Imagine: The List
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All I can hear is her cry and his grunts from behind the door. We all know what he is doing to her but the Kingsguard protects the King. This is what Hightower told me when I first wanted to put a stop to it. There is nothing I can do to protect the Queen, but he’s getting worse. 




“He’s been going since sun up,” commented Lewyn Martell as he watched the most recent Kingsguard training. “He’s gone through most of the castle guard and doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.”


“Four hours in the ring and he is still going? And now he is asking Dayne to spar? Is he looking to train or punish himself?” asked Barristan Selmy. 


“With Lannister who knows,” was said as Jaime Lannister hit the ground and got up again. 




I vowed to defend the King, to obey the King when I was given the white cloak, but before that I vowed to the Mother and the Maiden to defend the young and innocent and to protect all women. When the King is the one causing injury to innocent women, which do I follow?




“Jaime you need to stop, you’ve been going for six hours and can barely stand straight anymore, you’re done for the day,” Selmy stated while trying to stop him from starting again. 


“I can’t, until I work out what is right, I can’t stop,” Jaime said, desperation colouring his tone.


“Come on, we’re getting a drink and sitting down for a while,” Arthur remarked as he helped Selmy drag the exhausted man off the field and into a shadowed corner, as the teenager started to break down and tear up. 

“Do we protect the innocent or do we obey the king? Which vow do we obey when they contradict each other? I can’t do both,” he stated as he broke down in tears. “How? How do you stand by and watch his actions without speaking up and stopping it? How do we stand by as he damages his family and the country? The King is the King, the only thing higher is the Gods. Which vow do we follow first?”


“Shut up Lannister, you can’t say this in the main yard of the Keep,” growled Selmy. 


“Come on Jaime, let’s go back to the tower, you should know better than to talk about this in public. We’ll go back to the White Sword Tower and talk in the Round Room,” coaxed Arthur while looking around to make sure they weren't overheard. 



I still don’t know which vows come first, but I know that sitting back and allowing him to continue his reign of terror as he has been is wrong. The level of brutality the King shows the world should not be allowed by anyone. Sitting back and watching as I have done can’t continue. If I’m to be labeled an Oathbreaker, either way, I will do what I can to protect the greatest number of people I can. 

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