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Note: the section 8 housing area mentioned in here is modeled off mine. I'm told many are nicer than the concrete blocks I live in, not meant to offend.

Evil Sickness.

Xander walked out and Sam nearly laughed at his mate's wings. They were puffed out. He looked like a bird that got cold and puffed itself out. "Are we chilly?" he asked.

"No, I'm having a bad wing day," he complained. "No laughing." He sat down, twitching his wings forward. "We tried to preen them but they're still puffed out like a scared cat's fur. I feel like I'm three times as wide at the moment. Maybe this is our version of water weight gain."

"Guys don't get PMS unless they can carry kids, Xander." He came over to try to help, ignoring the moans from his mate. His wings were very sensitive to any sort of touch to them. Even a slight breeze through them could get a moan that made Sam think nasty, dirty thoughts about his mate. He started with the usual preening and smoothing, smiling when Xander bent forward to give him full access to them. He moved down to the tiny feathers closer to the wing's skin and found the problem. "It feels like the pins holding your feathers in are all sticking up. Like goosebumps. Are you sure you're not cold?"

"I woke up really warm," Xander said, looking back at him. Sam checked his forehead. "No fever, I already checked."

"Slight fever," he corrected. He went back to stroking over the wing skin, hoping to calm the feathers down. Not helping but Xander was getting happy. Then he rushed to the bathroom to get sick. "Hmm." He went to find Hu in the kitchen. "Xander looks like a wing puffball." Hu gave him an alarmed look. "What? Is he really sick or just flu sick?"

"That is not a good sign," he said, going to call one of the healers for him. His masters needed someone badly. Neither one were used to demonic injuries. The healer came right over, going into the bathroom to see Xander.

"What's wrong?" Sam asked, following him.

"Stay out here, please."

"He's my mate. Fat chance."

The healer glared at him. "Stay."

Sam pulled up power and the healer cowered. "No. What's wrong with him?"

"It's a common childhood disease." He let him into the bathroom, letting him see how Xander was getting a bit pale. "He'll be fine with some rest. Expect them to itch."

"He can change forms," Sam offered.

"Doing so can harm the structure." The healer moved Xander back to his bed and tucked him in on his side. "You stay there. We'll have to clear everyone but your keeper and mate."

"He can't get sick, right?"

"He has no wings. He can't get sick." He patted him on the head. "Let me make the medicine you'll need."

"How long and how serious will it get?" Sam asked, taking up his usual stubborn pose. Arms crossed, feet slightly apart, weight canted back just slightly, stubborn, bitchy expression on his face. "Should we worry about fevers or anything? Spots? Pustules?"

"No. He may molt, that's normal. He shouldn't end up with any patchy areas on his wings if he does unless he scratches. Fevers should be moderate and he should be fine. He might be pouty for a few days but nothing else. By your leave?"

"Go ahead. Bring me something to read up on this please?" The healer nodded and left. Sam came over to cuddle him. "Sounds like you've got ringworm on the wings," he said gently.

"You'll tell me." Xander yawned. "Maybe I don't feel good. I have to visit the council today to see plans and things."

"I'll go and we'll warn Anya so she can tell the others." Xander nodded, yawning again and falling asleep while being held.

The healer returned a few minutes later with Cordain. "Here, give this to him every few hours. Instructions are on the vial. It will refill itself."

"Should any other demons be cautious around him or just winged ones?" Sam asked.

"Just winged ones."

Cordain leaned down to look at the wings. "I had this as a child. Most of us did." He stroked over Xander's head. "He's got a fever."

"He can take tylenol," the healer assured him.

Sam nodded. "Then we'll do that. I'll go do his visiting for him."

"No, you'll be staying. Our magic goes screwy while we're sick," Cordain told him. He let Sam wake Xander up so they could pour the medicine down his throat then let him drift back to sleep. "Anyanka," he called. She appeared and squeaked, going directly to her knees, head tipped down, hands at her side, not balled up. "Good girl. Someone taught you well."

"D'Hoffryn, Lord Sividia Cordain. Why did you summon me?"

"Xander's got wing itch." She hissed. "Sam need to stay home with him. He's to visit the council today?" Sam nodded. "Warn them, warn your people."

"Yes, Lord Sividia Cordain." She disappeared to do that. The council was already gathering. "I have news from Lord Sividia Cordain." They all stared at her. "Xander has wing itch." A few winced. "He's in bed and Samuel has to watch over him. Neither can attend today."

"Of course," one agreed. "We'll see him when he's better." She nodded and left. He looked at the others. "Looks like we'll make our golf time for sure." They smiled and went to do that instead.

Anya landed back in the Hyperion. "Xander's sick," she announced. They all stared at her. "Wing itch." Angel hissed and shuddered. So did Lorne. "He's fine but Sam's babying him and Lord Cordain said he's to stay in bed so he can't come visit. If he does anyway, we're to call Sam because their magic can go screwy during it." She bounced back to her seat and sat down to go back to the card game against Wes.

"Should we send soup?" Buffy asked.

"Wing itch is like ringworm," Angel told her. "Only it's under the skin of the wings, which makes his feathers stick out I'm sure."

Anya smiled but nodded. "He looks like a wing puffball."

"I never had ring worm," Buffy told him. "Wasn't that abolished like the plague?"

"It's like the name sounds, Buffy," Wesley told her. "His wings will itch like when you had chicken pox."

"Oh. Poor guy. I'll have mom send him some soup." She went to do that and call John to let him know. "Xander's a bit sick. Wing itch." She listened to him complain. "Angel said it's like ring worm under his feathers. Yup. So we're not going to see either of them soon. Sure, I'm sending soup with Mom. You can come pick it up instead of me sending it with a demon." She smiled. "That'll work. I'm sure Sam could use the help." She hung up and got together a basket, calling her mother to tell her a well. She made excellent soup baskets.


John walked into the house later that night, finding Hu had tied Xander down. "Did you have to do that?" he asked, freeing Sam so he could wake him up.

"He must be fussed over! He does not let us any other time and it is not proper. This way he'll learn the proper methods of letting us do things for him. It's the only way to teach him. He's only gotten worse about it!" He huffed off. He came back to look at the basket John was holding. "What is that for?"

"Joyce sent it to make Xander feel better. It's a get well basket."

Hu snorted. "I can make him soup."

Sam scowled. "It's a human custom, Hu." The little demon huffed off again. "I think he was waiting for him to get sick so he could finally fuss without interruption." They got Xander untied and he checked the clock then the medicine, giving him another dose of it carefully since his boy only woke up partway. "There you go. Dad's here." Xander pulled the cover over his head and wings, hiding. "Okay, you hide. Just don't scratch." He looked at his father, grinning some. "Thanks for bringing that, Dad."

"Welcome, Sammy. How bad is this?"

"Slight fever, ringworm style itch in his wings. Puffy feathers."

John grinned. "I saw that." Xander's hand came out and flipped him off so he smacked him on the head. "No swearing at me even in sign language, kid."

"Go 'way, no company," Xander huffed.

"I'm not company, I'm an in-law. That's what you said when I complained that you were running around naked again." Hu came back with a bowl of soup. "Hu has soup, Xander."

Xander reached out to get the bowl then covered himself up again, drinking it under the sheet.

"Must come out, Lord Xander," Hu said impatiently. "It is my duty to fuss over you."

Sam rolled his eyes. "Some people don't like fussed over that much, especially when they're sick, Hu."

"All Sividia should not have to do more than make plans. That is my job," he said firmly.

"That's great, but Xander doesn't have to make that many plans and some of them enjoy getting things for themselves I'm sure. At least now and then." The little demon huffed off again. "I'll call Joyce to thank her, Dad. How's Dean and Arf?"

"Off on his own in Illinois this week." Sam winced. "He's said that he hasn't run into Meg or any of the other demons from your court."

"Good. I'd hate to make Arf eat them." Hu came back. "Out!" he snapped. "Let Xander rest. I'll bring the bowl out in a few minutes." The smaller demon pouted so Sam glared. "Hu, he doesn't like being fussed over that way. He won't even let *me* do it and it's *my* job to do that since he's my *mate*." Hu nodded, looking down. "Thank you. He likes the way things were. It's comfortable for him. He's used to doing everything for himself. He can't be one of those who has someone do everything for him. That's not the sort of man Xander is."

"He's not a man any longer."

"In his heart he still is." The smaller demon faded out. "Fine." He looked at his father, shrugging a bit. "I don't know."

"I know, son. It was cute though. Not even your mother fussed that badly when I broke my ankle the year we married." He smirked and walked out. "I'll stay around for a few days in case you need something."

"Thanks, Dad." He nudged Xander, who handed out the bowl. "Thanks." He took a kiss. "Try to rest, it'll make the itch go away." Xander nodded, curling up in a puffed out little ball again. Sam put the bowl into the kitchen sink and came back to watch his mate sleep. This was going to be trying his patience soon. Xander was poutier than him when he was sick.

Cordain appeared, giving him a dirty look. "What did you say to your caretaker?"

"That he's fussing too much. He had us tied down so we couldn't do anything. The way he had Xander's wings bound was going to hurt him since he moves in his sleep. He complained that Joyce sent us soup and about how Xander likes to get his own drinks now and then. I pointed out that's the sort of man Xander is. He said he's not a man so I told him in his heart Xander is. He faded out and apparently went to complain to you."

"Their species is meant to fuss over a higher level demon."

"What he was doing before was a good level of fussing, even though he did nag that I got my own drinks and snacks sometimes," Xander said, looking up at him. "I liked what we had and then he snapped and went psycho fusser today." He pouted. "Can't I hide and not be fussed over? You can find something for Sammy to do, right?"

"No, Xander. You need someone to watch over you while you're sick." He reached down to touch his forehead. "The fever's still here."

"He can't take more tylenol for an hour," Sam told him. "I gave him three."

"Let me get the healer then. Are you two here alone?"

"Dad's here somewhere."

"That's good. I'll talk to your caretaker. He does fuss quite a lot." He left, going to get the healer first. That fever was worrisome. He hadn't had one like that when he had wing itch as a young demon. The healer looked over. "His fever won't go down any and he can't fall back asleep."


"He had some three hours ago. Still high."

"I'll be right up." Cordain nodded, disappearing to talk to Hu. The healer shook his head and finished setting the bone on the servant he was presently taking care of. They did fuss over that young one too much. He grabbed a few things on his way up there, finding him curled in a ball under the blankets again. "I need to see him."

"Xander, the healer's here," Sam said gently, moving the blankets off the puffed out wings. Xander pouted at him. He pointed. "The healer."

Xander pouted at him instead. "I feel like crap."

"I'm sure you do." He checked him over. "It's not fading any with the medicine?"

"Does it matter that he used to be human?" Sam asked.

"That could, yes," he decided. He left to get a different medicine, coming back to administer it. Sam helped but Xander was making grossed out faces as he drank it. "There, that should help both problems." He patted him on the head like he was their dog. "Your caretaker isn't feeding you enough?"

"He just had soup," Sam told him. "Hu stomped off complaining that we don't let him fuss enough."

The healer shook his head. "Some of them do." He looked Xander over. "He should be fine. Let that one medicine work. Then we'll see what happens." He disappeared.

Cordain walked back in. "Your father's put the soup up in the kitchen and is settling into his usual room." He looked Xander over. "Hmm. Healer!" he snapped. The healer came back, giving him an impatient look. "What did you give him?"

"Something for the delusion he has!" he defended.

"He was human. A witch turned him," Sam told him blandly.

Cordain nodded. "He was. He was the slayer's hunter."

The healer checked Cordain too. "Are you ill?"

Xander growled. "I was human, thank you." He lunged but Sam caught him and tucked him in again. "Oh, come on!"

"I think whatever you gave him made him violent," Cordain told him. "I'd fix it." He let out a small growl of his own. The healer left and brought back the senior healer in hell. "He gave him something that's making him violent because he thought he was delusional."

"How did a human become Sividia?" he demanded.

Cordain smirked. "A witch asked nicely. Haven't you heard the talk about Rosenburg around Hell?" The head healer shuddered. "He's formerly human. He has wing itch. Your minion gave him something for a supposed delusion of formerly being human and it turned him violent. His fever won't go down. He's had the wing itch medicine most of the day."

The senior healer looked him over. "We can't give him anything until this one wears out. It's an interaction between the two medicines." Xander snapped at his hand, getting smacked on the head for it. "No biting me or I'll make it worse, young one." He looked him over again. "We might have to strip his wings and medicate the skin."

"I can get medicine onto his wing skin," Sam told him. "He's a bit vain about his feathers. If he has patchy spots, he'll never come out from under the sheets." Xander snapped at his stroking hand, so he let him suck on his fingers for him. That seemed to soothe his mate some. "I know we treat ring worm with dandruff shampoo or foot cream."

The healer shook his head. "Humans are strange." He called up another bottle. "When he's back to himself, give him this. It should stop the itch and the inflamation." He disappeared with the junior healer.

Cordain looked at him. "Foot cream?"

"It's a fungus. You can treat it using athlete's foot medicine."

"Oh!" He nodded. "Interesting use. I hadn't known that." He left, going back to talk to Hu some more. The poor little demon was so confused and upset.

Sam looked at Xander. "Do I taste good?" Xander nibbled a bit. "Okay. Just don't break the skin or eat me for real." He laid down to hold and cuddle his mate, keeping him from reaching back to scratch at his wings. They still looked really inflamed and his feathers looked off color too now. His father came in. "I have something new to give him when he's down off this one."

"Why is he sucking on your fingers?"

"Because he tried to bite the healer."

"Oh." He just nodded and left again, going back to his puttering in the armory. He loved the armory and it was a good place to kill time if you couldn't stand daytime tv.


A few days later Sam wandered out to the kitchen looking mussed. He hasn't been able to sleep. Every time he lets Xander go he twitches his wings and wakes him back up. So he's like a zombie, only living. If his former court of evil minions could see him now, they'd probably be laughing their tails off. His father hands him coffee. "Tired," he slurred.

"I noticed." He looked around. "Xander better?" Sam shook his head as he drank then wandered back that way. Xander was trying to reach his wings to scratch so John stepped in. "C'mon, Xander. Let's hit the big tub. The warm water can help some of that. I'll even get some special stuff to rub into the wings." Xander whimpered, still trying to reach them. John woke him up more gently and took him to the large pool to soak in. It was nasty and dirty because Hu hadn't come back. Xander growled and it cleaned itself suddenly. "Good. Is it warm?" Xander felt the water then warmed it too. "Good boy. Now, go soak your wings. It'll help. I'll watch to make sure you don't drown."

"I'm sorry I upset Sammy."

"You didn't. He hasn't slept in a while. I'm letting him take a nap. Go ahead. Strip down and go soak them." Xander did that and sighed in pleasure because the warm water was helping the itch. John went to get his shampoo and came in to help him. "We learned back in the Corps that dandruff shampoo works just as well on some forms of ringworm and other funguses. So let's see if it works on this one, okay?"

"Will we have to make me molt?"

"I hope not. That'll be a damn big mess to clean up." He let Xander stand up and looked then carefully spread the shampoo into the feathers, ignoring the moaning going on. He knew they were sensitive. He'd seen his younger sone tease them often enough to realize that. He could also tell that Xander wasn't getting hard, which was nice of him. He finished up one side and moved to coat the other side then let him lay back down to soak the shampoo off. John went to rinse off the feathers that had come off but that was fine too. By the time the shampoo was gone, Xander was asleep. Sammy was snoring loud enough to be heard in the bathroom. Xander was back to twitching so he got him up and dried off, letting Xander do something that dried his wings, and dried his feathers out so a few more came out. That got a pout but he put Xander back into bed, letting him cuddle Sammy for now. While John went to have a drink. A sick Xander was a horrible thing on the world. He ran into a female Sividia in the kitchen. "Xander's got wing itch."

"I heard. What is that stink?"

John smelled himself. "Dandruff shampoo to take care of the fungus."

"Oh. I hadn't heard you could do that."

"They said it's like ringworm and that can cure ringworm on human skin."

"Interesting. Where is his caretaker demon?"

"Huffed off because Xander wouldn't let him fuss. Xander gets his own snacks and stuff now and then. Hu tied him down to make him let him fuss the boys to death. He went to complain to Cordain."

"Still?" She sighed and shook her head. "I'll help Cordain find him another one. How is he doing?"

"Itchy. Twitchy. Sam hadn't slept in days." He heard a bellow. "Xander bites every now and then." She laughed. Sam came out and got something, bringing it back to his mate. "He hungry, son?" he called with a grin.

"No!" He came back. "Where's the dog?"

"My bedroom. I took him out a few hours ago."

"Thank you." He looked at the other Sividia. "Morning, I think."

"Afternoon in this part of the world," his father said dryly. "Lunch?"

"No. He's got fangs and a kitten tail at the moment. Plus he's still twitchy."

"He's shedding too," John told him.

"That could be why I'm itchy." He went back to bed, cuddling Xander between the wings. Heat seemed to help the itchy feeling somewhat. Xander fell back asleep and Sam smiled. Being back here also let him not be bitten again. He noticed a few more feathers coming out and grimaced. He hoped they didn't grow bald patches. He really did. He loved Xander's wings. Cordain appeared with Hu. "Hey. Is this normal shedding?"

Cordain looked then shook his head. "Stress shedding."

"Patchy places?"

"Could be. If he fully molts, he might have one as well." He glared at Hu, who trudged back to the kitchen. "He's sorry he took so long."

"We don't want him unwilling to work for us, Cordain, but like it was," he protested.

"That's what I had to point out a few times. He's more stubborn than you are." He checked Xander's fever, it was down. Then he looked at the wings again. "The healer may suggest a full molt. If you do, he'll definitely have at least one slow growing patch. Plus he'll itch as they come in."

"I'll keep that in mind. Would the oil help?"

"You'll need to change it out." He got him some more and a new brush. "Here, a clean one." Sam took it to the feathers, making Xander whimper. "Shh, Xander. It's helping." The female came in. "Cassandra."

"Cordain. I see his caretaker is back."

"Stubborn thing thinks that Xander shouldn't even have to wipe his own tail."

She laughed. "Mine was like that until I tied him in a closet for a few months."

"If he ties us up again, we'll see what happens," Sam said dryly. She giggled and came over to help. "I don't want you to catch it."

"I've had it. That's why I have that thin spot near the top of my right wing." She helped him. "He's going to molt, Cordain."

"He'll be horrified with himself if he gets a patchy spot," Sam said quietly.

"He shouldn't. Perhaps a thin one but not a fully patchy spot." She patted him on the head. "You do that very well. Didn't he have concubines?"

"I won't let him sleep with them so they're on vacation," Sam said dryly. She laughed. "It's only right since I won't let him touch them." He went back to it. Xander was asleep and comfortable for now. He finished up and cuddled in again. The two older Sividia left him alone with his sick one. He just hoped the feathers went okay.


John looked in on them later that night. Xander was seriously molting now. Or else Sammy was turning into a gray version of Big Bird. One of the two and he wouldn't put the second one past Rosenburg or even Dean. "Sammy?" Sam snapped awake and spit a feather out. "Let's get him into the shower. A bit of gentle water might help him finish that faster."

"Then he can itch as they regrow," Sam said. He got them both into their shower, him to rinse off the feathers, Xander to lean there and let the water hit them. Sure enough, all but a few around the bottom edge fell off. Sam ran a hand over the skin. "Dad, can I have your dandruff shampoo?" John got it for him and Sam spent a good while soaping and cleaning off the fragile skin. "It'll take a few days but they'll grow back, Xander."

"They might not. Then I'll look like a plucked chicken."

"You don't look like a plucked chicken. More like bat wings." Xander pouted at him. Sam gave him a kiss. "I'd love you even without the wings, okay?" Xander nodded and let him baby the fragile skin. He could feel a few bumps as the feathers tried to come back in. Sam got the oil and it was nice. The few baby-sized feathers were starting to spring up. He got them out and dried off, then out to the living room area. "Hey, Dad, can he have some soup?"

"Got some in the microwave," John promised, going to get it for him. He wasn't going to giggle. Xander would kick his ass back to hell if he did. But he did look a bit strange. He brought the mug back out, letting Xander have it. "You have to eat too, Sammy." Sam nodded, going to do that while John checked over the skin. "Not too bad. A few feathers are starting to come back in." He ran a hand over the few new ones, making Xander flinch. "Sore?"

"Yeah. Thank you for helping him take care of my pitiful butt."

"You're a son now. I got the boys through chicken pox, Dean through a light case of the German measles. I can help you get through this." He patted him on the head and went back to the kitchen to help Sammy fix himself dinner. "You okay?"

"I'm fine. Waiting on it to warm up." The microwave beeped and he pulled the food out, patting Hu on the head. "Thanks for putting leftovers away for us." He went back to eat beside Xander, making him happier but still kinda pouty. He heard the door slam and smiled. "Hey, Arf."

"You greet my dog before you greet me?" Dean said dryly. "Xander, what happened to your wings?"

"Wing itch. It made him molt," Sam said, shooting a glare at his older brother. Dean didn't make another comment. "They're coming back in." He ate a bite. "Dad's in the kitchen. Where's Barney now?"

"Still on my bed, Sam. He's curled up with my jacket." John came out with Arf, who huffed a greeting and nuzzled his knee. "You've grown, dog." It grinned and went to find Barney to wake him up and play with him.

"He has grown. But he can turn back into a puppy at any time," Dean said with a smirk. "I heard he's sick?"

"Has been now for over a week. It's a kid's disease." That got a nod. "Hu just came back and he's pouting at the cupboards if you're hungry."

"I could eat." He went to do that, both dogs coming out to help him. "Hey, Hu." He patted him on the shoulder. "Anything good to eat tonight? I missed your cooking." The small demon gave him a pathetic look. "What?"

"They won't let me fuss."

"Some guys can't stand fussing. I can't. I could never date a woman who treated me like her kid." He found an apple and started to bite into it but Hu took it from him and got him a real plate, handing it over with a fork. "Thanks, dude." He settled in to eat. "I think they liked the level of fussing you had going before. It was good, even if you did nag Xander for wanting to do some things on his own." He ate another bite and fed one to Arf, then one to Barney, earning happy dog noises. Hu put down food for them too and they devoured it, and the bowl in Arf's case. Then they went to cuddle the pitiful daddies. They needed puppy cuddles. Dean smiled at the irritated grunt Hu let out. "He's a growing dog."


Dean grinned. "Could be worse. Could be my car or Dad's truck." He finished his dinner and patted Hu again. "Thanks for the food, Hu. You do fuss very well over us. We're just independent sorts." He walked out there, finding Xander and Sam nearly asleep under their dog lap blankets. He shook his head, finding his father taking pictures. "The girls will want one."

"Bobby too." He put the camera away when Sam's eyes opened enough to glare at him. "He does." He looked at Dean. "What's going on?"

"Heard he was sick. The thing in Illinois is a dead, evil bastard so we're all good." They looked at the duo again. "Bed?"

"Probably could." Xander moaned in his sleep. "Then again this is Xander's first time upright in days."

"Should we change the sheets?" Hu made a disgusted noise and went to do it for them. He frowned and pointed, getting a shrug back. "Okay. How about their perch?"

"Xander can't fly without his wings, Dean."

"Crap." He looked up. "Rope ladder?"

"Possibly. They'll come back in, even if he does have a few thin spots."

"That's good to know." He got them a blanket and put it around them then headed for his room. "The ladies on vacation?"

"Yes," John said, rolling his eyes. He looked up. "Can't you put a good girl into his path? I'd like a nice daughter-in-law and grandkids. Maybe. Though if they have Sam's pouting ability I'll run." He went to help Hu fuss over things, getting swatted for it. "I can help."

"Go talk to the City Council for Lord Xander. He couldn't."

"I'll see if anything needs handled." He went to do that, Dean going with him. Most of the town's head people liked Dean more.


Later that night, Sam smiled. Xander's wings had tiny, baby feathers. Still mostly gray. Though one spot would worry him. He stroked a finger over it. No raised bumps that meant new feathers were coming in. That could be bad. It was a noticeable blank patch on his upper left wing. There was a smaller one on the backside of his right one but that had a few bumps for new feathers. Maybe that one would only be thin. He kissed the bare area, getting a whimper from his mate. "Checking for new growth." He ran his tongue over the soft skin, making Xander shift, moan, and make pleading noises. "Still sensitive?" Xander nodded quickly so he went back to his playing. He loved his boy's wings. They were beautiful, even like this. After a few more minutes of teasing Xander pounced, driving Sam back into the couch while he possessed his mate. He needed that. They both did. Xander was sucking on his neck. "No biting this time."

"Won't." He moved lower.

Sam pulled him up and laid him down, pleasing him this time. "You need this, you're not feeling well. It'll make you feel better." He licked over the hard cock. "Your wing skin is about like this skin," he said with a teasing grin. "Only it tastes different." He went back to it, making Xander clutch the couch, his claws coming out to make sure he didn't fall off. Cordain had made it so he couldn't unmanifest his wings for a bit; it meant he was stuck partially on his back and partially on his side. Not that Sammy minded. He could prepare his mate in whatever position he was in. He found the oil they hid under the couch and gently prepared him, then pulled Xander into his lap, getting a shy smile for it. "Ride me, Xander. That way we can clean up and have a good nap." Xander moaned, doing that for him. Sam saw Dean walk into the living room then escape like he was fleeing a demon. Sam looked around then shrugged and got back into it, getting a smirk from Xander. "Don't know why he ran. You're beautiful like this."

"Maybe I'm putting out more evil vibes again." He slowly rode Sam, driving him insane. This was his favorite tease. Eventually Sam would snap and flip them over to take him hard and fast. Not this time apparently. Xander pouted. "No pouncing back?"

"Not this time. This time we need gentle and sweet." Xander nodded, resting against his chest while he rode his mate into an orgasm and then a nap. Sam smiled at the first snore into his shoulder, finishing up quickly. The blanket got pulled over them and he laid back, letting his boy nap on his chest. Xander was so cute. He'd have to try that wing thing again sometime soon. That thin feathered spot was going to come in *very* handy.

Dean leaned in. "You done?" he asked dryly.

"You ran like we're going to eat you," he shot back.

"I didn't need to see that. That should be private between you two unless you post it on the internet or something." He flapped a hand. "Need anything?"

"Could use some juice. He's a bit salty."

"More than I needed to know, Sammy." He went to get him some and Hu brought it in. "He insisted," Dean said when he followed.

"Thank you, Hu. I think he's starting to feel better." Hu nodded and left them alone. "So, how was Illinois?"

"Pretty good. Small sucker, nothing too great. Nothing too dangerous recently either. It's slowed down for a bit." He sat down and put his feet up. "Anything interesting here?"

"Two major challengers and Xander beat one bloody. The other one gave up after a few minutes of him taunting him from his seat while he finished his comic book. The thing had no patience. Went to complain to Angel too. Anya told him that not even she got his attention when he was determined to read his comics." Dean laughed. "The demon pouted and they had a nice date she told us about later on. The first one went home whining and dragging one leg that Xander got with his axe. There's two vampires trying to hide in town and we were going to go hunting the night he got sick."

"We can handle that."

"Thanks, Dean. The last time we knew they were by the Mocha Pump."

"I can deal with that before you get a good infestation started." He looked at Xander then at him. "You're lucky."

Sam smiled. "I know. I've got a great one." He gave Xander a squeeze, getting an inquisitive grunt. "Just a squeeze, Xander. Go back to sleep." He got a nod and Xander shifted to tip himself in the other direction. Dean got up and left with a smirk for him. Sam cuddled his boy. He might be really bored in Sunnydale sometimes but Xander made it worth it. Maybe he'd go on a short hunt with Dean for a few days when Xander was better. Xander would want some alone time. As long as Hu didn't try to tie him down again.

"Dad, Sammy said a few vamps have moved back into town. He was going to hunt the same day Xander got sick."

"We can go," he agreed, grabbing stuff to head out with him. They'd check in with the police. They'd know where they'd be hiding.


The healer came back to check on them, frowning some. "Usually they're out of it by now," he said blandly.

Sam glared at him. "He fully molted for some reason too."

"That can happen and we do encourage that. No matter what the rumors state about patchy and thin spots later." Sam pointed at the still-bare spot. "It will grow back."

"It had better. If it messes up his flying, he's going to be hurt."

"It shouldn't. It's only a small spot." He finished looking him over. "He's on the downward side. It should only be a few more days of crankiness." He disappeared before the other evil one could gut him. He had heard *rumors* about that one. He went to report to Cordain, who had sent him.

Sam stroked up Xander's back, waking him. "The healer was just here." Xander let out an irritated grunt. Sam grinned. "He said just a few more days and they'll finish growing in within a month."

"I have a bare spot?" Xander asked with a pout.

"A small thin spot underneath your right wing," Sam said, touching it. "And the other spot." Xander shivered. "He said it'll grow back in." And it would, even if Sam had to find magic to make sure it did. Or ask Tara to help. She loved his feathers. She had taken some of the shed ones to make Spike a birthday present - a feather pillow. She had made the dogs one each too. They loved Xander's feathers too. Angel wasn't too happy.... But oh well. Sam leaned down to kiss the bare area again, earning a shiver. "Want to sit up for a while? Shower maybe?"

"It'll hurt the baby feathers."

"We can cover them," Sam reminded him. Xander nodded, letting Sam put on the protective bag they had found to cover them for showers. Sam could scrub between them for him. Then they went to shower together. Xander came out to get breakfast and fell asleep in the sun. Sam came out to read next to him. Dean strolled in. "Good hunt last night?"

"Fairly. Got the last of them rising. Shouldn't be any more in town." He looked at Xander then at him. "Good job getting him out of bed. Now what?"

Sam looked at him. "I was thinking about popping in to hunt with you for a few weeks after he was better. He'll want some time to be alone so he doesn't feel so babied."

Dean nodded. "I did that when I had the measles."

"I remember you hiding." He grinned and went back to reading. "That good with you?"

"That's fine. You'll have to fight Arf for the front seat but that's fine."

Sam snickered. "I'm sure we can do that." Barney trotted in and hopped up next to him, getting petted. "Good boy, Barney. Did you use the outside?"

"Yup. Right in the neighbor's roses again," Dean said, plucking off a rose petal. "She's going to scream."

"She said Barney's crapping over there is making them more healthy." Dean walked off shaking his head at that. That was too strange. Sam grinned at the dog. "Happier now?" It barked and hopped over to cuddle up with the daddy and nap. He did like Xander's petting better. Even though he felt nasty right now. Sam went back to his book.


Xander looked at the bare spot on his wings a few days later. He was feeling much better. He was still a bit tired but he had expected that to take longer. The thin spot he had was annoying but this was a true bare spot, a very noticeable bare spot. He tried to cover it with an illusion but he could still tell. John walked in. "Can you see new feather growth?"

He looked. "Not yet, Xander. It'll come in. Cordain said it would. So did the healer."

"The healer said molting didn't lead to thin spots. I'm not sure I trust him." He frowned, but John pulled him away from the mirror. "I know it's vain."

"You're human, Xander. It's okay to be a bit vain about some things. Most guys get it when they start losing hair. Since you won't do that, losing feathers has to be next on the list for you." Xander nodded, sitting down to sulk. "It'll come back."

"I can't fly as well with it like that."

"I know." He patted him on the shoulder. "Come on, you should eat. Sammy left me strict instructions to make you eat while he was off playing with his brother."

Xander looked at him. "Sammy said those rumors were false."

John smirked at him. "They'd better be or I'm killing them both repeatedly." Xander grinned, following him to the kitchen. It was immaculate, even if the rest of the building was a mess. Xander looked and snapped his fingers to clean things up. He looked at him. "What's wrong with your caretaker now?"

"I don't know but he's acting like a pregnant girl." He got into the fridge and found Hu in the freezer. "Were you trapped?" He shook his head and shut the door again. Xander looked up. "Why me?" he muttered. He found what he needed for sandwiches and brought it over, letting John make his own. They sat down to eat until Cassandra showed back up. "I'm mostly better."

"Good!" She smiled and got a slight one from him. "Thin spot?"

"And a bare spot," he said grimly, turning to show her. She gasped. "Yeah." He turned back around and went back to picking at his sandwich. "John said it'll come in. He said the healer said it would. I can kill the healer if it doesn't, right?"

"I would," she agreed. "My mother killed one when my thin spot never went away." She looked around. "Where is your caretaker?"

"In the freezer for some reason. He pulled the door shut when I opened it. Is he pregnant?"

She shrugged and looked in there. The demon growled and shut the door again. "No, he's still angry. Mine does that as well."

"Things will be going back to the way they were before I got sick or else I'm getting a new caretaker," Xander called loudly. Hu came out and went to check the house for cleaning issues. He looked at her. "Sorry."

"We've all had those problems. He may be in heat. It's the only time his species is violent." She sat down on Xander's other side. "No mate?"

"Off with his big brother hunting something."

"If he needs that sort of thrill he can set up a hunting preserve," she pointed out dryly.

John swallowed his current bite quickly. "We're the sort of hunters that go around helping people, ma'am. It's not for fun or trophies."

"Oh. All right then. If they would, it'd give some of us some target practice. I know Cordain could use it." Xander's wing started to smoke. "As I pointed out, your aim sucks, Cordain. You got Xander." Xander disappeared to beat Cordain for hurting his wings and came back a minute later to finish his sandwich. "He sorry?"

"I made his concubines all go into a whining fit at once," he said blandly. "All of them have PMS too." She gaped in horror at that. He smirked at her. "I learned well from being surrounded by girls."

John patted him on the back. "That would scare me," John promised. "Mary's always did. Finish up, Xander. Then eat a second one so Sammy can't fuss." Xander pouted but did that.

Cordain appeared looking windblown and upset. "Xander, did you have to make every single one of my concubines upset at once?"

"You tried to burn what few feathers I managed to grow back!" he complained. "You're damn lucky I didn't take time to plan first!"

Cordain looked at his wings then sighed and came over to help fix the damage. Even then the bare spot wasn't going to regrow. He winced at that. It was going to mess up his flying and that wasn't Xander's greatest skill to date. He loved doing it though. The thin spot got a few more feathers. The rest was still fairly thinly spread at the moment. Increasing the regrowth rate helped some. "I'll see what I can find to cure that bald patch." Xander nodded, pouting at him. "Do not do that at me, young one. I'll send a demon to keep Samuel away for an extra week."

Cassandra giggled. "They're more scared of them than they are of us," she pointed out. Cordain swatted her. "They are. They know Xander gave all of hell bad mental images." Xander beamed at that compliment. "Remember, give us time to buy a few good teachers' souls before you spawn, Xander."

John looked at her. "Dean wasn't sure Hu was right. Xander can't have the kids, right?" She gaped. "Sammy's still nominally human."

"No, he's not," Cordain corrected. "Being who he is means that his body will change and adapt when it's time and he wants it to." Xander shuddered. "The Most Evil One was thinking about adding in a few extra powers to keep Xander satisfied and amused."

"Don't let Sam change forms until I get mine under control?" Xander asked.

Cordain smirked. "I gave you that book."

"I read it, had Sammy read it to me. It still made no sense."

"Ask Rosenburg?"

"That would mean I'd have to talk to her."

"Good point. I'll ask the Champion. I'm sure he knows at least one shape changing demon in LA." Xander nodded his thanks. He checked him over. "Mostly better. Good. The others were restless since you spent so long sick."

"If he hadn't thought I was delusional it might've gone faster," Xander pointed out. "Sam said I'm not allowed to bite him anymore." John moaned. "He tastes good," he said weakly, grinning some. "He nibbles back."

"I don't need to know those sort of details, Xander," John said firmly. "About either son's sex life." He stuffed his mouth.

Cassandra giggled. "They are very amusing. I've heard a lot about Dean's style over the last few months." She looked at Cordain. "Whatever will you do without your concubines, Cordain?"

He growled at her. "Want to find out when your sparring time comes up?"

"No, not really." She smiled at Xander. "I'm to get you ready for the war games that establish our pecking order, dear."

"Swords or other weapons?"

"Private combat with Cordain. Not viewed. You're young so they won't expect too much from you, especially with you being sick recently, but as you age you need to get better."

"I tested him when he came over. He beat your skills," he said bluntly then he disappeared.

Xander rolled his eyes. "I don't want to curry favor and those things. I don't care where I sit in the pecking and nagging order, Cassandra. I'm not going to be called into battle except for special ones."

"True but it helps in Council and in other matters. Including having you add on here."

Xander frowned. "I created most of it my second night and I haven't had to add on except for the bath so I can soak my wings."

She stared. "Most of us live in grand palaces."

"I like this one. It fits us and the dog."

She rolled her eyes. "You'll learn, Xander." She disappeared, going to tell the others that Xander wasn't one to curry favor or care about social order.

Xander looked at John. "Do I need that?"

"Might come in handy if something happens. I'd try for a middle of the pack spot personally. Too high and you have people who want to bring you down. Too low and people talk or try stuff to eliminate the weaker ones."

"Middle management I can do," he decided. "I'm not bad. Even tired." He yawned. "Thanks, John."

"Finish it then go nap on your perch couch." Xander finished and went to fly up to his perch in the main living room area. It was his favorite napping spot with Sam when they needed privacy so it still smelled like him. John smiled, cleaning up the mess so he could tell the locals Xander was starting to feel better again. He was strong enough to listen to people whine at him. He started with City Council since it was their meeting day. They all groaned when they saw him. "He's mostly better. A few wing issues and he's still pretty tired but gentle problems could start coming back."

One nodded. "You do know that there's still a vampire and he's trying to make more?"

"I thought we got all of them. Report those things to us, guys. We'll handle them. I can go hunting tonight." They smiled and dug out the information they had for him. "I can do this. Anything you need Xander to do immediately beyond this?"

"A few people wanted to talk about adding new houses to the town," one said.

John shrugged. "Isn't that a zoning issue?" They nodded. "Then I don't see as he'd care as long as it didn't get him into trouble with Cordain. They said no claiming more territory."

"This wouldn't technically be claiming more territory," one told him. "We'll check however. Thank you for letting us know he's nearly ready to come back as our gentle overlord."

"I was kinda bored anyway." He went back to the house to make sure he had everything he needed for his hunting tonight. He would ignore the mental thoughts he had of the demons turning Sunnydale into the next LA so all the peaceful ones could move here.


Cordain appeared, scowling at Xander. "You're increasing your population?"

Xander frowned. "I said anyone who was peaceful could live here. Are we getting a huge population explosion? If so I'll have to get to work on the ideas of where to put them to keep them safe." Cordain rolled his eyes. Then he disappeared. Xander shrugged and made a note to ask the Council where they were going to be living. Sunnydale had little room in the housing market right now. He went back to sharpening his swords, liking the simple actions while he thought. Sam had been gone now for over a week and had sounded pretty happy when he had called last night. He was sure it was that bare patch's fault. Sam needed pretty and he wasn't as pretty with it. He went to look up things in the library. Maybe they had a feather growing spell. He had good magic now, he might be able to find something he could do.


Anya looked up as Xander appeared. "Are you better?" He had his 'human' illusion on again.

"All but a few feathers. Is Wes here?" She nodded, going to get him. "Wes, do we have any spells that could help me fix a few thin spots on my wings? I kinda molted when I was sick."

"I don't know," he said, leading him to the library. It wasn't a hard spell probably. He found a few. "Here's one about molting but it looks like it's to help one with stuck feathers molt." He photocopied it anyway. Xander might need it some year. Then he found another one. "Ah, here we are. To bring stuck feathers up to the surface so they can erupt." He photocopied that one as well. Xander was looking at one. "That's for bald spots."

Xander nodded. "I have a small one," he said quietly. "Sam's off hunting right now."

"I doubt it's because of the bald spots, Xander." He patted him on the back. "Take it anyway, it might help." He found another few for that problem and copied them as well. "There you go. Anything else?"

"Jockeying for position?"

"The highest ones don't listen to the lowest," he said simply.

Xander nodded. "I guess. Any idea what sort of contests they are?"

"No. I have no idea and Cordain might be able to change it yearly."

"One more stress I don't need. I started to shed feathers again last night." He smiled. "Thanks, Wes. Tell Joyce I mailed her a card when I woke up." He took the spells home to go over. The balding one might help the most. It was for hair but it looked like he could change it for feathers. He settled in to read, frowning when no snacks came. He glared at the kitchen. "Hu, can I please have something to nibble?" No answer. He went to check on him and sighed, writing Cordain a nice note about getting him a caretaker that wouldn't spaz out, at least until Hu was better or whatever. One appeared a few minutes later and squeaked in outrage, shooing him out of the kitchen to clean up the mess in there. "Can I have something to nibble on? Just a light snack and maybe some soda?"

"Of course!"

"Thank you. By the way, I used to be human so nothing like parts, flesh, worms, nothing like that, okay?" The caretaker nodded so Xander went back to his studying while the new caretaker demon went over the kitchen for him. Maybe he'd figure out what was wrong with Hu and tell him. He hoped someone would because he was confused. A few minutes later he had gooey cheese melted on toasted bread with a hint of garlic underneath and a large glass of soda next to him at the table. "Thank you." The caretaker smiled and left, going to handle the rest of the house too. He nearly squealed in outrage at the condition of the bathrooms but Xander snapped them clean. The demon went to clean them anyway, making Xander smile. Hu had done that until he had gotten sick. That sickness was a horrible thing on the world and should be eliminated. He'd make sure his future little evil ones didn't get it. Even if he had to find a disease researcher and have them bought so they could eradicate all of hell's diseases. He sent that note to Cordain, then got back to nibbling while reading.


Cordain looked at the new note. The thanks were appreciated and the idea wasn't a bad one. The head of hell looked at him expectantly. "Xander again. Thanking me for the new caretaker demon and suggesting we find a virologist or a disease researcher and buy them so they can eradicate all our diseases like wing itch. He doesn't want his kids to have to suffer."

"It's not a bad idea. They might even be able to cure other problems. Are there any we already have?"

Cordain pulled up the list of minions and nodded. "We have two who made deals to get into the program they wanted." He showed him. "It's a good place to start. Are we going to have a problem if more people move to Sunnydale?"

"Are there?" Cordain nodded. "With his consent?"

"He said he told them that anyone who wanted to live peacefully could move there at the beginning. The council up there is talking about a new housing development."

The Lord of all Hells frowned. "That's not a bad thing and it's not really claiming territory."

"No, but we could have a long population flux. John Winchester was trying to block out the bad thought of Sunnydale becoming the next major city, like LA."

"That would be amusing."

"Technically, the city council could extend the city's borders too. Which would mean claiming more territory technically."

"Good point." He considered it. "He's sticking to Sunnydale. Even if they do expand. With the population going up they have to go somewhere. I can't blame him if he makes it attractive enough to bring more of them there. It's not his fault and he's not doing it on purpose to claim more territory. Though I have heard there's factions in LA and San Francisco that want to hand control of their demonic areas to him."

"We have a few other young ones, natural borns, that could take over an area under guidance."

"Will he rank high enough to teach them?"

"He's still learning, sire. We have ways of watching over them." That got a nod. "I'll talk with them and perhaps that would be workable. That might give us more allies in the peaceful segment that do most trade good and services."

"It could." He stood up. "Is he feeling better?"

"All but a bare patch that hasn't grown back. He's convinced himself that Samuel is hiding from it. I've tried, his father-in-law has tried. We'll have to see what Samuel himself does in this case."

The Master of Evil nodded. "Good." He left, going back to his own office. He still had to try to talk his concubines out of mimicking Cordain's concubines' problems. It was most distressing and not even his special blue pill could make them happy with him.


Xander looked at the City Council the next meeting. "So, what's this I hear about more peaceful ones moving in?" They nodded. "That's fine. I checked. Population fluxes don't count for claiming new territory. Are we looking for them to rehabilitate some of the wrecks in town or tearing down to start over? Or are we thinking a whole new street with new houses?"

"We like both ideas," one of them said. "Do you have a preference?"

"Using the spaces we already have makes more sense," he admitted. "Are there any that'll be in the way of future plans?" The map in front of them was pointed to. "So, we have this whole street," he said. "And the trailer park." He frowned. "I don't mind the trailer park really. Some of them are nice people. It's this area that usually has the problem families." He pointed at one. "Is one more practical for the city?"

"New construction is valued at more so more property taxes," the mayor told him.

"Is it needed?"

"A bit of extra room is nice but no. We're good on the budget right now since we confiscated Mayor Wilkin's old funds." Xander nodded. "Should we do both perhaps? That way we're a bit head on the housing market?"

"As long as we don't get too far ahead, I wouldn't care," Xander told him. "I don't want a situation where we have a whole neighborhood that's only got one person living there."

"No, that shouldn't happen. How about a small city tax break on land taxes if they renovate?" another council member said. "That could also mean some current residents moving to bigger places."

Xander nodded. "They might like that. Which would open up starter family homes, right? Ones for couples or families with only one kid?" That got a nod. "Then doing it that way sounds good to me. You guys know more than I do here." They all nodded they liked that idea. "Where would we put new buildings?"

"Out toward the college." The mayor pointed at an area. "It's not a bad spot. A bit flat, good drainage."

"The temple out there," Xander said quietly, pointing. "Some mystical thing that can end the world if it's pulled up. A shrine I think the book said." He called it to him so he could find the spot and hand it over.

The mayor read it over then nodded. "We don't want to run into that. How about here then? It's very near the college. That's a good area to build in. Fairly safe. We can open a sub police station there. We need one anyway for the college."

Xander nodded. "That's a good area. Away from the cemeteries. Has anyone decided what they're doing with the old Adam's College area? Since it went out of business a few years back after the demon granting power and wealth got killed under a frat?" They all moaned. "Yeah, well, had to happen. It was going to eat Buffy and Cordy." He pointed. "That's a nice area. It's already got nice buildings in good shape. What about renovating those into some new apartments as well? I know not everyone can afford a house. The Section 8/HUD housing area is a slum and needs to be shut down."

The mayor looked startled. "It's not that bad."

"Have you been in a unit?" he asked bluntly. "They're all concrete. It feels like a jail cell. They even have concrete floors. Half the windows don't open. A good portion don't have emergency exits. The city already owns that area. Renovating it might come cheaply and it would give us a lot more apartments for that need since I heard they had a waiting list."

"There's nine buildings on the old campus, and two smaller ones," the mayor said thoughtfully, looking around. "We might be able to get a grant for that. We can ask the local housing authority office." They nodded and someone made a note. "If not, it might make a nice condo community." That got another note made. He smiled at Xander. "When were you out there?"

"We had some information sources who lived out that way. Plus some fellow students."

That got a nod. "Then we can look into that. They're not badly constructed buildings. Still concrete."

"But decorative. Meets up to current fire codes. Nicer grounds because the area out there is depressing. It's next to the dump, it stinks, it's probably not sanitary. If there are problems, all EMS personnel are over ten minutes away."

"True," one of the councilors agreed. "My sister lives out that way. They're not bad folks for the most part, just poor. We've had a lot of people who didn't have proper EMS response and they ended up dying. That would go well with thinking about selling that area to the dump so they can expand. They've been looking."

"It'd take about a year to two years to renovate those," Xander told him. "Probably two if you count the time to get the grants going." That got a nod of understanding. "If the dump buys the land for say, starting in five years?" That got a smile. "Then that'd give the city time to renovate, move them, all that. Plus they'd have to be nicer."

"They would be," the mayor agreed. "We might set one of them specifically for the handicapped units as well. I know that's why we have a waiting list from what I've been told." A few others nodded they had heard that. "Not a bad idea, Xander."

"Just came to me," he admitted with a grin. "Otherwise it's sitting there breaking down in the weather. If we're having a population and housing expansion, even they should have one and it needed to be nicer anyway."

That got some nods and plans were made about who to talk to about that. Having a good, reputable, safe lower income area that was closer to emergency services would be good for the town's reputation.

One councilor coughed. "We have one final, bad problem." Xander looked at him. "The hospital."

"Oh, please, god, yes, someone fix that parts selling, vampire suppling, zombie making place before they try to kill me again?" Xander asked. They cracked up. "They nearly got me when I had my appendix out years ago. Buffy nearly died during that flu from the demon killing kids. She got it thankfully. The building's ancient. Sam thinks it's got more spirits floating around than even the colleges do combined. Half the time they don't do enough for the bad cases so the demons got supplied. I know some of the peaceful ones drink blood and maybe eat flesh too but there's got to be a better way than killing residents."

"UCLA has a physician teaching program," the mayor pointed out. "We might be able to make some deals through the local campus to have some of their doctors come up here."

"We'd need to clean the building of spirits and then get rid of the idiots," Xander said bluntly.

He nodded. "That needs to be a first step definitely. We also need to up some of our areas. Our radiology department sucks. I had to drive over an hour away for a good ultrasound for my wife."

"The OB department was probably the best one there," one of them said. He looked at Xander. "You wouldn't mind?"

"Hell no. Do the demons have a clinic?"

"In LA," the mayor admitted.

"Then why not add that onto the plans?" They stared. He nodded. "There's got to be some good healers. We can sustain a population if they're injured and have to leave to get treatment. I would've liked some good ones closer when I got sick. The one I had said that molting wouldn't cause patchy spots and he was wrong. One tried to dose me as delusional because we asked if me being formerly human would matter with the medicine, and it did. I think it'd be a great idea. Plus, less traveling for the demons and a better reason for them to stay, work, and play here."

They considered it then nodded. "We can look into that," the mayor told him. "You have some good ideas."

Xander grinned. "I got to world create for our D&D games." He stood up. "Speaking of healers, I've got to find some herbs to rinse my feathers with. So if you don't need me?" They waved and he left.

The mayor looked at them. "That's a good plan."

"He's immortal, he's setting up for a long residence," one of the councilors said. "Possibly even spawning here. I've heard rumors that Hell was looking for some good teachers for their future children. With Samuel's mind they'll do great things."

The mayor nodded. "They probably will. Xander does have a good mind even though he did bad in school. All right. Let's look at those plans. If we can do it and save money it'd be for the best. We can ask the Winchester clan about the spirits and purification rituals even." They nodded and went to make the calls they needed to make. The mayor enjoyed a few quiet minutes before going to talk to some of the bigger money patrons in town about the plans. They wouldn't be thrilled about the plan for Adams College but oh well.


Sam walked into the house, hearing the frustrated screaming that had gotten him out of the car as soon as they parked. "Xander?" he called. He walked that way, finding him being mad at his wings. "Hey!" He stopped him from yanking on his feathers. "The itch come back?"

"The patchy spots won't heal," he said, looking miserable. "I don't know why. I've even tried a few spells."

"They'll heal. It just takes time," Sam promised. He kissed the bare spot. Xander went limp in his hands so he went back to kissing it. He even gave it a little lick, making his mate shiver. "It doesn't ruin you for me." Xander turned to look at him. "It doesn't, Xander. Even if you lost all of the feathers I wouldn't care. You're still mine." He took a kiss. "Hmm. Beer?"

"Beer battered shrimp for dinner. The one that's filling in for Hu is doing an amazing job."

"Good." He smiled. "Show me these spells." Xander walked him into the library to show him. Sammy looked them over then smiled. "You missed a few words to change." He fixed it and cast it on the twitching wings, smoothing a hand over the tense feathers as he cast. All of them fell out but they grew back in almost immediately. Including the patchy spot. The bare spot was smaller but still there. He kissed over it and watched as new feathers came in. "Huh." He kissed the area again and more feathers came in. Red ones. Deep red ones. The color of blood. The bare patch finally filled up and he ran a hand over them, smiling at the moan. "It's filled in but they're not the same shade."

"Darker or lighter?"

"Blood red." He let him see in the nearest mirror, watching his face go to shocked. "I know, it's odd. Like a wing tattoo." Xander pounced and hugged him as hard as he could, making Sam wince. "Shhh. I love them." Xander kissed him, making it all better. They could reconnect right there. Xander was shifting so their cocks rubbed together through their clothes. He was groping his sides and back, feeling everything. Sam let him do whatever he wanted. He was a happy spouse that way. He finally came and Xander followed, snuggling in to cuddle. "Take me to our perch?" he asked quietly. Xander flashed them both up there and it was good. He snuggled in and let Xander clean them up. They could run around naked for a while.

Dean walked in. "Is it safe?" he called.


Dean looked up at them. "Good. Less humping we have to see." He walked into the kitchen and the demon in there screamed in fear. "Chill, dude, I'm Dean, Sam's brother." The demon looked confused. "Sammy, the mate to the winged one who lives here?"

"Oh. He has family?"

"Me, our dad, the dogs. Xander has friends that come over now and then too." Arf came in to nose his leg. "What's wrong? Can't find Barney?"

"The canine is out back, as is proper," the demon told him firmly.

Dean snorted. "Fat chance Xander will stand for that."

"He's been busy," he defended.

"Uh-huh." He walked out and got Barney, bringing him inside. He held him up. "Tell Barney you love him and he wasn't a bad dog," he called. Sam reached down to grab him, letting him cuddle in. "The new one had him in the backyard." He heard a scream of pain and looked toward the kitchen. "Arf, don't bite the caretaker demons." He looked up.

Sam scowled. "We'll see who lives in the backyard," he promised. Dean smirked.

Xander got up and went into the kitchen, looking at the cowering demon. "Barney is part of this family and lives in this house. The same as my friends come over and so do my in-laws. I wouldn't have Sammy if I hadn't gotten Dean from hell to help me hunt around town." The demon disappeared. Xander opened the freezer to look at his old caretaker. "Are you done with whatever funky problem this is? Your substitute just put Barney in the back yard." Hu whimpered. "Well?"

"No, not yet, Lord Xander."

"Can you function and do that on your own time?" He nodded. "Then do that. Dean just came back with Arf and we're cuddling Barney since he's been outside for a while now." He went back up to his perch. "Hu's nearly done with whatever's making him live in the freezer."

"Good. Do we know what it is?" Xander shook his head, playing with his puppy. Barney snuggled in. "We're sorry he chained you up out there, Barney." Dean shot a paper bag of dog food up at them with a crossbow and he smiled, catching the bolt. "Thanks, Dean."

"Welcome. His bowl had parts." He went to get his own dinner. Hu swatted at him but he did it anyway. "They're on their perch. I can feed myself if you need more time."

"I'll be out of it within the week. I can cook." He got to work doing that. His boys did not eat enough. When Cordain showed up looking pissed he glared at him and went off on him. It'd help wear the rest of this out for him.

Cordain looked at Dean. "He's in heat."

"We figured it was that or he was spawning." He shrugged. "It happens to the best of us. And you guys too I guess." Cordain gave him a dirty look so Dean smirked back. "Not exactly *good*, Cordain."

"Uh-huh." He took the demon with him. After a few minutes with his own caretaker demon, who was female, Hu was back in fine form and could go take care of his household. He got the other one assigned to Cassandra and sent another six up to Hu to keep Xander's house spotless and Dean fed. Three came back but that was fine. Hu was going to be picky for the next few days.


Xander got called to his combat with Cordain, pulling his favorite sword when he saw Cordain had his. "Sparring against you or do we have a mutual target we're hunting?"

"No, you spar against me." He looked at his wings. "Red?"

Xander grinned. "Sam did the spell and kissed over the area to make it all better."

"That's so cute I'm going to gag," he said dryly.

Xander smirked. "It's all the sugar we eat." He lunged and Cordain met his blows, but it was good to be in practice again. The new moves John had shown him were working out all right for him, even though his wings usually threw him off balance. Cordain moved in close to block him better and Xander manifested a dagger, getting him in the stomach. Then he kicked him back and finished attacking, driving him to the ground. "John's a very good teacher," he said at the shocked look. "Plus, hey, learned it in combat." He grinned.

Cordain slowly stood up, handing back the dagger so he could heal his stomach. "Not many can beat me. Good job, Xander." Xander beamed and bounced some. He bowed to him, getting one back. "This will put you high in the order."

"I don't want to be high in the order. People will say mean things and then I'll have to be eviler than usual to them."

Cordain looked stunned. "It does come with perks."

"I have the house, Sam, and Barney, plus the family and friends. What perks are left?"

Cordain studied his protege then nodded. "Where do you want to rank?"

"Somewhere in the middle? That way no one says anything, I'm not a road block to someone's power, nothing like that?"

"That's a good plan," he decided, smiling at him. "What of Sunnydale?"

"We're looking at turning the old Adams College into HUD housing instead of the one next to the dump they have presently. They're all concrete, even the floors. Reminds you a lot of a prison. We're adding on some housing and they're talking about giving a small land tax break for a few years if you renovate one of the older houses. They think that'll make some of the families already there move to somewhere bigger. Then new families could buy their first home from the small ones that go up. They're talking about putting new houses up nearer to the UC Hellmouth campus. That's a nice area generally and it'd let them open a small sub- police station for them and the campus area because it needs it but it's not cost effective without more residents there. Oooh, we're talking about fixing the hospital too because it sucks."

Cordain smiled. "It's a good plan. Solid, upkeeps the population you already have and will draw in more if you wanted to. Reasonable and upkeeping isn't that hard." He patted him on the back. "You've done good, Xander." Xander beamed. "Can I see the red area?" Xander turned and let him see, even letting him touch a few. "Those are very unusual. I've never seen a Sividia with red wings."

"Is it spreading?"

"No. Just that one area." He called his boss, who showed up a few minutes later. "Xander and Samuel did a spell to fix the bare spot the wing itch had left him."

"Many of you are vain about your wings."

"It was going to interfere with my flying," Xander said quietly. "Did I screw up?"

"No," Cordain said. He pointed at the red area, getting a confused look and the boss looked closer. "He said Samuel did the spell and kissed it better."

"The mark of lust," he said happily. "That's a good thing, Xander. The others should be jealous of that." Xander smiled and nodded. "Are you better?"


"Where did he place?"

"As high as he wanted to," Cordain assured him. That got an amused look. "Xander doesn't want the prestige or the headaches either of us have, Sire. He wants somewhere in the middle of the pack. That way he doesn't have to deal with power plays or anything like that."

"That's a sound idea," he decided. He patted Xander on the arm. "Good job." He looked at Cordain. "You as well. Expect a bonus." He left, going back to his office much happier. He wouldn't need his special 'over-stressed overlord' pills as he called them to celebrate with his concubines today!

Cordain smiled and nodded. "Very interesting."


"No. Not in the least. Just unusual." Xander nodded and went back to Sam's lap to cuddle and tell him the good news. Cordain made a note and sealed that file. Not many of the Sividia kept in practice and could beat him. There hadn't been a full battle that needed their services in many centuries. He checked on his protege, then left them alone when he saw him sucking on Sam's neck. Now and then blood tasted good to them too. He called the next one and let him attack first. This one always tried to kill him to take his place but pity. He was tougher than he looked and this one was pitiful. Let's hope none of the others went to Dean or John to train with them. He'd never beat them.


John looked at Sam's content look and his throat. Then at the napping Xander. He went into the kitchen and came out with a huge sandwich, nudging Xander awake. "Eat this, not my son, Xander." He walked off smiling.

"But he tastes so good," Xander called after him. "A bit of honey and he'd be perfect."

"I don't want to hear about what you two do in the bedroom," John complained, shutting his bedroom door.

Xander let Sam have a few bites then ate the rest, looking at his handiwork. He shrugged and went to nibble on the other side too, making Sam moan since it was a very sensitive area. Nearly as sensitive as his wings. Which Sam was playing with. So later on Dean came out to hand him food too. It was good of his family to take care of him that way. Even if he did wake up in the morning all puffed up again. Everyone gave him a horrified look. "I'm chilly."

"Put on clothes, Xander," Sam said, bundling him up and checking for a fever. He would not let Xander get sick again. Even if he had to go buy the soul of someone who could make a vaccine for the wing itch problem personally. Hu gave him another sweater and handed them both food, not looking at the huge hickey that now stretched around his throat. He'd have to break Xander's oral habit soon or get him to suck on another part of his body instead.

The End.
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