Imagine: The List
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Harry looked in his closet and huffed. He realized he sounded like Xander but yay. "Ron, I... Want to hit the mall?" he asked.

Ron looked at him. "Why do you need *more* clothes, Harry? You have more than anyone but Xander and Draco."

"Because it's nice and I look good, but I don't feel like myself."

"I doubt you can find the oversized hand-me-down store," Draco said from the doorway.

"Not that part. I don't feel like *myself* anymore. I'm dressing like Xander. I'm not really the dress pants sort like you are, Malfoy."

"That is true," he admitted, leaning his shoulder against the door frame. "What would you get instead?"

"Things that make me feel younger again? So I can be nineteen, nearly twenty?"

Ron shrugged. "We've all shopped the malls, Harry. Why didn't you pick up anything before?"

"I don't know. It's odd. There's no more uniforms. There's no dress code. If I wear jeans I feel sloppy but I feel like I'm putting on a uniform when I'm wearing dress pants. I don't know what I want until I try it on."

Draco shrugged one-sidedly. "I can see us going to do some image consulting. Which mall did you want to hit?"

"I'm not sure." The room around them faded out. "Put us back!" he shouted, grabbing his wand and pistol. Ron had his on him, like usual these days. Draco huffed but only had his wand on him. The two demons appeared with a few dog-like things. The dogs sniffed them and headed for Draco's leg. "I doubt he's your type," he told one. Then he hexed the demons. Draco got both pets with an obedience spell. Ron just shot the other demon. "We're not ownable. Just ask our teacher if you don't believe us." They reappeared, only they were in the store. Draco still had the two dogs.

Sam looked up from his homework when the twinkling started. "Hey, Dean?" he called.

Dean came out of the back with a muffled gun. He shot both demon dogs, making them yelp in pain but stay.

"Go home," Draco ordered. He released them. They came over to sniff him, whining pathetically. "I have no idea what to do with your kind," he complained. He healed the injury anyway because he decided it might help them go away. They leapt up to lap him like Xander's dogs did. "Oh, that's even worse drool!" he complained. "Sit!" They sat. he stared at them. "Why won't you go home?"

"Maybe they're Crabbe and Goyle?" Ron taunted with a grin.

"They do drool about the same and have the same sort of bad breath," he admitted dryly. "But they're skinnier and more muscled." Dean snickered, coming over. "What do I do with them?"

"I'd pet them. They're giving you 'please love us' looks," Sam told him. Draco sighed but petted them. They made happy puppy noises, letting their barbed tails whip around in joy. The two demons showed up but the dogs protected the humans from them.

"You're mine," one complained. "Come on. You can't belong to the human."

Dean shot them both. "Pity." He looked at Ron. "We've got to get you some bullets that'll work better on rescues." He walked Ron off to get him a box, handing them over. "Try those. They're blessed. It might help."

"Thanks, mate. Tried to shoot one and they still came back." He watched the puppies beg Draco for more lovies. "That's incredibly odd, even for wizards."

"We should go visit Snape so he can meet the new pets," Harry teased Draco with a smile.

"He'd probably want samples of their drool," Draco said dryly, shooting him a dirty look. He stood up and one whimpered. "Oh, come on. My hands are tired." They laid down on his feet so he couldn't move. He stared down at them. "I have no idea why you like me."

"Kids and puppies have an innate sense of who to trust," Sam told him. "I guess even demon dogs do." He shrugged at Draco's begging look. "They clearly want to be your pets."

"They might eat Hershey or Kiss, or the ferrets. I doubt Xander would allow it," Draco told him.

Xander stomped in. "Oh, good, you're okay."

"The demons sent us back here instead of the bedroom," Harry told him, pointing at the dogs. "They like Draco."

"They're very loyal once they've picked a master. You can compel them to serve but if they choose they're almost soul bound to them." Draco gave him a dirty look. He looked at them. "Do you want him to own you, kids?" he asked in the most common demon language. The dog on the left sniffed him then around then came back to lay on Draco's foot. "He's not bound," he said, making Draco nearly slump in pleasure. "But he thinks you're a good master until he finds one. I know some hunting demons who use them to hunt down annoying brats of other clans."

"Our kind of hunter would freak the fuck out," Dean told him.

"Probably, yeah." He shrugged. "I almost let Buffy be taken as one's master. It might've helped her." He gave him an insane grin. "But I told him about perfume and her liking vampires. He didn't like that so he went to find another master." He looked at the dogs again. "If you're staying, you do not go near my pets. They are not demon dog snacks. Not even the ferrets. Or else I will skin you for some really fancy shoes." They whined but nuzzled Draco's legs. "Fine. Whatever. We've seen weirder pets before." Dean gave him a funny look. "That purple and blue flying one? It keeps flying goldfish that eat hair."

"They don't have any," Sam pointed out. "They have scales."

"I guess that's why they keep them," Xander said dryly. One dog sniffed him then put his head back down. "I don't know, guys." Detective Mystick showed up so he pointed. The vampire detective huffed but shrugged. "They're not bound."

"That's nice of them but we can't get them to go on any more than you can," he told him. "Though I do like that you drove one off telling them how much your friend the slayer liked perfume and her vampire sex." Xander smirked at him. "It's very entertaining." He squatted down to look at the dogs. "He's human, you know that right?" They both stared at him. "The boy is human. Not an immortal, not a demon. He has high heat scents but he's still human."

The dogs sniffed them all again then stared at Draco, looking confused. "I am human. I'm a wizard but I'm human, like Potter and Weasley are." He pointed at them. "We do live together thanks to that ever-bitchy witch of Weasley's." The detective stared at him. "She put bonding cuffs on us."

"I saw." He stood up. "If you don't want to stay with him because he's human we can take you to the DPP and let you go from there." They sniffed Draco again, getting a few ear pets. Then they decided to go with the nice demon detective.
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