Imagine: The List
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Chapter 6:


It was deep into August now, Willow's new R.T. Computers (short for Red Tree. Which was her hacking name from the old world.) were up and running. As was Jesse's shops. The part of the docks they owned had the bay in front of them out to the ocean depths, cleaned of debris (which were deconstructed to their component parts for use in renewing the docks). And since they abutted prime body surfing areas, a nice boardwalk was constructed on them. With local area artists (both human and non) doing good business which the capital coming in had quickly paid for the price the docks had cost in the first place.

Each of the trio had minions policing the area to keep the predators at bay. So, the death rate was low for that area.

They had The Cliffside Hotel, which was near the new White Boardwalk, and had plans for their next "big build" deconstructing it and going deep into the cliff for their new base. Which would be called S.C. House (short for Slayer's Counsel).


The building would end up phased into the cliff and caverns/tunnels seamlessly. With the upper six floors of the house/manor for show. And the top three for each of them and whomever they joined with eventually. A floor each basically. Of the bottom three the ground floor was for the "public" and included the kitchen and meeting rooms for when those became necessary. And the other two were for the library. Which would move the library under the shop to this new main one.


The underground floors deep inside the cliff were going to be labs of various types and workrooms. Including Willow's new ritual room, and areas. And a complete gym/workout room with lap pool, sauna, steam room (which doubled as another ritual room), and hot tub.  


Till then, they were still pretty much based out of the shop. Which was doing a booming business.


It was the new moon, and trade was going fast on things needed for it with the various clans of demons and practitioners.

Willow was manning the front desk as the most knowledgeable on that front, with her minions in the back running back and forth trying to keep up.

He was in his own workshop working on a captain's sea chest in the old style. Maning shaped pegs and handmade nails holding it together and putting on the finishing touches on the stain using old cow blood traded from the demon supply butcher. All to heighten the weathered cedar and give it a darker look and deepen the coloring on the carvings that was asked for.

He had the inner tray out for the silk lining he would be putting on it, along with in the chest itself. And after that, would be the sealant on the outside to weatherproof the whole thing.

He also had a list of jewelry boxes that were asked for at the consignment shop he sold things through. These, he was going to do later after closing, and while he watched the security feed for any problems throughout their extended areas.


Wednesday, September 21st, 1988:

Xander had done the calculations, and it was the correct time for what he wished to do. So, at five minutes to 4 in the morning L.A. time/five till noon London time, he had the wardrobe, along with several smaller wooden boxes up in the center of his workroom. Near the shop, as the one at the manor wasn't completed yet. And began his own set of rituals to set the dimensional parameters on/in it. Finishing right as the clock he had on the far war, set on the world clock, hit 4 am, and a bright glow surrounded the wardrobe and boxes for a moment. Dimming quickly.


Picking up one of the boxes, he gently opened it up, and felt the gentle breeze of high mountain air.

He opened each box, getting the same thing. So set them on the workbench against the wall, before heading to the wardrobe to open the door and see just what wonder he got in that.


Opening it slowly, he heard birdsong and felt the same breeze as from the smaller boxes. So, he opened the door further to a woodland covered in fall colors.

Walking through the door to take a closer look, he saw each tree was old and as tall as the ancient redwoods from upstate. And wide.

Many were of the old nut trees that no longer grew to that height or width.

Looking at the tracks as he wandered, he saw many of the smaller predators and prey. But none of the medium or larger. Which would work well for his own plans for this world, which he would dub; "Alpha Site". 


Chapter End Notes:

Yeah! I got it to work!

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