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School Blues and Reds.
(On Dragon's Wings)

In the middle of a forest, deep where no one should be able to find it, a gateway opened. Through it tumbled a little girl, one who was crying and bruised. She looked around fearfully, trying to see if anyone had followed her. When it appeared she was alone, she turned to the gate and motioned the woman on the other side across. The woman shook her head and raised a hand, and the gateway fell. The little girl sat down and cried.

Something in the woods crunched off to her right and she shrieked, hiding behind the rocks she had just passed through. She peeked around it carefully, not sure where she was or what manner of creatures she would come across on this strange plane. Her mouth fell open as she saw the man and she inched farther back into the shadows so he wouldn't see her. He looked just like a man her father had hired to hunt for her.

"Little one, I was told to come get you and bring you to safety," he called, his voice accented funnily.

She stepped out and stared at him. "Me?" she whispered. Her empathic senses had told her he was a good man, and he did really want to help her, not hurt her.

He smiled and got down onto one knee. "Yes, you, young one. I'm to take you to the High Priestess, she'll give you housing for now." He held out a hand, and eventually she took it. He stood up and walked her out of the woods, heading back toward the village at the edge of the woods.


Catherine, once a runaway little girl, looked around her office and smiled. "It's time," she told herself. She had everything she needed to start her special school. She touched her necklace and sighed. "At least most of the children will come. We'll find all the other survivors of the gateways and train them in what they are. And a few of the normals too, just to make it look good for the outsiders." She sat down and pulled over some paper and a quill pen, writing out the letters she needed to get everything started. "After all, my babies will need partners and humans do that the best of all the species. Especially the one that is named after me, we will find her eventually and she will be a good partner to my favorite children."
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