Imagine: The List
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Warning 1: Since this is set after the Avengers movie, this does contain spoilers.

Warning 2: This story is not recommended for internal use, implantation or branding.

Disclaimer 1: I don't own the characters. Just in case you were wondering.

Disclaimer 2: I hearby state that I did not ingest, sniff, smoke, or slather onto my body any illegal or regulated substance while this was written.


Putting down the New Yorker, Steve Rogers got up from the sofa and answered the knock on his apartment door. "Yes?" he asked the suited man in front of him, obviously a SHIELD agent by the small emblem on the lapel of his black suit.


"New orders, sir," the agent responded, handing over a large manila envelope.


"Thank you," Steve stated, holding the envelope and watching the agent walk off before shutting his door.


After unclasping the metal prongs keeping the envelope shut, he pulled out and opened the folder inside. His eyebrows rose as he finished reading the first page. "Interesting..."




Thor was thrown from his contemplations on the roof of his girlfriend's house by her calling his name. Jumping to the ground two stories below, he quickly re-entered the house. "Yes?"


"SHIELD just sent you orders," Jane Foster stated as she handed over a large manila envelope. Looking worried, she continued, "I hope it isn't anything dangerous..."


"We shall find out," Thor replied as he tore the envelope top off and pulled out the folder inside.




"Tony? Bruce?" Pepper Potts called as she peeked her head into the laboratory she was sure the two were playing in.


"Over here, Miss Potts," Bruce Banner replied from the back of the lab.


"I've told you, it's Pepper," Pepper admonished as she made her way into the large glass and steel room, carrying two manila folders.


"Why are you disturbing our work? Don't you have my company to run?" Tony Stark asked before Bruce could reply.


Pepper rolled her eyes. "SHIELD sent you guys orders." She handed one envelope to Bruce, and held the other out to Tony.


"Place it on the table. I'll get it when I'm done with this," Tony said, dismissing the importance of the envelope as he turned his chair back to his current project.


Pepper sighed, "Read it. You might find it interesting."


Tony spun back around in the swivel chair and stared suspiciously at Pepper. "How do you know what it says? Why would a secret organization tell you my orders before me?"


"Wouldn't you like to know," Pepper replied with a grin before leaving the lab.


"You might want to read these," Bruce stated as he finished his information packet. "It's... some very specific, and different, orders."


Tony picked up the packet and opened it up. "Huh," was his only comment as he finished the first page.




"You wished to see us, Director?" Natasha Romanov asked as she and Clint Barton entered the room.


"Yes," Nick Fury, head of SHIELD, stated as he motioned to the conference table. "Sit. I have new orders."


The two agents sat at the seats with folders and opened them up.


After reading, they looked back up at their supervisor.


"What are you up to?" Clint asked suspiciously.


"You'll find out when the rest of the team gets here," Fury replied with a smirk.













You are to pack enough civilian clothes for up to three weeks. Include toiletries.


Do not include tech, money, credit or debit cards, checkbooks, weapons, or items a normal Earth mortal wouldn't commonly have.


Electronics and money for this mission will be provided.


Luggage and, if necessary, your person, will be searched for contraband.






"So, Fury. We're all here," Bruce stated as he looked around the full conference table.


"What's the deal?" Tony added as he glared at the SHIELD agents rifling through his duffel bags.


"According to reports, the Avengers need to form a more cohesive unit," Fury replied as he paced in front of the table. "After much consideration, I came up with a team building exercise. For the next three weeks, you will eat together, work together, and share rooms. You will be provided with a laptop with wifi, a digital camera, a cellphone without 3G, and that is all the electronics you will be allowed."


"I do not understand," Thor stated, looking confused.


"A few packs of cards, some board games, and sketch pads will also be provided. As for money, you'll receive a gas credit card for fuel. Agent Romanov and Captain Rogers will have the other credit cards."

"Why not everyone? And, what are you alluding to?" Tony asked, looking confused.


"I can trust those two not to use the cards to break the rules," Fury replied as he stared back at Tony. "You, Stark, would buy yourself a plane ticket and get out of the exercise as soon as possible."


Tony shrugged and leaned back. "True."


"So, what is the exercise?" Steve asked, confused.


Natasha took a sharp breath. "No! You can't! We aren't!"


"'Tasha?" Clint asked, concerned.


Fury smirked a bit. "You, the Avengers, are going on a road trip."


The table descended into shocked silence.


Only to be broken by Thor's question, "What is a 'road trip'?"




End part 1

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