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Candy by SarahR Rated: FRT [Reviews - 3]
Summary: Jaderose had this idea, and I loved it so much I had to ty it. Here's what she wrote: Nice, disgustingly bright sunny day in Miami. Someone's (Xander/Greta/whoever) been sitting out under a tree across the street from the Lab every day, pretty much all day, for about a week. Finally one of the cops (extra points for it being Frank or Yelina) comes over and asks this person why they've been there. Person looks up and grins at the cop before looking back at the front doors of the Lab and pointing to the trio that had just gathered there. When the cop looks the person explains, "I like the eye-candy you guys have around here. Look I get my favorites all the time and all together: Red Hots (Caine), Caramel (Eric), and DC (Speed)." Cop: "DC?" Person nods and smirks, "Yep. Stands for Dark Chocolate." End Scene Now you guys see why I want someone to take this. It's cute, it's hilarious and if Xander did it would cause people to fall out of their chairs cackling. Thank you for entertaining the rabbit. I now return you to your regularly scheduled list. Jaderose
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