view on purpose. "So, Cascade?"

Clay nodded. "Yeah, I want to know if we have to watch out for anything with him," he said quietly.

"Okay," Jensen said. "Roque? Do you want to work some magic to get us up there or should I do it the fast fingers way?"

"I'll do it. It'll be less traceable." He left to talk to some contacts that had transport methods.

Clay took the baby back. "I still have no idea what we're going to be doing with you, John, but I'll make sure if I can't handle it you'll have the greatest family ever." Jensen and Cougar got up to let them talk. Clay settled in to stare at his son, who was fussy but probably hungry. He got the rest of the granola bar from earlier. That made him happier. He should probably get the guy some real food but Jensen probably was. He was like that. Maybe Jensen's sister would take him in if Clay became a total fuckup. Or Jolene and Pooch. That way he could still be an uncle but he could handle things that needed to be done without worrying someone would target his son for something he'd done.


Jim looked around the loft. There were so many spots that could hurt Kate. The stairs had wires for the center of the railing. The balcony had widely spaced metal poles. Sandburg had who knew what under his bed. The kitchen had all sorts of cords. They had no room for the baby to sleep and have some privacy from guy things. Why had someone made him a daughter? He would've handled a son easier.

"What happens does," Blair said quietly, putting her down on the couch. She enjoyed that and wiggled until she got comfortable. She cooed at the couch and the tv, apparently she liked them a lot. "I'll sleep on the couch tonight and she can have my bed."

"Then she might get into things under your bed that even you haven't cleaned in years," Jim complained. "She can sleep with me."

"You have more blankets than I do right now."


She fussed so they both stared at her. Blair picked her up to cuddle her. She lapped him and giggled then wiggled so he put her back down. "I guess she didn't want us to fight," Blair said with a shrug. Jim nodded, going to get a beer. He gave Blair one and they sat down to watch her nap. She was really good at napping, which they were thankful for. They'd be driven nuts within hours by her being fussy. Jim was already getting shudders right before she started to fuss. The early warning system was freaking him out. Blair got up to make them dinner while Jim considered all the things that had to go on. It was a long list and Jim was feeling lost. Though Simon had given him some advice and offered to help them wherever they could. That might be his lifeline because he could tell Blair was freaked out too. His scent pile was all over the place and a lot was fear and frustration.

They might actually have to have a talk later, which Jim would hate. He wasn't a talking sort of guy.


Clay snapped awake, grabbing his gun from under his pillow. Something had woken him. He scanned the motel room. Nothing strange. Except for an envelope on the foot of his bed. "How in the fuck," he muttered, taking it to open it. He read and groaned, rubbing his face. "No way in hell." He tossed it down and laid back down. His gun stayed in his hand under the pillow. This was really strange and he did not want to know some things. Mysteriously appearing letters sucked a lot. Whoever had done that he wanted to meet.


Blair was meditating when he heard the noise. Jim clearly hadn't heard anything because he was lightly snoring upstairs. Kate was cooing on the couch. Blair walked out carefully. No one was there that he could see but he could feel someone. He looked around again. For some reason, the spirit or whatever he could feel wasn't alarming him. Maybe it was Kate's spirit guide. He found a letter and opened it, reading it. "Wonderful," he muttered. That woke Jim up. He came down the stairs. "I heard her start to coo at someone and found that but no person."

Jim read it, grimacing. "We can handle that." He took her up with him. Then he came down to check the door and all the windows. No one was going to break in again if he had his way and he would have his way. His senses weren't registering anyone else in there but you never knew with some spooks. They could've put on a full-body latex suit to block out anything like scent or heat readings.


Clay knocked on the door that he had been sent to by Pooch, who was hiding from his wife. He'd see her later. Jolene opened the door, staring at him. "It's not that bad of news," he said when she started to sniffle. She let him inside. "Pooch sprained his ankle so he's claiming he's hiding from you." He stared at her. "Are you all right?"

"No. What's going on!" She swatted him on the arm.

"A lot," he admitted. "Jensen's going to babble at you in a few minutes." She grabbed her purse and jacket, following him out. Clay took the long way around to make sure that no one followed them. When they got back, they found Jensen bouncing the fussy baby. Roque was hiding in his room. "What?" he complained. The baby fussed and reached for him. "Did Roque ignore you again?"

"What the hell is that?" Jolene demanded. The baby flinched and glared at her. So did Jensen and Cougar. "People, did we adopt?"

Jensen held up the t-shirt that had been on the baby when he had been sent to them. Then he wisely hid behind Cougar and Pooch.

"Excuse me?" she demanded, hands going to her hips. "Who in the hell, Franklin Clay? Don't you know what a condom is?"

"The government set her up to get knocked up," Jensen said.

She took the baby from Clay, sitting down with him. "Your name is John?"

"It is," Clay agreed. "And there was a government group that wanted him made." He backed up at the glare. "We had to sneak back into the US since there's plenty of people who say that he doesn't exist and if he does we're to ignore his birth."

"I'll wreck them." She cuddled the baby. "You're adorable, even if that asshole is your father. Who's his mother?"

"Roque," Cougar quipped.

"Mama," John said with a shiteating grin for the new fussing one. She looked like the sort that made cookies. You could never have enough fussy people who made you cookies.

She looked at Clay. "Some girl we ran into in Mexico. They set it up on us while we were on leave."

"Wonderful," she said dryly, hugging him. "You're adorable and we'll make sure you grow up sane and liking good girls."

"Evvie!" he squealed.

She looked at him. "Who?" She looked at Clay. "Sibling?"

"Longer story," Pooch said. She glared at him.

"Mood swing," Jensen said in a sing-song voice. She glared at him so he ducked down again. The hat would protect him too. Or the hat's owner.

"Mama!" John shouted.

"Shut up, I'm not your mother," Roque yelled back.

"Get your ass in here," Jolene called. "Before I shave the rest of you to match your bald ass head."

Roque walked in and the baby cheered. He growled at the baby, who cackled and patted him with a grin. "What is your damage?" he demanded. "I'm not your mother, kid."

"I think he knows that you're going to protect him," Jensen said. "Bethie had this absolutely skanky asshole up the street that she always was happy to see and the one time a stray dog tried to attack her he saved her. Babies know who'll help them and fuss over them."

Roque looked at the idiot tech support kid that annoyed him then the other one. "I might protect you but I'm not your mother. Call Jolene that." He went to the bathroom.

John wiggled down and crawled after him. "Pooooooo!" he shouted.

"Thanks, we can already tell, kiddo," Clay called, shaking his head.

Jolene groaned, covering her face. "Clearly insane from your side of the family," she muttered.

"Diaper! Clean diaper!" John shouted.

"Some of us don't wear diapers." Roque shoved the kid out of the bathroom and shut the door, making sure it was locked too. Pooch was snickering but he picked up the baby to cuddle. Roque came out and glared at the kid, hands on his hips. "Some day you can do that too so we don't have to clean your dirty, tiny ass."

"He'll grow, unlike your tiny dick," Pooch taunted with a smirk. Roque glared and pulled a knife.

"Toy!" John shouted, snatching the knife to suck on.

"Maybe you are the mom," Jolene quipped. "No one else loves knives that way and that young."

"Mine certainly won't," Pooch said, looking at his wife. "I noticed you've been sick. Should we maybe go to dinner?"

She hit him on the arm and the baby swatted back at her. "Bastard, I said no children until you retired from the Rangers." She hit him again and the baby bit her. "Ow! Damn!"

Clay took the baby. "Congrats, people. I hope yours is more sane." He took the knife and handed it back to Roque, no matter how much he fussed to get it back.

"Mama! Toy!" John whined. "Toy!"

Roque groaned and handed him a fold-up knife. The baby gummed it and grinned at his daddy. "Still not the mother."

"I'm thinking someone taught him that," Jensen said. "That's almost like a learned behavior."

"Whatever. It's clearly showing he's warped," Roque complained, sitting down.

"Now what?" Pooch asked.


"Where?" she demanded.

"He wasn't the only one," Clay told her. He put the baby down. He crawled over to Jensen and stole his licorice to suck on.

"The baby needs real food," she ordered.

"He's been having granola bars," Jensen said.

"That's not real food! You know better!"

"It's the best we could do," he reminded her. "We were on a mission when he showed up."

She huffed and got up. "Pooch, heel." He got up and limped after her. He knew that tone of voice and he'd have an unhappy wife later if he didn't. Even if it did hurt to walk.

"Was this really wise?" Clay asked once they had pulled out.

"Yup, because the kid needs someone softer than Jensen to fuss over him," Roque said with a smirk. "Then maybe he'll find a new mother."

John swatted him with the knife. "Dumb."

Roque scowled. "Stop it," he growled.

The baby cackled and crawled over to Cougar to try to get his hat again.

Clay shook his head. "The insanity had to come from his mother or the people who had them." He sat down to watch the hat war. The baby was more determined than any girl that had ever tried to get the hat and Cougar might sometimes let him have it to wear. The baby got it from him and beamed at him before sucking on the knife again. When Jolene got back, she settled in to feed the baby real baby food. The knife got tossed back at Roque and the hat was petted during the meal. This baby Loser was going to have manners, even if she had to beat it into the parents too. Including the scary, badass mother the baby had.


Jim walked past someone, Kate on his chest in a carrier. The person who spotted him glared and started to follow him but someone grabbed him by the back of the neck to walk him off. He saw the other baby he was to get back and started to struggle. Jensen hit him. He quit fighting.

Clay smirked, walking past them. "Let me know, boys. John doesn't need to know about torture yet." He followed Ellison. Which was the planned action. They met up with Evan and Elizabeth at the shady restaurant. Clay sat down, taking off the baby carrier.

"Evvie," John cooed with a grin and held up arms.

"Hey, John." He took him to cuddle. "How's my future guide?" The baby lapped him and grinned. He grinned back.

Elizabeth shook her head. "You'll handle it until he's old enough." She smiled at Clay. "Nice move with the shipping barge." He shrugged one-sidedly. She smiled at Kate, who was staring around. "It's fine, Caitlyn, we're protecting everything."

She pointed. "Bad bad."

John looked and growled. "Bad bad."

Evan looked. "Shit. One of them." The demon attacked them and Evan got the babies out of the way. Once they were safely with Elizabeth he jumped in with Jim and Clay to kill it.

"They will be sacrificed!" the demon shouted. Evan slit his throat with his knife and the demon fell burbling blood.

Evan stared at him. "I so doubt that. No one touches the kids."

Jim patted him on the back. "It's called Blessed Protector Mode, kid."

Clay looked at him. "Seriously?"

"Usually from the sentinel to the guide, who seems to get into a lot of trouble," Jim said. They sat down and took the babies back from Elizabeth. Cops rushed in and Jim held up his badge. They had a quiet talk and the demon's body got gathered and taken off. Jim sat down again. Kate was grinning at him from next to John on Evan's lap.

"From the top," Clay ordered. Jim gave him a pointed look. "I saw what Sandburg sent my tech support geek. It's weird."

"Tell me about it," Evan complained. Clay stared at him. "Each of us has a matching guide. Mine just happens to be really little at the moment. The next seventeen years is going to be hell."

"If it's not at least sixteen, I'll let you understand hell," Clay assured him with a hard stare. "Because I don't believe in fated destiny, kid."

"Unfortunately it's more of a puzzle piece fitting the one next to it," Jim complained. Clay stared at him. "Mine's the son of a leftover hippie protestor. He's a hippie most of the time, believes in peace, can bullshit his way out of a hostage situation, and is a professor of Anthropology."

"I saw his picture when Jensen looked up his profile at the college." He smirked. "There's no way to get around it? Not that I don't think Evan knows for sure but with that age gap wouldn't them having someone nearer their age be more helpful?"

"No," Elizabeth. "I'm filling in for him until John's old enough. We're trying to find Kate's guide and having no luck." The baby patted her and she took her back to cuddle. "We like you too, Kate. You're going to be a great young woman." John stared at her. She smiled back. "It'll be great, John. I promise." She winked. John giggled and cuddled Evan.

Evan gave him a squeeze. "It'll all be good when you're older, John." John grinned at him.

Jim took out an envelope and handed it to Clay. "What my people have been able to dig up about those people." Clay handed over his. They read. Elizabeth handed over what they had found. Including on the guy that had wanted Clay.

Clay grimaced. "I heard about the team that went on that." He called Jensen and read that part to him. Jensen answered and hung up. Clay put his phone up.

"Mama?" John asked with a grin.

"No, it was the blond playmate," Clay said dryly. "Who taught him my teammate was his mother?"

"The one that was raising him thought you two were together," Evan said with a grin. "And she made sure he was all right with that."

Clay shook his head. "It's probably going to be her crackhead idea, not reality."

Evan shrugged. "We don't care."

"Whatever," Jim said. "How are you trying to track her guide?"

Kate grinned at him and waved at him. Then smiled at Clay. "You're cute, kiddo," Clay told her, patting her on the head. She took his hand to gnaw on. "John did the same thing the other day."

Blair walked in and sat down with a sigh. "Things are not right in many ways. I nearly got the hell beaten out of me by some agent of some sort."

"Know who it was?" Clay asked.

"No," Blair said. He took both babies to cuddle. "Make me feel better, guys."

Evan grinned. "We nearly got attacked too but it wasn't human."

Blair stared at him. "Why would a demon want them?"

"To sacrifice."

"That'll stop," he said dryly. He cuddled them. Someone walked past them and Clay stiffened but got up to follow them. "Okay, so... station?" Blair said.

"Station," Jim agreed. "I smell gas." They got up and walked out. Jim paused to have a word with the bartender. The rest of the bar got evacuated after them. It went up a minute later and Clay came out of the alley shaking his head. "Bad?" Jim asked quietly as they walked off together. The guides had the babies and they were guarding around them.

"Very. CIA. He thought my son was the sentinel."

"I've seen a few but they seem to want to leave me alone," Jim said.

"They've sent my team on assignment a few times and they definitely don't want to screw with us. My team may be a group of fuckups and losers but we'll kill someone if they need it." Jim smirked at him. Clay smirked back. The babies squealed and waved at someone as they walked past them.

"Behave, kids," the guy said. "Before things get worse. Ellison, get the babies out of town." He stared at him, letting his magic out. "Now. They're coming again." Jim nodded and took the babies with them. Blair called Simon to give him a coded message. Clay had his team rent a spot for their backup last night so they headed there. Ellison's cabin would be too well-known if they could get into the computer systems. It was safer.

Rodney smirked and disappeared. They had some work to do against that wannabe world domination expert. That was his sort of assignment. Especially with the bombs he was trying to have made.


Castiel sighed, showing up to stare at Elizabeth. She grinned at him. "Were you not supposed to be the sentinel?" he asked quietly.

"Apparently not."

Castiel sighed and shook his head. "You keep the knowledge as a gift."

"I realized that someone was pushing us toward a few places where we could learn things. Any idea why?" she asked, strolling down to stand closer to his guardian angel.

"Perhaps there are still plans," he admitted.

"That's going to suck when someone ends them." She smirked, crossing her arms over her chest. "So, Castiel, are you hovering?"

He looked down at his feet then at her. "No, I'm firmly on the ground, not hovering. I don't usually hover, do I?"

"Not that meaning of the word."

Castiel cleared his throat and shook his head. "No, I'm not. I came to drive the clue bus as Cordelia called it." He disappeared.

She snorted and shook her head. "We'll fix it when we have to." She strolled back up there. Clay and Jim were staring at her. "Castiel's my guardian angel." She shrugged. "He's a cute angel most of the time."

"Angels?" Clay demanded.

John squealed and beamed at the man walking up the stairs. "Yes, angels and demons do exist, which did blow my mind horribly," Jack Harkness/Sam Winchester said dryly. "Castiel has always protected this one." He patted her on the head. "What's going on? I heard rumors of a new plan."

"So Castiel said. Something about the knowledge we're getting."

Jack nodded. "Well, that's charming." He smirked. "I'll go up there and destroy them all." He patted both kids on the head. "Be safe for now. Your turn comes in a few decades." He strolled off. "Ellison, the idiots in charge who want the babies are not very happy. Especially not when Torchwood came down on them like the idiots they were pretending to be." He grinned back at them. "No one touches those children." He got himself sent back to the Hub. He had some work to do.

"Ianto, Owen, we have problems. There's demons who want to take children as sacrifices," Jack stated as he walked into the main room. They stiffened. "Yes, they do exist. In this case they're not from another dimension. Though there's information that needs to come out sooner." He smirked. "There's also a problem coming our way very soon." He called up the files and let them see what he had learned so far.

Back in Washington, Clay and Jim shared a look. "Torchwood?" Jim asked.

"Super supposedly secret organization that handles strange things in Wales and England," Blair said from his seat reading to the babies. "Time travel, trans dimensional portals, all that strange stuff that even I look at oddly."

"Supposedly secret?" Clay asked.

"Yeah, it's a pretty weird thing and the locals all know that they take over cases when anything strange shows up. They hate to see them coming but most of them hate to have to help on those cases more." Blair looked up at them. "Very small group. Run by Jack Harkness, who that was - I met him at an anthropology convention and he tried to recruit me. Started by Queen Victoria."

Jim shook his head. "Stranger than I want to know exists, Chief."

"Me too, Sandburg," Clay ordered. He did text that to Jensen, who sent back a cackle. Apparently it was going to be handled for them.


The current Rodney McKay stared at his other incarnation when she appeared. She had to apparently appear as Hermione at the moment for some strange reason. "Thank you for letting me help."

"We need more than that. Some higher beings think that it's a great idea to let that idiot start something he can't finish." He grimaced. "We have to get him ended." Something twinkled next to them so they stared at them.

"Get the damn idiot out of my head," Draco ordered. "I hate the bloody imbecile that Sanda turns into whenever his Alex is in trouble!" He huffed. "It's not seemly and I nearly had to run out on my fiancee. Thankfully she knows about all this mess."

"Isn't that why Sanda helped you pick her?" Redemption Child Rodney asked.

"Perhaps," he said dryly. "He said she's beautiful, loves having sex, and wants children." He looked at the other one. "The higher beings having plans are stupid according to him."

Sanda took over with a sigh. "There's a new plan to start an angelic apocalypse here."

"Oh hell no," the original Rodney complained.

The second Rodney huffed. "Oh hell yes, apparently they tried it before on my original realm. Dean and Sam had to help stop it." That Rodney glared at Sanda/Draco. "Any other cheery news?"

"Alex's mate is on this realm somewhere. We need to undo the age difference between John and Evan." He smirked. "And by the way, Elizabeth is not happy to be a girl again. Dean's just thanking Castiel for making sure she doesn't have more visions." He faded.

Draco glared up then at them. "Can't we stop the plans once and for all? We're really tired of all the fighting after the last war."

"We stopped the war before it could start," Rodney reminded him.

"They're fighting now."

"I'll come back to kick ass later," Rodney noted. "Maybe I'll start Woodstock." Draco shuddered and disappeared. He sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "There's days I wonder why I saved the world."

"Me too," the local Rodney admitted, patting her on the shoulder. "How should we be evil while stopping the evil wannabe?"

"I think we should start by working against their bomb plans." They turned and hexed the man trying to listen in. Poor Wade. He was about to see what geeks could do when their tempers were up.


Xander/Caitlyn Ellison, and future sentinel, sighed when he heard what was going on. Clearly someone had plans that needed the redemption children to fight, which wasn't right. He looked up and mentally summoned someone to help them. No answer. //Don't make me come up there again,// he mentally yelled. The demon appeared to stare at him. //What the fuck is going on?//

The demon smirked. "It'll be as it should be."

"I doubt it," Blair said as he walked in. "I don't think we need your sort here."

"She wanted to talk about the redemption child myth."

Blair snorted. "Neither of us need it. Nice try though." The baby stared at him and he growled. "Why?" Kate pointed toward the other bedroom. "Crap," he muttered.

The demon snorted. "There's a higher plan that needs to be stopped. They're being considered convenient right now."

Caitlyn considered ideas and sent out a mental summons to a version of him he had met at a convention of Xanders. No immediate answer. So he sent one to another one. That one appeared and looked down at her. She thought the problem at him. The demon was whimpering and shuddering as he fell to his knees nearly crying.

Sividia Xander stared down at him. "Come talk to me." The other Xander who was a baby girl, which was freaking him out a bit, sent over another thought. "That's a great idea, mini me." He grinned at Blair before taking the demon off.

Elizabeth looked up as two Xanders appeared. Two Xanders with scary feeling powers flowing off them. One of them felt like hell powers. He was leaking a lot of powers. The other had gray wings and felt like very bad powers. She cleared her throat. "Do I want to know?"

"No," Sividia Xander said with a grin. "The me here had a thought about the upcoming fight and asked for some help."

The other Xander looked at that one. "I still think it's weird that Willow turned me into a Sividia in your realm."

"It screwed with me too. So, how do we stop this idea?" Castiel appeared, tipping his head to the side.

"You're lucky that you didn't get one of your own," Redemption child Rodney said as she appeared.

"Hell blocked it," Sividia Xander said with a grin. He knocked out everyone inside and made sure they didn't remember, including Blair - the future ascended being. "They went into a panic when my Sam and I started to talk about evil spawn." He beamed. "They demanded we hold off on having any for a few centuries until they could buy a few good teachers and restructure hell's helpers for any offspring." He grinned at Elizabeth. "Pulling you out of hell was one of the best things I've ever done. Did my Sam learn the wing foreplay things from you there?"

Elizabeth shook her head slowly. "Not that I know of. I don't think I've ever dated anyone with wings."

"Wing foreplay?" Castiel asked. "You can do that?"

"Yes, he can," Xander said with a smirk. "A lot." He looked at the other one. "Okay, we've got to get together to fix this shit here and on another realm."

"I stopped the one on mine with some C-4 but you can't get it into hell without magical hiding methods."

"Why would you use something like C-4?" Castiel asked.

"Don't worry, we'll make sure nothing happens," the more normal Xander said. Sividia Xander took him with him. They found the ones that had ideas for humanity. They became a fun game of shooting the flying, panicking things. Angels were going to learn not to screw with humanity on this realm too.

Sividia Xander smirked at the leader of them when he caught him. "There seems to be a bad communication link. I'm not from here," he said dryly. "I got asked to handle it since the me that's presently here is too young to do it on his own."

"Hell spawn," the angel sneered.

"No. A witch changed me." He smirked. "To fight something on our hellmouth." He sent that information to him. Michael shuddered, going limp in Xander's hands. He sent over other information. "If you even *think* of another apocalypse attempt, I'm coming back with my Sam. We'll have a lot of fun." He winked and let him fall to the ground. "Angels shouldn't be the evil things." He stepped over him. "Xan, you nearly done?"

"Nah, there's plenty more that had *ideas*," he sneered at the one he was 'talking with'.

"I doubt they'll do it again." He patted him on the back. "Let's work on that taint you show. That way you can find your own mate. Maybe even a semi-evil Sam."

"I like Sam. He saved me when I made it out of Hell."

The angel that had been dropped stared at him. "You are not spawn?"

"No, I got sent against my will," he sneered. "I fought my way out." The angel whimpered. "What? Another prophecy?" he sneered. "I'd better never see you trying this on this realm or mine ever again. Last time I took the easy path and brought explosives."

They walked off together. Sividia Xander helped remove some of the taint, which made Xander ache again but it helped. Sividia Xander got his other self home then went back to climb into bed with his slightly-evil Sam. He stripped himself and then crawled up the bed. Sam was smirking at him. Xander paused to lick up Sam's cock for him. "There was another of me that was a baby girl."

"How?" Sam asked, putting his hands behind his head.

"A redemption child."

Sam moaned and shifted his thighs out. Xander smirked and got busy making his mate howl his name.

"Must you?" Dean called from his room. "Damn! There's got to be a silencing spell!"

"We're not in a realm where Harry Potter is real!" Xander called back. Sam groaned so Xander went back to teasing Sam's cock with his tongue. It was going to drive Sam insane like wing foreplay did Xander.

Back in that other realm, Dean/Elizabeth and Castiel shared a look. "It was probably Rosenburg."

"No probably about it, it was," Castiel admitted. "Here she's a scary one. We really do have to watch her."

"Tell her what he did," Elizabeth said.

"That's not a bad idea. She's due to start things that will cause problems."

"Then we'd fix it," Evan said as he joined them. He pushed Elizabeth at Castiel, making him catch her. "Will you two just finally screw? I can't stand all the repressed lust scents." He walked off into the woods to cackle himself sick.

Castiel looked at her. "I cannot take that suggestion. It would make me fall."

"With the way they went off, are there many of you left?" she quipped, getting off Castiel.

He looked up then at her. "About half. They are scarily efficient. I'd hate to see the one here changed into either of those."

"I found a book on the in-between realm that showed that Xander had taken on a good troupe of fighters with a sword."

Castiel nodded. "More than once. They wanted him to be a warrior mage and he is." He disappeared, going to check on the others.

Elizabeth was fighting the strange feelings she had. Last life she had gotten to ignore most of them because Castiel hadn't been around as much once she was of age to enjoy them. She went inside to enjoy them now. Only with another fantasy man. She was not going to masturbate to Castiel. She just wasn't. Even if it did turn into a fantasy of her, Castiel, and the new fantasy man.

Jim snapped awake at the first groan and then the scent hit him. He groaned and laid back down. He did not want to hear Elizabeth doing *that*. He checked the others. John was dirtying his diaper while asleep. Kate was snoring. Evan was out in the woods by himself. There was someone else out there too but their scent had been on John so he wasn't overly worried about it. He had the feeling Evan could handle most any threat. Jim got up to change John. No one should have to sleep in that sort of stench-creating mess. He was so glad Kate didn't stink like that. Though it might drive her to potty train quickly if she did.


Clay got up the next morning and sat down at the table, staring at Sandburg feeding the babies. "Did I sleep through anything?"

"The messy diaper from some form of hell," Blair said dryly. "I nearly went in to save Jim from it." He grinned and handed him John's spoon and bowl of oatmeal.

"So that's what you eat." Clay fed him and John got happy with that. "Anything else happen?"

"Not that I know," Blair said. Jim walked in. "Did you hear anything last night?"

"Someone that had their scent on John met Evan in the woods last night."

"Any particular aftershave?" Clay asked.

"Spicy and musk."

"Jensen. He thinks it gets him women."

"Elizabeth might be sleeping in too," Jim said dryly.

"She's young and we probably did plenty of that in our own youth," Blair shot back.

Clay nodded. "Yup, I sure did."

Jim shook his head. "I had a girlfriend."

"So did I," Clay quipped with a smirk. "Didn't solve all that." He went back to feeding John. "So no more granola then? Jolene will be happy with that."

Blair looked at him. "Why was he eating granola?"

"We were on a mission when he showed up, Sandburg."

Blair groaned, shaking his head. "Someone had bad timing."

"Whoever got him to us left him with a twinkling," Clay said.

Evan leaned in. "We called in a favor." He grinned. "Liz is still asleep."

"Let her," Jim ordered. "She had a long night."

"I heard." He came in to pat John on the head and kiss Kate's head. "Morning, kids."

"Evvie," John cooed, holding up his arms. Evan gave him a hug. "Good boy."

"I try really hard," he said dryly with an evil smirk. "Jensen's buying you toys."

"Toys?" Kate asked.

"It's good you can talk too," Blair said with a smile for her. "Good job, Kate."

"Toys?" she asked him.

"We have a few toys. We'll get more soon." She inhaled her breakfast and then let her daddy cuddle her.

"If she's anything like John, he likes knives as toys. Claimed all of Roque's knives on the trip up to keep him amused."

Jim shook his head. "I don't have more than two. They're safely put in sheathes."

"Didn't matter to John. He snatched one and sucked on the handle." Clay looked at his son, feeding him the last few bites. Then he put him down. "Go stare outside?" The baby crawled to the fridge and patted it. "No, you can't have any more right now." He got a bottle of water and helped the baby drink it. Then John went to play in the living room. Elizabeth came down, which let him pounce her with a cackle.

She smiled at the baby. "You silly thing," she teased, picking him up to cuddle. "I'm surprised you're not sucking up to Evan for his breakfast." She put him back down. "Tell us if someone bad shows up." She went into the kitchen to get her own toast for breakfast. "Morning."

"Morning," Jim said. He avoided looking at her.

She stared at him then snorted. "Like you guys haven't," she said dryly. "I know for a fact most guys go off at least once a week and women can do the same thing; it just takes us longer."

Blair cackled, nodding. "That's a very realistic viewpoint."

"And I'm told Rangers and other commandos have a girl in almost every city they spend more than a day in."

"Nah, it takes at least a week," Clay said dryly. "Unless you're Cougar."

She smirked at him. "Introduce me?"

"Hell no. You're underage. You have to at least be legal to drink for him." He sipped his coffee. "If he even thought about it we'd all kick his ass."

"Ass," Kate said with a grin.

"No," Blair and Jim said, Jim glaring at Clay.

Kate pouted. "Toy?"

Blair let her down, grabbing the bag of things he had gotten from his friends. He gave her the toys and let her share with John when he noticed. For right now he was watching the trees and the rain. "Evan, who was outside last night?"

"Jensen. He wanted to check on the baby." He sipped his own coffee. "Eat more, Elizabeth." She flipped him off and finished her toast. "We need you to be at full strength."

She stared at him. "It's not going to be a problem." Evan rolled his eyes. She got her own bottle of water and went to play with the kids. They loved her. She noticed Castiel hovering in the woods but Roque was also out there. They'd be having a talk.

Jim lifted his head and stared out there. "Who's that?" he called.

"Roque just met Castiel, my guardian angel."

"Is he a real angel?" Clay demanded sarcastically.

Castiel appeared and nodded. "I am in fact a real angel, yes." Clay and Jim both gaped in horror. He smirked. "Elizabeth is very special to a few groups who would like her to help them take over." He disappeared after giving her a pointed look. "I heard that," he called as he faded out.

She looked up. "Yay. You should've heard it when we were in Scotland."

Evan burst out laughing, walking off shaking his head. "No comment."

She shook her head, looking at the kids. "At least you guys are normal." John smirked at her and waved. She waved back. "That's very advanced, John. Can you pounce Kate and let her pounce you back? She needs practice." Kate fussed but batted at John with the teddy bear when Elizabeth showed her how. John fussed and pounced her to suck on her ear. Kate struggled but John kept chewing on her and apparently she gave up fussing over it. She cuddled back. John cooed. She cooed back. Then she got free and crawled off for the doorway. "No," Elizabeth ordered. "No going outside in the rain."

"Mama!" John crowed, heading for the door too. He patted it until Evan opened it. Then he headed for the stairs.

"Evan!" Blair complained.

Roque came out of the woods and glared at the baby. "I'm not your mother."

"Yes you are because he knows you'll always protect him and you'll make sure he grows up as tough as you and his daddy are," Evan said, staring at him. "He also knows that someone needs to get on their knees and thank God that your team wasn't picked for that assignment since the probabilities had them using you to kill the rest of them." Roque glared. Elizabeth walked out, carefully stepping around the puddles since she wasn't wearing socks or shoes, and hissed in his ear. Roque slumped, shaking his head. Evan nodded. "Yeah." Castiel reappeared with a few things. "Cas," Evan said with a nod. "What's that for?"

"The winged one that freaked everyone out last night left them for Elizabeth." He handed them to her. He stared at her. "Try to stay out of trouble?" he asked quietly.

"I always try. Usually it's the other person's fault." She stared at him. He stared back. She smirked. "Like Albuquerque?" He nodded. "We'll handle it." Castiel handed over a large knife and a gun. "Thanks."

"Welcome." He disappeared.

Elizabeth walked inside. "Cas said we're going to be attacked, might be demons or humans." She sat down to look at what had been left to her. The Losers graphic novels. Three other ones. One of her magic books and her wand. Two other things that were not good. She settled in to look at the two scrolls. "Crap."

Evan leaned over to read over her shoulder. "Yup, that's crap." He took them both to reread. "We'll handle it." She smiled and nodded. He noticed the wand she had used to put up her hair. "Didn't you already warp that?"

"Yeah but now I'm warping it in the other direction." They shared a look and she got to work on the book. Apparently she needed to keep in practice.

Jim was watching her. "What's that?" he asked. She pulled her wand out and used it to change his shirt to a bikini top then put it back into her hair. Jim stared at himself. "Sandburg, you have a reasonable explanation for that, right?"

"Um... Nope."

"Magic," Evan and Elizabeth said together. She changed Jim's shirt back. The wand went back into her hair. She was in the graphic novels of the Buffy tv series when Clay stomped out to take the wand from her hair.

She looked up at him. "I learned it when I was younger. There's actually schools for it." She took it back and put her hair back up with it. Then she grinned. "It's kind of handy. I can do all sorts of things to screw up others with it. You might ask Pooch."

"Pooch!" Clay bellowed.

Roque looked to where he should be. "He's looking confused." He walked in and around the babies, avoiding John's grab attempt at his ankle. He noticed one and growled, taking it to look at. "What's this?"

"Last night, Cas showed up with a person from another place. That's from their realm." She stared at him. "We projected that it was probably going to be about the same thing." She handed over the other two. "That's the last one."

Clay snatched them to look over.

Jensen leaned in. "Oh, hey, them. I was wondering if that was related." Clay and Roque stared at him. He grinned back. "Some guy in a trench coat."

"Cas," Elizabeth agreed. "He's my guardian angel." Pooch walked in and she waved the magic book. "He thinks my wand is strange."

"Wand?" he asked, looking nervous.

"Mother fucker, you'd better admit to whatever that is," Clay warned.

"You're not supposed to know if you're not part of the community. They can put us in jail for that, Clay." He glared at the young guide. "Why did you bust us?"

"Cas brought me mine and a book to brush up with."

"You went to school?"

"Not here," she said with a smirk. "Longer than average story but it's why I have Cas."

"Why?" Jim asked calmly.

Lo, and those that are reborn over and over are meant to redeem those they are born to.
To better humanity.
To make their parents whole.
To create new worlds.
To make peace and happiness.

Though that does not mean that one should not watch out for the Redemption Children.
They are not normal.
They are not peaceful.
They are those who show the path, not lead or guide down it.

To one born, a child is given.
A wish created and a wish granted. A wish given.
No others may interfere.
No one can stop the cycle.
The choice is theirs about redemption and relief.
Lo, hark and heed these words, all ye who may be born or need redemption.

Roque shivered. "What's that?"

"Why she was sent back," Evan said. "Which is why she has Castiel warning her about evil things."

She nodded with a grin. "Some people needed encouragement. There's only a few of us around. I'm actually on my fourth assignment. My last one was in the wizarding world in England." Pooch shuddered. "Yeah. I did some research." She winked at him. "Anyway." She looked at the two overprotective beings and their team that was present. "I'm only here to help until John's old enough. Apparently Evan's important and I'm working on the age gap thing. That way Evan doesn't have to suffer for seventeen years." She went back to reading. "Pooch, Cas said we're going to be attacked sometime soon."

"What is Cas?" Jim asked calmly.

She smiled. "The archangel Castiel. Over Thursdays."

Blair shivered. "That's a bad thing."

"No, bad thing is that some of his brethren had ideas and they got stopped when I called someone I knew before." She waved the Buffy graphic novel. "One that had powers from going to hell and one that had powers thanks to someone turning him into a higher level being. They stopped most of those ideas. So now all I have to do is protect Evan until either he's John's age or John's old enough." She stared at Jim. "I'd rather deage him but it takes over a year to make the damn potion and I don't even have everything."

"Did the people who made the babies know this?" Clay asked.

"Yup. Because Evan's the next generation of sentinel and bad things are going to happen in about fifteen years. I'm here to guard Evan until it's time for John to take over and protect him. Which is the other reason why I busted that project wide open and made sure you got the kids." They nodded and walked off to talk about her behind her back. Clay dragged Pooch to talk to him about that 'magic shit' as he was going to call it.

"Damn I hope Jensen can't do it," Roque complained.

"Not as far as I know," Elizabeth called.


She grinned. The big, tough guys freaking out over magic was fun to watch. Pooch was looking through one of the graphic novels, then suddenly stopped. He looked at her. She looked up and shrugged slightly. He nudged Clay and handed him the novel. Clay read and stiffened, starting to growl again. "Welcome," she called, going back to her studying.

Clay sat down to go through it as fast as he could. The things got worse and worse. And then Roque betrayed them. "No fucking way," Roque growled.

"Keep going," she called.

They read it and Roque shook his head quickly. They got to the part where they meet up again and it was bad. Very bad. Roque slumped down into his seat. Clay kept going even after Pooch walked off shuddering. "It might be a girl," Clay joked. Pooch moaned. Clay read their later jobs and then the other one. The end of that one made him want to get really drunk. Permanently drunk. "No, it won't be happening."

"Again, welcome," Elizabeth quipped.

He looked at her. "You saw that?"

"And had the computers do the math." She looked at him. "It gave a ninety percent certainty of a similar ending."

"Thank you," Clay said quietly.

"Not a problem. None of us want that ending and John would be destroyed if his man-mom left that way." She smirked at Roque and curled up to go back to her studying.

Roque rolled his eyes. "I'm not his mother. I'd never do that," he told his teammates.

"I know," Pooch agreed.

"I'd kill you if I even thought it might happen," Clay assured him with a long stare. Roque shook his head. "I know you wouldn't normally. That was a pretty extreme circumstance. The team on that mission?"

Pooch shook his head. "I'll have J send it to them."

"Good idea." He handed them over. Pooch carried them out to Jensen to let him scan them in and email them to that team that had taken their place. Clay and Jim settled in to make plans. If they were going to be attacked they wanted more than a mystical stick being waved at the guys. Even if Elizabeth could use a gun they were the soldiers so it was their job.


John felt something wrong and looked at Evan. Something was clearly wrong. It was a demon that was coming toward the house. "Evvie," he called, holding up his hands.

"Yup, I hear."

Elizabeth put up her book and got up, checking her gun. Kate was knocked out for some reason. It wasn't natural for Xander to sleep through anything dangerous. "Take them upstairs," she ordered.

"We're the soldiers," Clay said.

"They're demons and that's my job," she corrected. "I could still use a blade," she muttered. She moved to watch. "Sandburg," she said with a point. "With Evan. He can only shoot them and most of them need beheaded." Blair went up to help guard the kids. Jim and Clay tried to move her but she moved around them and outside, pointing her gun at the demon. Her wand was in her other hand. "You're on protected ground."

The demon sneered. "You're not a natural redemption child."

"I am now. This isn't my first life, dude." The demon lunged and she shot it then did a cutting hex to behead it. She walked down carefully to search the body. "This is so going to suck," she muttered. More demons appeared. "Shit." Sam/Jack appeared behind them and shot most of them with Dean. "Hey, bro."

"Dude," she said with a nod. "It's a plot."

"I heard."

D'Hoffryn appeared. "We had no idea on this."

Dean stared at him, wand coming up. "Really? That's why you've been putting a few of us into lives where we'd get new skills?"

"That's a prophecy," D'Hoffryn admitted. He looked at Sam. "When are you going to be done?"

"I'm immortal right now," he said with a smirk.


"Yes, I deal with that now and then," he said dryly. A new demon appeared. "Awww, look. It's a bad guy."

"No way in hell," Elizabeth said. The demon lunged at her so she shot it. Sam used some sort of futuristic weapon on it. It screamed as it went up in a gout of flame. Three angels appeared. The two former Winchesters stared at them.

"You will fall into line," the head angel said.

"No thanks, Michael. You, the others that want to start an apocalypse, all can go to hell. Apparently they're missing you," she sneered.

"I don't think even Hell wants them," Sam quipped. The angels stared at him. One gasped and backed off shaking his head. "Hey, Gabe." He smirked. "Miss me?" He pulled his own wand.

"You cannot defeat our will," Michael said.

Xander showed up in a gout of flame, staring at them. "Really?" The angels stared at him. "You think you want to reconsider it?"

"How in all the hells?" D'Hoffryn said.

Xander smirked. "Do you think I didn't learn anything from all the lives as a warrior mage? Or from Atlantis?" He looked at the angels. "Gabriel, pick." He shuddered and bowed. Xander stared at the other two. His axe appeared in his hand, shining from the magic he was flooding it with. Michael's eyes went wide and he started to shake his head. Xander took a swing and beheaded his vessel, sending him back to his incorporeal state. The other angels tried to flee. Gabriel went to his knees and bowed his head. The other was trying to get away.

Elizabeth shot him then hexed him with a blessing curse he had developed back in Hogwarts. The angel sneered but started to smoke. The scream that came out was enough to send Jim to his knees but the angel exploded. "Next time, leave us some too," she said dryly.

"How in the hell did you do that?" Sam and D'Hoffryn asked together. Sam glared at the vengeance demon.

Xander grinned. "There's many things I know that you guys probably won't ever. You learn things over millions of years and thousands of lives." He waved a hand. "By the way, the little sentinel in there, Ellison?" He grinned. "She'll be just fine. I have no idea about her guide though." He disappeared, going back to his life at that time.

The redemption child version of McKay showed up and glared up. "How dare you do that and not teach me how!" he yelled. "Bastard!"

"Want a job," Jack quipped with a grin. "Torchwood could use you, Rodney."

Rodney stared at him. "No. I'd rather not deal with more mind warping things. Thank you anyway."

Jack shrugged and grinned. "Had to try. Owen would love to stare at your ass." He disappeared after a wink at Elizabeth.

She looked at Rodney. "Why are *you* here?"

"He told me that you were going into battle with the idiot angels again," Rodney said with a nod at D'Hoffryn. "I thought I'd help this time since I'd hate to reascend if they decided to destroy humanity."

"We'd kill them," Clay said sarcastically. "What the fuck?" he demanded. "People aren't supposed to just *appear* and then *disappear* after a fight!"

Elizabeth smirked at him. "Another of the redemption children, only he's from another realm. As for the angels attacking, they have a plan to take over power. They're wrong and I've helped stop it before." She shrugged. "They won't be coming back."

"The other?" Jim said a bit too calmly.

"Xander?" Jim nodded. "He's another of us but he's one of the original Redemption Children. He's one of the original warrior mages way back before humanity was in control of the world. He shouldn't have been able to get here as far as I know but Xander's very much one to pull a plan out of his butthole and then have it work." She shook her quickly. "My original life, he showed up as my brother's son to help us stop the angels having ideas."

Clay cleared his throat. "Angels."

"Yeah," she agreed. Gabriel appeared with a letter, handing it to Roque before disappearing.

Roque read it and groaned, handing it to Clay. Clay nodded once, handing it to Jim.

Jim read it and looked at her. "How long will this go on?"

"The main one was the one that Xander and I got rid of. The rest are probably going to mill around, find another leader to get behind, and hopefully it'll be someone with sense like Cas." She put her wand back in her hair. "The next one might happen is when John's older." She gave them a pointed look.

"So Kate's the next sentinel that'll have to handle major things," Jim said dryly.

"Possibly. Then again I'm not certain you're not from one of Xander's lines," she said dryly. "You seem to have a lot of the same qualities."

"So does Jensen," Roque snorted, shaking his head.

Castiel appeared, staring at Elizabeth. He gave her a hug. "Thank you for not continuing past the threat."

She smiled at him. "No need to. How did Xander show up?"

"The life he was in at that time let him." He shrugged. "None of us know how Xander does anything. He's always been an enigma. Ever since he was first made into a revolving immortal being." He stared at D'Hoffryn. "That prophecy will not happen." He smirked. "There's a lot of that sort."

The lord of Vengeance looked at Jim then at Dean. "He is from Xander's lineage." He shook his head and disappeared.

"Revolving immortality?" Roque demanded.

"Redemption children are put into a life to help humanity," she told him. "Then we live a life that hopefully helps, we die, we get sent to a new one, we repeat, rinse, go again....." She waved a hand, something she had picked up as Luna. "Xander's been doing this since before humans were in control fo the planet, dude. He's had *thousands* of lives."

"So you can have kids and all that?" Blair asked from the porch.

"Yeah. I nearly got pregnant in my last one. Which is freaky, still. I was a guy originally." She shrugged and walked off into the woods. "Cas, heel."

"No one's injured," he complained.

"Not that sort," she called back. "We need to make sure we don't need plans." He followed with a nod.

Jim and Clay shared a look. "It's nice her fated mate is an angel who is a warrior," Blair quipped. Jim shook his head quickly. "As for other things, Kate finally woke up scowling and pouty."

"So she's got the protective drives," Jim said, rubbing his forehead. "Can we forget today happened?"

"I can but I'm not supposed to," Pooch offered.

"Do it anyway," Clay ordered with Roque agreeing by grunt.

"Fine." Pooch pulled his wand out and did that. They forgot about angels and demons again. He looked at Blair, who went back inside. Pooch walked off shaking his head. He did not want to know all of that either. Angels wanting to kill all of humanity was a bad thing giving him a migraine. He couldn't let that sort of thing hurt his wife and future little soldier. Even if he had to destroy them all. Roque would probably help.


D'Hoffryn looked at the rest of his cadre of redemption children and vengeance demons, and some who seemed to be both. Some were in lives, some were present, and the one hanging out in Cardiff getting all the sex was still annoying him. "Why did I take over again?"

"Because you wanted to?" Carson suggested.

"I suppose," he complained. "There are two prophecies I have been working to avoid that seem to have come into being, though they also appear to have been warped by the application of Xander." The group snickered.

"He's known for it," his Anyanka reminded him. "In that last realm the only one he didn't warp was the Redemption Child one."

"I'm not so sure he didn't," D'Hoffryn admitted. He laid them out. "I've always considered us the third side."

The ones left up there read them over, nodding slightly.

Sam appeared in a flash of light, looking at them. "Pure crap. We've already ended that one up the time stream." He handed it back. "For now, just stop the side-step there. The other one's ... well, that's the angels being dicks again and we're working against them yet again. Our Xander even called a few from other realms to go have fun." He smirked and disappeared. "Got a date."

"Of course he does," D'Hoffryn complained.

"Since it's usually buttsex I don't get called on him," Anyanka said with a pout. "He'd be very good to torture because he'd just die a bit and then come back healthy for another round."

"You're not supposed to torture the redemption children, Anyanka, though I may let you in his case." He rolled his eyes. "What we need to do right now is to move around the planning going on so we are stable, even if humanity is going to hell."

"What we need to do is render humanity stable so we're permanently stable and they can't go to hell," Rodney corrected. "I don't particularly want to help destroy humanity in any realm when I helped save it a few times in my original one."

"On some realms, humanity is doomed," D'Hoffryn said.

"Then they clearly haven't met the Atlantis team or Xander yet," Rodney quipped back, waving a hand in the air. "If we could destroy the wraith, we can do it here too."

"That may destroy the balance."

"Who said we've had balance," Carson said dryly. "If we did, we won't have all the problems we do. I'm all for nominating Xander to take charge of the Light."

"Evil would surely quit trying to do such stupid things," Rodney agreed. "Think we can use the one with the wings that showed up? It might be unifying," he said when the vengeance demons gave him strange looks.

"Why did a Xander have wings?" Hallie asked.

"He's been turned into a Sividia by his Rosenburg from what I was told. He's mated to a not-fully-evil Sam Winchester in his realm." He shifted to lean forward. "He's seen both good and bad, done both good and bad. Seen the levels of humanity drop and surge both. He has power and control. He's charismatic enough to lead people and make them want to follow him. He can control or take out any element that's doing harm to everyone. He's a protector of mankind who uses powers on both sides."

"That would take a move from Heaven and the Powers, and I doubt they'd do that," D'Hoffryn said.

Rodney smirked at Carson, who grinned back. "The Powers are in trouble anyway since wasn't Harry a champion?" D'Hoffryn shuddered. "They can't make one of us their champion, can they?"

"No," he moaned, walking off. "We are not having this talk."

"Fine, we'll talk about it behind your back," another of the redemption children quipped. "I should've went to Scotland with you guys. It sounded like you mostly had fun after the Ancients got sent packing."

"Mostly," Rodney agreed. "Even if I was a girl." He stood up. "Speaking of, I might need to go back and start Woodstock or something. Draco and Sanda said that they're fighting again."

"Sanda?" that one asked casually.

Draco appeared, staring at him. "Yes, me. I may have to possess this fragile, fun, frustrated shell but I am still around watching Alex get into all sorts of things he shouldn't. Or she shouldn't this life." He disappeared again.

"No wonder demons panicked so much during that life," one of the vengeance demons muttered.

"Basically," Rodney smirked. He disappeared to work on that plan with his present self. The Rodney from this realm was much more evil minded than he was - even after all the evil minded time he spent as Hermione.

Carson shook his head. "I almost pity whoever he's plotting against." He stood up. "Let me visit the library. I wanted to learn magical healing theory." He strolled off. The others broke up to talk and shudder over Rodney's plans. They pitied them too. And possibly humanity.


Rodney was watching and both of them showed up when Castiel showed up to nag Elizabeth/Dean. "Castiel, good, we should talk," Rodney said, walking him off.

"I need to warn her," Castiel said.

"Gabe's here," she said with a point behind her. She had felt him appear.

Castiel sighed but let the dual Rodneys lead him off to talk about something.

"We believe there needs to be someone decent in charge of things up there," the natural Rodney said.

"We agree. We're currently discussing who."

Redemption child Rodney smiled. "We think it would be best to have someone outside the current power struggles. That way they're not taking sides, aren't partisan to a current faction, and it needs to be someone who can put their foot down when needed but is gentle enough with humanity. A protective sort."

"We cannot name someone to the seat if they do not have powers," Castiel admitted. "Until a new God is chosen we can't appoint any angels."

"What about other powers?" Redemption child Rodney asked.

Castiel considered it. "There are some who would fit. They would need convinced to step in. Anyone worthy of the title would probably not want it."

"Must they agree right off the bat? Can you appoint without it?"

"It would take a majority of heaven to agree."

"How many is that?" natural Rodney asked. "Sixty or so now?"

"Less I'm afraid. Since that Sividia and the other Xander showed up, there are not as many of us higher ones." He looked at them. "Who did you have in mind? I'm too used to Dean working my mind around to things."

"The Sividia Xander."

Castiel's mouth flopped open and he felt shock for the first time in many centuries. "He's not one of us."

"He is a higher being. He's not evil, has protected humanity many times. Can understand both sides. Isn't natural to this realm so he can still be a bit distant and yet still pop around to help with problems. He understands about what needs to happen and can make plans in case it does happen. He can make battle plans," redemption child Rodney said. "Think of the benefits and he might even cause some unification so that humanity could find balance again then move on from there."

"No one would dare start something against the angels again," natural Rodney said.

"The others would probably not accept one who wasn't one of us."

Gabriel walked over. "I like their plan."

"That's because you pretended to be a chaos god for many years," Castiel shot back.

"You or him," Gabe said with a smirk.

Castiel gave him a strange look. "That is not on anyone's mind."

"Actually I've talked to a lot that thought it's not such a bad idea. I've also heard that the native sividia are claiming their rights to a vote since they are fallen."

Castiel shook his head quickly and disappeared, going to talk to Dean. "They gave me a headache."

Elizabeth patted him on the arm. "You'll live."

"I know. That's the sad part." He shook his head again. "They want that sividia who showed up to end the plans in charge."

Dean burst out cackling. "There won't be any more apocalypse attempts on this realm from either side if he is."

"He would not understand our ways."

"He knows love, compassion, war, danger, and hatred. He's more in touch with humanity than most of the angels are. Think what my Cas would've been like as Him."

That Castiel considered the one he had merged with briefly so he knew more about Dean. Then at his charge. "Things would be much too calm."

"Thereby letting humanity sort itself out by their free will."

Castiel moaned. "That almost makes sense." He disappeared.

Elizabeth winked at the others and went back inside to pick up John and take him out to play in the mud. All boys needed time in the mud. Including Evan, who'd follow to make sure John was all right.

The Rodneys shared a look and the redemption child one ascended again to talk to the Powers That Be. They had to get in line with their plans too or they'd start another war.

Natural Rodney went back to his lab to cackle in glee. It would make his duty to protect humanity and innovate so much easier.

Gabriel went to one of his hidden areas that he had used when he was being Loki, cackling himself into sickness. The ones who heard him decided it was best if they ignored it. Though the few chaos mages there praying got bad ideas from him. A being of chaos and change in charge they could definitely like and get behind. Janus and the other chaos gods would adore that.


D'Hoffryn looked up at the announcement of a new deity, then around. "Rodney!" he bellowed, bringing him up there. "Was that your plan?"

"Humanity is saved. They can't do it again here. I don't have to help save humanity again." He smirked. "You're welcome." He disappeared again.

"Now I know why I resisted adding more redemption children. They'll drive me insane," he complained to himself. "We may have to move realms because of this." He felt a twinge along one line and looked to see who was in the middle of nearly dying. It was Dean. Castiel was staring at her. Dean was having a heart attack so D'Hoffryn meanly cured it on her. Castiel smiled. Dean shook her head. D'Hoffryn shook his head and turned off the feed. He did not need to know.


Castiel felt D'Hoffryn heal his mate and smiled at him/her. "Better?"

"No," she said. "Not really. It's still killing my brain."

"Ordained mates are like that sometimes. Michael is having the same feeling." He moved closer, tipping her chin up to gently kiss her. "I have waited an eternity for you," he whispered.

"I'm not...."

"You are Dean, even if you are Elizabeth at the moment. We are both eternal beings." He winked. "We will talk later. When you are out of danger again." He disappeared.

Elizabeth flopped down on the muddy ground, groaning and holding her head.

"If it was that bad, we can buy him a book," Jensen teased with a smug look.

"Isn't yours in DC?" she muttered.

"No. Not here or our last one. Maybe in the next realm." He patted her on the head. "At least he loves you in your natural form and this one."

"Yeah. Still screwing with my head."

"Well, there's oral sex if you want that sort of sex play. The rest of your head really doesn't have ready holes for it." Elizabeth slapped at him. He laughed and dodged. "Weak, Elizabeth. We'll have to work on that with you."

"What other realm?" Roque asked as he came out of the trees. "Or are you like her?"

"Yup," he said with a grin. "I sure am. My job's support though."

"Of?" Roque demanded.


Roque slumped. "Damn it."

"Who's here for you too, dumbass." Jensen strolled off. "World War 3 doesn't start if you don't fall." He stared at him. "No other team would've gotten that far in the same scenario." Roque growled. "Which is why you're the mom." He winked and strolled off. "Cougs, you should've seen the delicate kiss that got laid on Elizabeth," he called as he walked.

Clay stepped off the porch and around Elizabeth. "At least he won't ever cheat on you or anything bad."

"Not cute," she growled.

"No one ever accused me of being cute, even when I was John's age," he quipped back. "That explains a lot about Jensen though." Roque stared at him. "He's right, it'd take some absolute fuckups to make it like that book showed. No one else has the talents at that like our team does."

"I still wouldn't," Roque said.

Elizabeth used her wand to push them together and then bound them. "You got real tired of him chasing the crazy pussy when yours was just as crazy in the right way for him," she told them. "So make like the angel and do the kissing stuff so John has a real mom." She got up and cleaned herself up on the way inside. "Blair!" He thumped. She walked up there. "I'm so screwed up mentally. Babble at me for a while please so I can forget things? Since there's no beer in the house."

Blair looked at her. "What?"

"Castiel just got permission to tell me I'm his ordained mate."

Blair grinned. "Awww. That's so sweet."

"This isn't my natural form, Sandburg."

Blair laughed. "Aren't most angels male?" She groaned and flopped down. Blair sat down to help her work through all her conflicted feelings and what to do with a female body at the moment. She knew some but not all probably. He was excellent at teaching sexual education from the practical, the theoretical, and social standpoints. He had even taught a class on it at one point in time. None of his kids had to drop out of school due to a pregnancy. Even if they had gotten together to have an orgy after his final.

Jim blushed and took the kids outside so they didn't have to hear. He took Evan too.

Evan took John to cuddle. "It's all right. When we're able, you can have Blair teach you things too."

John spit at him. He didn't need help from anyone on how to play Evan's body to the best effect. He looked at his 'mom' and 'dad', shaking his head. "Kissy, Mama!" he shouted.

Evan looked and nodded. "It's about time," he called.

"Guys!" Jim complained. "Kate and John don't need to see that."

Kate grinned at him and dirtied her diaper. Jim groaned, getting up to go change her.

Evan pulled his wand from its hidden spot and made them kiss. He put his wand back when they took over on their own.

Anya huffed as she appeared. "Evan, I wanted to curse him after the next one," she complained. "Then he'd be impotent and drawn to suck his dick all the time because it'd keep down the disease I'd lay on him until he learned how to treat women better."

"He's got the point," he assured her. "Beyond that, his next evil chick would've been the one that would've started us on the path to World War 3."

"Oh. Pity." She sighed as she looked at him. "He was such fun to curse." She pouted but left them alone.

"I'm never touching another woman again," Clay vowed.

Roque smirked his most scary smirk. "No, you won't. Even if I have to make sure of it." He finally wiggled a knife free and cut them out of the ropes. Clay stepped back so Roque hauled him closer to kiss again. "We're taking a night off soon, Franklin Clay." Clay swallowed and nodded. "Good." He strolled off. "Cougar, smack Jensen for me please."

"Hey!" Jensen yelped a minute later.

Evan looked down at John. "They're insane. You probably inherited it from them." John cackled. "I know, you need changed." He took him inside to do that. Jim took him to do it for him. "Thanks, I hate changing diapers." He took Kate back outside to sit and watch the trees.

Jim looked at John. "It'll be fine."

John smirked. "Cute?"

"You're very cute, John." He got him changed and let him roam back out there to be with his sentinel. It was weird but they'd make sure nothing happened until John was an adult, no matter how much the imperative urges said it was necessary.


A large black, ethereal panther showed up to stare at the young sentinel. "You are not the usual charge," he said. She smiled and waved a hand. "How on earth?" She pointed. The panther sighed. "This is going to be quite strange to guide you. Or the other one I can feel." He walked off to check on his usual sentinel, who was staring around the yard. Jim looked down and groaned. He nodded and disappeared, going to the one that he could feel in the trees. He stared at that one then at the silent one with only a partial gift. "Interesting," he said.

Jensen looked at him. "Huh. A spirit guide." Cougar stared then shuddered. "Okay, great mythical creature, are you John's spirit guide?" The cat shook his head. "Evan's?" The cat nodded. "Cool!" He grinned.

"Yours as well. You do an admirable job of hiding it."

"I'm not."

"Don't yank my tail," he said. "How did this happen?"

"The usual way things happen?"

"Who are you talking to?" Pooch demanded, coming over from his watching spot. He paused. "J, there's nothing there." The panther briefly appeared to glare at him then disappeared again. "What the hell?"

"Evan's spirit guide." Jensen grinned.

"I do not want to know anything else," Pooch ordered, walking off muttering swears that would make Jolene kill him with something heavy to the head.

Jensen shrugged. "Some people just aren't flexible minded."

The cat stared at him. "We will be talking."

"Yup, I do a lot of that."

"It's how you're instinctively blocking the input," he said dryly. Then he faded out to go stare at his other charge.

Evan looked down. "I don't need a panther hanging around."

"Spirit guide."

Evan grimaced. "Huh. I thought you were myths. Cool." He nodded and went back to his reading. "I don't need spiritual guidance though. Thanks anyway. If I do, I can ask my temporary guide to ask her guardian angel for advice for me."

The cat swatted him, making him yelp. "Why?" Evan pointed outside. "This is not how it is meant to be."

"Yell at D'Hoffryn."

"I shall be. The other one needs changed." He disappeared, going to conference with Wolf and the other spirit guides. Something really had to be done sometime soon.

Evan got up. "Kate, want changed?" She squealed. He went in to change her. He grinned. "Did the kitty come see you too?"

She nodded. "Daddy kitty." She grinned.

"What?" Jim asked from the doorway.

"Daddy kitty."

"The spirit guide visited," Evan said.

"I saw."

"Us too," Evan quipped, handing over the baby girl. "I can never get her clean with how they say to do it in three swipes." He walked off, leaving Jim to change his own demented soul's ease. He didn't make the baby, the butt wasn't his to guard and protect, therefore he didn't have to change it.

Jim shook his head. "We'll figure it out, Kate."

She grinned and peed on him.

"Gee, thanks." He cleaned her up again and got a new clean diaper for her. Then she got taken down to sit with Blair for a while. Blair was reading journal articles. They could be a good story time for her.

"I'm reading about sacrificial cults," Blair said when Jim tried to hand him the baby. "Not exactly kid stories, Jim."

"Damn." He took her outside. She liked that and waved at the spirit guide he was still ignoring. The cat was giving her a strange look. He wasn't sure why but the cat looked almost confused. She was grinning at it.

Elizabeth walked out and took the baby from Jim. "C'mon, let's go look at girl stuff." Kate patted her with a grin. "If you're lucky you won't ever need a bra." She carried her upstairs. The spirit guide followed. That way he could ask questions without everyone realizing. Because the former soldiers were a bit freaked out right now. Hell, even Sandburg was a bit freaked out right now. That was probably a bad sign for everyone's future sanity.


Panther reappeared on the spirit guide realm, looking at the others who had been summoned by Wolf. "We have many strange things going on."

"Why?" Ant asked.

"The Lord of Vengeance has meddled in our areas," Panther announced. The others stared at him. "Three of his have been put into lives that make them ours."

D'Hoffryn appeared with the scroll. "I had to. It is the only way to stop a possible prophecy that would end all of humanity and all of the ethereal planes." He let them read it. "One who was supposed to be the sentinel is now a guide, why I'm not sure, but if I did not, we would be doomed."

"It is nice that Alexander is settled now," Wolf said dryly. "Why did you bring yours from that realm?"

"Because that one needed time to settle down and this one was picked for us. Someone stupidly *summoned* one of mine to be his champion. Which is why the Ancients came back as well. They successfully fought off that invasion and other problems there." The spirit guides were giving him dirty looks. "I could not stop it when it happened. He pulled Alexander on purpose to be his champion. It got bad enough that my original realm's Sanda was pulled out of his confinement and put into the body of a mortal wizard. Who does complain a lot about Sanda's presence."

"You know in this realm that things were switched?" Wolf asked. "That our Sanda lives on while Alexander sacrificed his eternity a few centuries back?"

"Yes. I have kept them apart. Our Sanda has went to talk to his self here. He seemed pleased that he was doing so well. Alexander got very upset when he found out Sanda's spirit had been confined. I did not want to stress him more."

"It's possible that your Alexander is the reborn version of ours," Coyote said with a smirk. "He's reborn into his original line." D'Hoffryn looked at Panther, who nodded.

"Her father is one of his offspring," he agreed.

D'Hoffryn pulled another scroll to look at. "That makes much sense but is a bad omen." He let them see that one. Coyote cackled. D'Hoffryn looked at him. "Did you see how they ended the angelic plans for dominance?" he asked dryly.

"I had," he agreed.

"The Alexander from that world, the one who is now sividia, was the one nominated." Even Coyote couldn't laugh at that announcement.

"We will survive it," Wolf said. He reread them. "It is unusual but if it happened as you said then we cannot really interfere with you saving yourself and most of humanity."

"Thank you. I tried to make it the ones that you could work with. I am trying to keep most of them out of it."

"We will do as we must," Coyote said. "Though, I cannot feel a link to Alexander and if she is a sentinel then all of us should be able to feel one."

Panther concentrated. "I cannot either. There is something going on?"

D'Hoffryn sighed. "One of his earlier lives, before I got called back, he was joined to a guide then."

"Can we call upon them to help us?" Wolf asked. D'Hoffryn shook his head. "Oblivion?"

"Yes. Their kind was wiped out during the demon/human war for control. He will take guidance, though he is a bit...stubborn at times."

"We felt you lose power to him," Wolf said.

"I was blocked from answering him but he did fix some things that made recovering and stopping that prophecy easier. It also fixed some alliance issues that we had been having." The spirit guides smirked at him. "Even if I did not appreciate it, Alexander always has ideas and sometimes plans. Hence, the problems with heaven being ended."

Panther nodded. "It could help with that prophecy and other things. We will do as we can." D'Hoffryn nodded and left them to talk. He looked at the others. "There is also one that does not admit to what he is, just that he is helping one with partial gifts." Coyote snorted. "Who is one of theirs as well."

"The partial one?" Ant asked.

"No," Panther said. He showed them the current ones. "These two do for each other," he said. "The ignoring one is a good distraction for the other one." It changed. "A redemption child as well, both sides of the mated set. And his temporary guide is one as well but it is Castiel's mate." Wolf snorted, shaking his head. "Castiel has been allowed to admit it recently so she is not calm. The other sentinel." He showed her. "Is Alexander in his current form." Coyote cooed. "I know, he is special to you."

"His whole line is special to me." He touched the picture and grinned. "We will do as we can for them."

"We will," Wolf agreed. He banished the pictures. "We will talk to the groups individually."

"The partially trained one goes by the name of Cougar," Hawk said. "I noticed him when he was younger."

The others nodded, getting the spirit guide Cougar to talk to him. And his sentinel.

Wolf went to talk to the two guides and the baby guide.

Panther went back to talk to the baby sentinel. He sighed, looking at her. She stared at him. "Even though you have bonded with another spirit guide, I would like to help lead you in your new gifts."

//I don't mind that,// she sent back with a grin. //I know it was problematic because of my prior bond to Ayj.//

"Yes, that is why I cannot bond to you as I do to your present father. Though I'm sure you know more about upcoming events being felt than I do." She nodded. "So I will guide you in how to use them. The senior guide can talk you through most of the training and gifts' ethical uses."

//Of course he can. I'd expect that and you to show up to nag and give me some bad hints toward necessary things.//

"Exactly." Panther nudged her with his nose. "You will do and learn. In a few decades it will be your turn to guard the tribe."

//I do a pretty damn good job of it,// she joked. Panther nuzzled her then went to talk to Evan. She laid there and made plans. There was no way that someone would use them to take over humanity. Even D'Hoffryn couldn't do that. He might have to talk to the ones in this realm. They had been kept apart on purpose and Xander had a good idea of why. Or maybe it was a bad idea. She yawned and settled in to finish her nap. She could use a nap. Her head was hurting again. She looked over and used some of her latent magic to turn on the radio. That helped distract his nose from the lust scents coming off certain adults. They really needed to get over it and screw. Maybe he'd encourage that.


Cougar saw something move out of the corner of his eyes and looked at the moving leaves. The mountain lion came out of the bunch of leaves that couldn't possibly hide it and flopped down next to him. "Yes?" he asked it. It clearly wasn't a real mountain lion. It hadn't attacked him. It was giving him a look that seemed intelligent to him. This was like the stories his grandmother used to tell. Also, the creature was purring at him. He reached out slowly, and the creature let it pet him. "You are not normal."

"No," the cougar said, staring at him. "Nor are you, brother."

Cougar sighed. "I use it as I can to take out those that harm others," he said quietly.

"Of course you do. You also use your guide powers to help the one who wants to ignore what he is." He stared at him. Cougar groaned, shaking his head. "It is good that he has found his own ways to cope. You are still his guide." He nudged him with his muzzle. "You are both and yet more. There will be a time when that will be called into question." He shifted closer. Cougar petted him since he seemed to like it. "You are well trained for all of your duties. That one is ignoring all his even as he does the job. It is strange but I know you would bond better to me than to Wolf or Panther." He grinned. "We will talk again, Brother Cougar." He disappeared.

Cougar shook his head, looking around. He spotted Jensen babbling at his computer while he played some game. That explained a lot about Jensen to him. Though new information he had gotten recently was also freaking him out. Jensen being an ancient being was strange. He was used to thinking of Jensen as a babbling, too young for his age, overly smart boy-man who tended to get lost while doing stupid things Cougar would never understand. Including that game he was playing. Cougar checked around again. They were expecting at least one other attack by non-spirit, non-demon, non-angelic beings. Though, the next time bad angels showed up, he'd have to help remind them of God's rules. It was not up to a young woman to do that. Or her mated angel guardian.

Which was another thing he didn't want to think about. Angels shouldn't have lust for young women, or men in that one's case, or hatred by what he was taught.


Elizabeth got the head's up about the invasion from Wolf and decided to break some more rules. His father would freak out if someone like Rodney showed up to tell him about it. She changed her clothes magically to something more appropriate and disappeared with a pop of noise. She appeared outside the bar Jensen had said he'd be at tonight. It had taken a bit of a bread crumb trail to lead John to this meeting but all Winchesters were annoyingly stubborn. She saw one hunter staring at her and held up her wand. "I went to school for it." She smiled and walked around him. "I'm passing on information I heard about a demon apocalypse." She strolled in and spotted her family. She walked over to the table, flopping down in the spare chair. She nodded at her 'sister'. "Hey," she said, grinning at John. Sam was staring at her, glass of water halfway to his mouth. Dean was off playing pool.

John cleared his throat. "Who're you, miss?"

Elizabeth smirked. "Last time you saw me I was blonde."

"Oh, damn," he muttered, shaking his head.

Elizabeth grinned at him. "There's a few things that've been coming to my attention that I think you should hear about."

"That bad? More on that demon?" Sam asked.

"No, but that bad, yeah." John moaned, shaking his head. "You've got a decade though."

"That's probably going to be the boys," John said. "I'm going to be ancient."

"It's going to be an apocalypse," she said quietly. John slumped but nodded. "As in open portal, vomit demons in a major US city." John stared at her. She summoned the journal she had gotten from Castiel. She handed it to Sam. "That's Fred's."

Don took it to look at. "Her last year with Angel."

"Yup. It should cover the majority of the problem but she was dead right before it happened in that realm." She took Don's water to sip, looking at John. "There's going to be some help from the ones I'm presently with. They'll be old enough by then."

"Okay," John said. "Will that hold true here?"

"Yeah. The Powers That Be are cranked."

"Wonderful," Sam said, taking it back.

"Black Thorn," she told him. Sam nodded, scanning to find that information. He moaned when he found it. She looked at John again. "Are we related to any Clays?"

"Yes. There's a distant cousin by that name."

"He's one of the ones we had to get his child to after someone in the Pentagon wanted him to have a guide." She grinned at Don, who smirked back. "Find them." She looked at John again. "He'll need the coaching about then. He's a bit older than you are, so he might make the younger shits on his commando team do it instead."

"That's good to know." He took the journal to look at. "How bad?"

"The battle was a six hour battle, four of which was after they shut it." John shuddered. "There, all the slayers were activated. Here, there's no slayers."

"Fuck," Sam muttered, taking it back.

"Basically, yeah, that city's boned," Elizabeth agreed. "And then humanity will react. Which is the plan."

John winced and shook his head with a sigh. "Damn it."

"Which is why I'm being an angel of warning again," Elizabeth quipped with a grin for her original family. "Buck up, Dad. At least the angelic apocalypse was stopped." She got up and strolled off.

Dean broke free of the compulsion to stay over there, walking back to his family. "Was that me?"

"Yup," John admitted.

"In her new life," Don agreed. They had found out about her.

"She heard about a future problem in about a decade," Sam said, showing him.

"That sucks majorly," Dean said, taking it to read over. "Black Thorn...."

"They're not all american or human," Don said.

Sam nodded. "Okay."

"After that battle, humanity was going to throw fits at the lesser demon societies if it survives."

John looked at his daughter, shaking his head. "Okay," he decided, taking it to look over. "She died?"

"They used her to call back Illyria."

Sam shuddered. "That's bad," he groaned.

"Yes," Don agreed with a grin for him. "A lot."

John nodded. "Is that part of this plan?"


"Even better." He went back to reading. He was also quickly going through his bottle of beer. Dean got him another one and took the journal to read it. John finished that second beer. He handed Sam the keys and got another one.

Dean grinned. "I'll take 'em later, Sammy." He went back to reading. This was really bad. "How did it end, Donna?"

"An invasion?"

Dean looked at her. "Seriously?" She nodded. "Like in the movies?"

"Like open portal and vomit to quote you."

"Damn." He went back to reading it. One of the other hunters came over to take it and glare at them. Dean snatched it back. "She's someone that warns us about problems."

"Who was she?"

Dean smirked. "Apparently me in another realm." The hunter went pale, shaking his head. Dean and Donna nodded with a smirk.

"She was the one that gave me the information on the demon I was after for taking my wife," John said as he walked around him. "Now she's heard about a plot in about a decade for an invasion in downtown Los Angeles."

The other hunter shuddered. "That's just wrong. How can you be sure she's not a demon?"

Dean looked at him. "I'm only evil when I'm drinking rum, dude." The hunter stomped off.

"She's evil sometimes but it's mostly pranks," Donna said with a grin. "Though she had fun at Hogwarts in her last life. A lot of us wanted to join them." She grinned at Sam. "The rest of them are all amazed at what that group got up to."

"It sounds like fun," Sam admitted.

"No way in hell," John ordered.

Dean snickered. "If that's for the magic shit, I doubt Sammy would do any good there, Dad." He went to play some more pool.

Sam shook his head but followed. He could use some spending cash and there were three tables.

John looked at Donna. "Don't tell him," he ordered quietly.

"I'm not." She grinned. "Besides, he's at Torchwood."

John shuddered. "That's worse than demons." He went back to the journal.

Donna went to the few hunters that were dancing. She needed some groove time today. John didn't care as long as she didn't make him a grandfather.


Elizabeth reappeared. Jim was staring at her oddly. "I went to warn my natal family about the stuff in a decade."

"That's good. You're here?"

"Yeah. Still a demon hunter too," she quipped with a grin. She changed her clothes back and went back inside. "I'm back and still mostly magnificent."

Evan snorted, shaking his head. "No sex?"

She slapped him across the back of his head. "No! I went to visit the natal family."

"That would be freaky. You in this realm in your original body, you in this body, and Castiel," Evan teased. He got swatted again, harder this time. "Hey, watch the hair!"

Blair snickered. "You could use a brush, Evan."

"I will later." He smoothed it out again, looking at his temporary guide. "Why are you in jammies?"

"Because I got into that nasty habit my last life?" she guessed. She settled down after summoning another book to go back through. It had different methods of aging and deaging people.

John looked over then grinned at his daddy. "Mama?"

"On guard." He looked at his son. "Are you going to keep freaking him out?" John smirked at him. "Fine."

"Cookies!" Kate squealed, grinning at them.

"No, we don't have any cookies," Blair said with a smile back. "You're so silly." He gave her a cuddle. Jensen knocked and walked in, handing over a box of cookies. "You went all the way back to town for bakery cookies?"

"I was meeting a contact about the upcoming attack we're all expecting. They're in Cascade looking for us." He grinned and patted John on the head. "Be a good boy." John cackled. "That's my nephew!" He took one for himself and walked off.

"How sensitive is her sense of smell?" Clay asked.

"I can smell out to the main road if I'm trying and concentrating," Jim said. "As long as there's nothing that would distract them in the way. In the city, I can smell pretty well over the whole station when I want to. Hearing is my better sense, with sight backing it up."

"Okay," Clay said. "So John's job would be to help Evan to keep him from focusing too hard and to help him focus in on something when he had distractions?" Jim and Blair nodded. Evan too. "So how does Cougar's work with Jensen babbling? He has two senses."

"I tend to find a grounding sound," Jim said. "I use Blair's heartbeat or scent, depending on which sense I'm using at the time. Sometimes a touch as well to help ground me."

"I noticed the touchy-feely thing between you two. Cougar tends to stalk Jensen around to hang out with him."

"For some, that's enough. If he's using his sight and hearing in unison then it's probably his scent or the sound that's grounding him," Blair said. "Each sentinel has a sense that's their better one. For Jim that's his sight. For Cougar it's probably his sight as well." He pulled his hair back to put into a ponytail. "Each of them find their instinctual grounding point. Jim told me what he uses after I was theorizing that he had one."

"Should I plan on him going to college?"

"That depends on what Evan needs him to be," Blair said with a shrug. "Each team becomes what the other needs."

"We're both going Air Force probably. We love to fly," Evan said with a grin. "We were both Air Force before and pilots. John was a really great pilot."

Clay sighed, looking at his son. "You were a pilot?" John grinned.

"Who turned Special Forces," Evan quipped with an evil smirk. "He did insane, stupid shit to save everyone on our base more than once."

Clay shook his head with a moan. "Damn."

"Any service is good service," Jim reminded him with a pat on the shoulder and a grin. "Her?"

Evan shrugged. "No idea. He was a demon hunter a few times, got reborn onto Atlantis twice, once as a twin to our head of science. He's one of the original warrior mages. I'm sure he's been in battles. As a demon hunter he did a lot of apocalypse battles." Kate nodded at that.

Jim stared at him. "Demon hunting means an apocalypse?"

"Where he was? Every single spring," Elizabeth called. "When he became my nephew we had to break his alarming habit of reaching for a sword or axe instead of a shotgun."

Clay looked at Kate. "Swords?" She grinned and waved, nibbling on her cookie. "You guys were fucking insane."

"Especially to go back through potty training again," Blair quipped.

"I was real happy that he was already potty trained when we got him," Elizabeth quipped. "It saved the family car a lot of messes."

"Sucks that they didn't this time," Clay complained when he saw John's grin at Evan. "There's no way he's going to change you, John."

"Not like I'd touch him," Evan said, glaring at him.

"No but it probably doesn't make it any easier," Clay shot back, staring him down.

"I'd still never touch him. I know very well we'll figure out how to make us both about the same age sometime in the near future."

"Yes, we will be," Elizabeth said.

"Thank you."


"You're still underage by state law," Blair reminded him with a pat on the arm. "We all know you wouldn't touch John at his current age, but we're also sure it's driving you nuts having him close and being unable to lean on him." Evan nodded. "So therefore let us handle the mundane things for a little while longer."

"You can change Kate," Jim offered since she was either thinking really hard about her cookies or something was going on he hated to change.


Jim sighed. "C'mon, Kate. Finish up and I'll change you." She pouted at him, nibbling on her cookie. "Not that, the diaper thing." She nodded and finished up for him. "I'll be really happy when you're back to using the potty and able to talk, young lady." He took both kids upstairs to change. "That's so gross, Kate."

"My first one of John's I nearly ran from," Clay admitted, shaking his head and dealing the cards.

"When she was John's son, back when we were in the Air Force for the first time, we were somewhere with a very sentient AI who would let him wander around the city all by himself to do things for her. Her AI used to pop up messages saying that his butt was gross and more disgusting than the recycler unit could handle."

Clay smirked. "Good to know." He paused. "Hold on, he was?"

"We were in some pretty bad shit. Demons had nothing on what we handled in that life," Evan admitted. "That was my human life. We were stationed in hostile territory, away from all support for the most part, and had things that wanted to kill us by draining us of our energy, plus a lot of hostile natives. We went a year without seeing anyone outside of our mission, and then it moved to once every few months for supply runs."

"Underwater?" Blair asked, sounding hopeful.


"The Air Force has people in space?" Clay demanded.

"Not yet in this galaxy," Evan said with a smug look back at him.

"There's no fucking way," Clay ordered. "I might relent and let him be a Marine but I'll be damned."

"We worked with a lot of really good Marines and a lot of very smart geeks," Evan said. "Rodney was our head geek. That life he had three PhD's, nine lesser ones, and came up with shit that even the originators of the technology we were learning from had no idea about."

Clay shook his head quickly. "If you go back there, I'm sending Jensen and Cougar with you."

"Space. Vampires," Evan said smugly. Clay and Blair both stared at him. He smirked and nodded. "Yeah. So much worse than demons. Even the kid said that a few times and he should know."

Clay shuddered. "I'm supposing this is all classified?"

"Program hasn't started yet. It'll start in a few years."

"Wonderful," Clay muttered, shaking his head. "I might send Roque with you too."

"Our first year out there, we lost half of our people to battles," Evan admitted more quietly. "John was our military head after our original one got eaten for lack of a better word." He stared at him. "He was a warrior geek in a lot of ways, Clay. He had a math degree."

Clay just nodded. "Makes sense for a pilot." He stared at him. "I want to know if we should start inserting people."

"Jensen can go. Cougar... I'm not sure about his blood. There's a specific genetic key that's going to become important about five years into the program. Which, by the way, was stopping us from major wars with more advanced species that think of us as fun slave toys to be rearranged and used."

"Can we test for that?" Blair asked.

"Yes." He smirked. "It's not that hard. Both Rodneys can do it. They're involved silently already without letting anyone realize that they have plans to make things easier this time. We will not have to take two lives to save Atlantis this time."

Clay just nodded. "What ate them?"

"They're called the wraith. They touch you and suck out your energy."

"Eww," Blair said, shuddering. "That's gross."

Jim came down the stairs with the kids. "If so, you'll let us know where we can help. As the protector of the tribe, I have to be able to fight them if they come here."

"We pretty well kept them off the planet," Redemption Child Rodney said as he appeared. "A few times they got close. One time we ended up nuking a sun to kill them." He stared at Evan. "If they find out you're arranging to get some stronger soldiers into the program, they'd conscript you even at your tender age. O'Neill knows. I gave him the general timeline and have been tracking Daniel."

"What if that's the changing event?" Evan asked. "Others could translate it properly."

"Yes, that's a worry we all have. That and how the program's going to be warped by this. O'Neill knows that the major threats have to be ended quickly and how they work. I made sure of it." Evan pointed at Clay. "I can't imagine that they'd want to relocate at the moment," he said dryly. "We won't have a mission anywhere for over a year. Plus they do have the baby."

"Who was one of the best assets to the city. Plus we do tend to make friends easily," Evan quipped with an evil smirk. "How many times did Xander follow your team on missions and suddenly the semi-hostile and fully hostile people got very friendly? Even the Genii did a few times. Until the one tried to take blood from him and he had explosive diarrhea on him on purpose."

"That was really amusing," Rodney agreed with a smirk of his own for the baby. Who grinned and waved back. "We'll see what's going to happen. If we need more help there...."

"Don's my little sis," Elizabeth said while reading. "Got anything on aging charms beyond this one?"

"I'm sure there's something in Xander's temple but I have no idea how to get there the normal way."

Elizabeth looked up. "Hey, Cas, can I have a map to his temple?" One floated down. "Thanks." He looked at it. "Turkey."

"I knew that. Caledin?" Elizabeth nodded. The backside had a street map to the temple from the city's gateway. "I'd have to figure out the nearest magical area for portkeying in or apparating in. Or the nearest airport and then we'd both need passports." They shared a look then looked at Evan and John. "We'll figure it out fairly quickly. We don't want either of you vulnerable." He left to look that up. His local self had known about the magical world and ancients, so maybe he was aware of where the nearest safe area was. That Rodney gave him a very strange look for asking. "Xander's temple. We think he might have books to help with the deaging problem John and Evan are going through."

"Huh," he said, considering it. "You could get the one from the Alexandrian library. It's open but hidden inside a magical enclave." He called someone, walking off speaking French. That one sounded happy to hear from him. He told him what was going on and got the books sent to him. He thanked the person and hung up. Rodney took them to Elizabeth when they got there. The local Rodney shook his head. "I remember being more sane at that age," he told himself. "Must be the demonic influences he had to suffer through. Or being a girl."


Elizabeth's reading was interrupted by a very frustrated guardian angel and the feeling that shit was about to hit the fan. "Let me get dressed," she said, getting up to put on real clothes for the fight. Castiel sat on the bed and stared. She blushed. "Um...."

"You are very pretty this way but I prefer you when you're yourself, Dean." She grinned and turned around to put on her bra under her shirt. Castiel wanted to get up and help but now was not the time for this. "There are many soldiers."

"Then they're really screwed," Evan said, opening the door to stare inside. "Good, you're finally getting dressed."

"Like it's my fault I have a period again?" she shot back bitterly. "That's something I'd love to never have again, thanks."

"They make drugs for that," Evan reminded her.

"Screws with the magic."

"Shoot." He ducked out. "Guys, Cas said there's more than a few this time."

"Come watch the babies," Clay ordered. He turned over control of them to him and Blair. He saw Elizabeth walking out of her room buttoning up her shirt and her mate behind her. "Did we interrupt?" he asked dryly.

"No, he just showed up to warn me." She looked back at her mate. "We'll be okay."

"You may not be," he admitted. "The future lines of your life this time are a bit murky at the moment."

"Not like they can really kill me," she reminded him.

Castiel smiled. "Good point. Thank you for reminding me." He took a quick kiss. "I am not allowed to participate."

"Then go bug Sammy." She gave him an evil smirk. "Or Donna. Dad could use freaked out."

"True. They could." He disappeared to warn Sam/Jack and then to talk to Donna Winchester. She was an amusing soul and he liked her outlook on things. Dean and John both stared at him as he appeared. "I cannot help the battle where Elizabeth is," he admitted. "I came to talk to Donna."

John just nodded. "Sure."

"So, are you my guardian angel as well?" Dean asked.

"Yes. You give me much too much work as well. Please quit dating women who want to have you possessed or stab you?" John groaned. "Or else I'll arrange for you to find a true mate in Cordelia Chase." Donna burst out cackling and hugged him. Castiel stared at her. "I still think hugs are weird."

"They are," she agreed with a grin. "What's his dorky other self doing today?"

"Fighting for the control of the children that were made. I'm not allowed to help."

"Pity." She pulled him down onto the couch and caught up on the gossip with him. He was a really nice guy and Dean should be proud to have such a warrior on her backside all the time - both Deans really.

Jack Harkness appeared with a sigh. "You just had to do this when we have our own battle?" he complained.

"I did not pick the time," Castiel said.

"Point. I need to be able to be in two places at once," he complained.

"That may warp the time stream," Castiel joked. "Though Xander manages it."

"Yeah, I found out how he managed it too." He pulled his wand from when he was Tonks and did the spell, going back to help his dorky little sister. Elizabeth looked up, startled. "I figured out how he did it." He grinned.

She just nodded. "Cool. Military guys."

"Huh," he said, nodding, pulling out his gun and a few other toys he had liberated from the hub.

"How are you two related?" Clay asked quietly.

"He's my dorky little brother from our human lives as Winchesters," Elizabeth said with a grin. "Dad would so freak out."

"Probably. He's presently a bit freaked out over Castiel." He set off the booby traps he and Elizabeth had laid in the woods. "One was a bit close but that's okay. He's fine." He put the trigger back. Jim and Clay both glared at him. He grinned. "Six of them are highly injured and Cougar was close enough to feel some air but he saw us put them in."

"Fine," Jim said. "Next time warn us." Jack nodded. They spread out some to block them from getting near the house.

Elizabeth and Jack worked together, still in unison even after being apart for so long and all that Sam had been through in this life. "I will never be a girl again," she muttered. He laughed, shaking his head. "You can do it all you want."

"Actually, the people I got put with can do it in this form. Feel lucky."

"I am. Very, very lucky. That would freak me the fuck out."

"Less swearing," Jim complained.

"Sorry, we say fuck a lot," she quipped.

"And dude," Jack added with a smug look. "I broke that out by accident at work and nearly got checked for possessing beings. Owen was not amused."

"Owen needs laid more than your boytoy coffee boy does," she quipped back.

"He had someone. It didn't go well."

"Huh. Well maybe you could drop him in a whorehouse or something?"

"I'm about to." He shot a soldier coming their way. Another burst out firing rubber bullets. He shot him. He got one in the chest and went down. He came back to Elizabeth swearing. "That still sucks ass."

She stared at him. "How in the fuck, dude?"

"Something that happened when I was traveling with Rose and them." He shrugged his jacket back into a more comfortable place as he stood up. "It's presently freaking everyone out over there."

"Yeah, ya think?" Elizabeth demanded.


"We'll be talking, Sammy."

"Sure, Dean. Once you're back in your right form you can even come work with me if you don't get sent to a new life automatically."

"Maybe. That would keep me out of demons for a while."

"Boys!" Clay complained. He looked. They had more than a few at their feet. "Did no one teach you not to *chat* during fights?"

"No," Dean and Sam said. "Only while stalking."

Jim shook his head. "Demon hunting is going to ruin my brain. I thought Sandburg and the spirit guides were bad."

"They are," Clay assured him. "I don't see how you deal with all this all the time." He glanced around. Another few soldiers came at them and they shot them back. Clay got a graze but they were still using rubber bullets so it wasn't too bad. Jack and Elizabeth weren't using safe bullets. They were using explosive versions of the real thing at the moment and someone was not happy. They came out of the trees with a battle yell.

"Dude, we've had enough training so noise like yours doesn't bother us," Evan quipped, shooting them from the porch. "We got the non-diversion force," he announced. Clay and Jim rushed for the house. Roque came out to help Elizabeth and Jack. Evan huffed. "I was a Major, guys. Really. I saw enough fucked up stuff there that it's not funny."

"Quit swearing around the babies," Jim ordered, scowling at him.

"John had a mouth on him already. So did Xander. We taught him to swear in other languages." He smiled. "It was very handy sometimes."

"Not something you do in polite society or the station, kid," Jim ordered. "They'll give you and me dirty looks for that."

"Yes, Jim."

"Quit being such a soldier and be a kid in other words," Clay translated.

Evan nodded, walking off shaking his head. Of course, someone tried to take him hostage. He saw Elizabeth pull her wand and ducked. The guy tried to pull him back up but he was missing his head. "Nice shot."

She smirked. "Welcome." She walked off to find any others, Jack and Roque going with them. The rest of the Losers were on the other side of the house clearing that part of the woods. They'd get everything done quickly enough and make some people very upset with the way they sent back their people. "Dogs or cats?" she asked Roque. He gave her a strange look. "To send them back as. They can change them back when they get there."

"Rats," Jack said with a nod. "They're clearly not good beings."

"True. Possums?"

"Sure," Jack said, shooting a grin at her.

"Still doesn't get you off the hook for being immortal somehow, Sammy."

"Yay," he said dryly. They finished up the soldiers on their side and went to check on the others. One had Cougar. Jensen was currently beating the crap out of the other one. Elizabeth shot a cutting hex at the one that had Cougar, letting him handle it. Jensen finished killing his and stared around. Jack grinned and waved. "Have fun?"

"Loads. Fucker wanted me to play *nice*!"

Roque looked at the guys still alive on the ground. "The only nice thing he ever does is shut up now and then. Pity you're not going to get to live that long."

Jack pulled out a portable cage. Elizabeth changed them, making Jensen cackle. Cougar gave them a strange look. They got the rest changed down and Jack took them with him. He could change them back later. Once he taunted a few weevils with them. He was all for the mental damage so they never did it again.

Elizabeth put her wand back into her hair. "There, that's better. No littering." She strolled off. "Let me go clean up. I hate being a girl."

"Could be worse. You could be both," Jensen offered.

She snorted, shaking her head. "At least then I'd have my dick back. I miss my dick. It's been two lives since I've seen it."

Roque squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head quickly. "I'd probably feel the same way," Jensen told him and Cougar, who just walked off shaking his head. Roque did the same so he could ignore that whole scene.

Elizabeth went back to her research. She did not do very good as a guide. She wasn't the calm, peaceful, meditative sort by any means. Really, she sucked a lot at all that stuff so she had no idea who had put her in as the guide and if it was a plan to weaken Evan until John could age. Or be aged. She got into the new books and they had some more promising things. Including a rite that might just work. She took notes and made out a grocery list, going to hand it to Jensen. Who nodded as he walked off reading it. She went to call Rodney the usual way and see if she could borrow a cauldron and a piece of hematite. He probably had some. He had been really good in potions. He probably was doing freaky potions to help with the ZPM issue or something Rodney-ish like that.


A few days later, Elizabeth grinned, looking at John. "We can fix you." She picked him up and took him outside. It was sunset, which was a great time to do the spell. She had set up everything earlier. John cooed at the ingredients and cauldron, letting her start the ritual. Clay followed scowling. "Chill, Clay. I'm fixing it." She finished the potion part and drank it, then gave John a sip. John grimaced and choked a bit. "I know. Can't blend the shit though or else it'd be smoother but broken." She cast the spell and felt the years of age she was donating to him rip out of her and flow toward him. It was enough to send her back to his natural form. "Yes! I have a dick again!" he crowed, nearly doing a happy dance.

John looked at himself then at his buddy. "Thank you."

"Welcome." Dean smirked at him. "Remember to give him just as much hell as I would and cause just as much as Sammy and I do together, John." He smirked. "You're...."

"I feel about sixteen." He concentrated. His magic came back. "Yup, just before the magical maturity thing."

"So still underage by state standards," Clay said dryly. He was freaked out but he was hiding it well he thought. Magic could do things like that? There was no way Pooch was going to be using it on missions unless it was critical. Or Jensen if he could. He looked at Dean. "So that's what you look like."

"Yup, all me, dude." He smirked. Castiel appeared, staring at him, head tipped slightly to the side. "What?"

"We should talk."

"Probably, yeah. I was going to join Sammy at Torchwood though."

"D'Hoffryn has not called for you yet?" Dean shook his head. "Good!" He stole his mate so they and work things out.

Clay shook his head quickly. "I do not want to know."

"Angels probably can't have that kinky of sex," John quipped with a shiteating grin for his 'dad'.

Clay stared at him. "I can still whip your ass."

"For now," John quipped. Evan and Jim walked out together. "Dean did it."

"I can see that," Jim said. "You're how old?"

"Sixteen," Clay said.

"No bonding," Jim ordered. "If we find you two doing that, we'd have to turn you in for being underage." He stared at them. "Take as long as you can."

"Yup, we can do that," Evan said, taking a hard, fast kiss. "Thankfully I'm the same age."

John smirked back. "Yes you are."

"No bonding," Jim and Clay ordered together.

John huffed but nodded. "We'll do what we can to hold that off." He walked off with Evan, going to make plans about what to do when they were older. They had to decide things about the Air Force again.

Jim looked at Clay. "I'm sorry if your son breaks."

"It'll be fine. At his age I had three girls I was stringing along and one other that only liked to give blowjobs." He shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. "He'll do fine. We'll never know." Jim gave him a pointed look. "Okay, I'll never know," Clay said smugly.

"Jolene is going to freak out," Jensen said, walking out texting a picture to her. Her answer back was filthy. "Aww, she's got Pooch's mouth again." He shrugged and put his phone back with a grin for his boss. "Where did you want to go protect the kids?"

"Here," Jim offered.

"We have a house by Bragg but it's probably not safe," Clay admitted. Jensen nodded. "Your sister?"

"Freaking out majorly. Someone showed up to ask her questions about my injury. Bethie had a meltdown on the good Colonel from the Marines."

"Why was a Marine asking?" Clay asked. They were Army, that was seriously wrong.

"Well, he was also found out to be a friend of the guy that was trying to set us up," Jensen offered with a smug look. "And he was Jerkins. He just got promoted."

"The jarhead I kept getting into fights with because he kept trying to take out our team to make his look better?" Roque demanded as he joined them. "By the way, the boys? They look cute together."

"No bonding," Clay reminded them loudly.

"We're not! I haven't even gotten to grope yet!" John called back.

Clay rolled his eyes.

"Yup, him from what I saw when I looked him up," Jensen said with a grin. "Poor guy. Bethie nearly destroyed him for it. Her meltdown included her mom's frying pan and a knife."

Clay smirked. "There's days I like your niece more than you, Jensen."

"Did he back off?" Roque asked.

"My sister got the knife from her but the guys who she called to pick him up and make him go away offered it back to my niece. She kicked him in the balls and walked off sulking. I got all the video from the security cameras I put in."

"I want to see that later," Clay decided, walking off shaking his head. He was going to cockblock his son. Because the very thought of his son, who he had just wrapped his mind around having, being old enough to have dirty, nasty, sweaty sex was going to kill his brain. Roque followed to warn Evan to never treat John wrong. It was a nice and sweet thing from the 'mom' of the kid.

Jim shook his head, looking at Jensen. "We weren't as insane in my day."

Jensen grinned. "You were a normal Ranger, Jim. We're special Losers." He strolled off. "Hey, Kate, want read to?" he called as he walked. She squealed loudly until he picked her up to read an online comic to her.

Jim looked back at Blair, who was smirking at him. "We'll figure it out," he agreed.

The End.
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