Imagine: The List
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Story Notes:
Bad Author Notes: Sorry I haven’t been writing or editing the stuff I already have done. I just haven’t had the drive to actual work on anything partly due to work, home-life and a number of other stresses. My baby is now 18, graduated from high school and is starting to figure his own life out… don’t know how my Muse will react when he leave home.
Special thanks to Lori for editing this mess.

With a weary sigh, Giles picked up the phone and dialed a number he hadn’t needed to dial in almost two whole years.

Acme Corporation,” a woman’s voice on the other end of the line answered. “What can Acme do for you today?

“I need to arrange a rendezvous with Velma,” Giles said the code words Xander had left him in his journal.

Of course,” the voice replied. “And what name should I put down for your rendezvous.

Giles looked heaven wards as he sighed, “Bond. James Bond.”

Of course, Mr. Bond. If you give me one moment I can confirm your rendezvous,” the voice stated before putting Giles on hold.

“Giles, I take it that there is a problem,” a male voice answered the phone.

“Unfortunately, you are correct, Colonel but I would have assumed you already knew that,” Giles replied.

“That something was going on, yes, but not exactly what. We know that that hospital has been admitting more mental patients than normal for your town,” Colonel Pierce admitted.

“Yes. Well, it seems as the Hellmouth has decided we needed to be paid in spades for the respite we had last year,” Giles explained. “A being of considerable power has taken up residence within Sunnydale while it searches for an item that it would use to return home.”

“And I take it we don’t want this being to be able to return home?” Pierce asked.

“No, we don’t,” Giles replied simply and without any further explanation.

“So what do you need?” Pierce asked bluntly.

“We need you to help sneak two people out of Sunnydale and hide them,” Giles answered.

“How well do you need them hidden?” Peirce inquired.

“Someplace far, far away from Sunnydale. Where no one could ever find them,” Giles answered.

“I know of a couple places that fit the bill,” Pierce stated. “But I need to know more. If I’m going to protect them I need to know what I’m up against.”

Giles sighed wearily. “I am loathe to speak of the matter on the phone, let alone within Sunnydale city limits.”

Pierce made an understanding noise. “I’m assuming the people you want me to evac will be able to explain things to me when I get them out of Sunnydale.”

“Only to a point,” Giles answered. “The reason is that the being we are currently dealing with would be able to hear it if its name or the items it is searching for is ever spoken out loud.”

“And if this being heard its name being used, it could track them?” Pierce asked.

“That is a possibility,” Giles stated.

Pierce was silent for a moment before saying, “This isn’t one of your normal problems, is it?”

“No. No, this is far beyond it,” Giles answered.

“What are your chances?” Pierce asked solemnly.

“Of surviving… not good. Of winning… if you can hide our people so she can’t find them… then we might have a chance of winning. Slim that it might be,” Giles admitted.

“Give me a day and I’ll find a place that this demon will never find them,” Pierce stated.

“Agreed,” Giles replied before settling down to decision where and when Pierce will retrieve the people Giles wanted hidden.
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