Imagine: The List
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Methos is in Joe's office, talking with the Watcher before the bar officially opens. Joe looks over when the computer tones, 'you have mail'.

“Didn't we do this once already?” Methos smirks as Joe checks first one e-mail address and then the one for the watchers.

“It's from Eureka, addressed to you but sent to my e-mail.” Joe says. Methos smirks and puts down his book, walking over to lean against the wall as Joe opens the message.

/Is this what you meant by unusual side-effects?/ is the entire message, there's a couple of attachments that Joe opens when Methos nods. Joe blinks at the first one that comes up, the picture of a positive pregnancy test. Methos smirks. Joe opens the second one, which turns out to be the copy of a blood pregnancy test. Methos leans against the wall and cackles. Joe waits until he's finished before opening the third attachment, showing the scene in Nathan's office from yesterday.

“What was that?” Joe asks.

That was a hormone swing. I almost feel sorry for Nathan, having to deal with Jacar's mood swings. They should level off, in about,” Methos pretends to think. “Nine, ten months.”

“The Sheriff is pregnant!” Joe asks, hushed.

“This doesn't go in the chronicles, Joe.” Methos says, absolutely serious.

“Nobody would believe me anyway.” Joe says, turning to look back at the computer. “I don't know who to feel sorry for, Dr. Stark or Sheriff Carter.”

“Pity everybody else who has to deal with Jacar's mood swings.” Methos snorts.

“Are you going back out?”

“Hell no, I've been on the receiving end of Jacar's mood swings in the past.” Methos shudders. He smirks as he dials a familiar number.


“Awww, how's the little mommy to be feeling?” Methos says in total innocence. He smirks at the growl that can be plainly heard over the phone.

“I hate you.” Carter glares at the phone as he settles in his chair at the office. The news had made it all through town, he'd come in to find the coffee maker gone and a nice selection of teas on the counter in is place.

“And how's the expectant father?”

“Torn between scientific curiosity about the pregnancy and being scared stiff about having to deal with two pregnancies.”

“You warned him to use a condom.” Methos says in a smug sing-song voice.

“Don't be too damn quick to be smug, as I seem to recall you didn't wrap your little Adam in a raincoat either.” Carter says. “So this baby might be yours instead of Stark's.”

“Have you told Zoe yet?”

“Yes, and wasn't that an adventure.” Carter moans. “Zoe's dealt with her father changing sex while she was visiting her mother, me getting together with Stark, hell not even finding out that I'm in a threesome with Allison and Nathan upset her that much, though I saw the hot fudge sundae fixings in the sink when I got up, there's no way in hell I'm telling her that her baby brother or sister might be yours instead of Nathan's.”

Methos chuckles. “Zoe already knows that I plow your beautiful little ass whenever I get the chance, she walked in on us a few years ago, remember?”

Carter's moan is clearly audible over the phone line. Methos smirks and decides to twist the knife a little further.

“Ohhh don't worry, it could always be twins, one from each of us. It's not the first time that's happened either”

Carter's cursing him makes him laugh and hang up his phone.

“He's really pregnant?” Joe asks.

“He's really pregnant.” Methos nods smugly.

“Umm, do we need to do a pregnancy test for MacLeod? He's been mighty quiet since we got back to Seacouver.” Joe asks. Methos looks at him strangely.

“Why do you think anything might have happened that he would need a pregnancy test?”

“MacLeod's a screamer, I heard the two of you more than once while we were in Eureka.” Joe snorts. “And he's been off his food.”

Methos whimpers as he realizes that he might have jumped from one frying pan into another.

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