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Builders Challenge by Katrina:

Stories based on:
Beginning of Builders by ajprevett:

Wood it Work by dogbertcarrol:

Good Willow, BAMF Xander and Willow, Jesse, Willow, and Xander are now Builders, Time Travel-Fix-it,

‘words’ Thoughts or thought communications.
“words” Spoken.

Chapter 1:

Saturday, June 4th, 1988:
421 West Sun Line Drive,
Sunnydale California:

A thin seven-year-old boy with shoulder length raggedly cut brown hair, and brown eyes, was attached to a dog lead out back by a dog collar. He was naked and looking forlornly at his bowl of Alpo mix and bowl of dirty water.
When suddenly his mind and soul merged with his twenty-seven-year-old self. He shook himself clear and reached out mentally for his Willow, whom he knew would be nearby. ‘Wills you there?’ His mind clasped his surroundings and the lead/collar; (dog lead and collar, poor quality “ Do you wish to acquire them?) He touched the collar, and it fizzled out and disintegrated. (Dog collar acquired)

‘Jesse and I are here, where are you?’
‘Master situation from last time. Have already gotten out of the collar and am hoping to save the last pet if possible.’ He looked at the California ranch style house that was in poor condition like everything else the guy owned. (Blueprints acquired.) And blinked, a 3-D representation of the insides and outside appeared in a HUD system over his vision.
‘Roger that, we’re on our way.’
‘Meet me inside if you can, if it’s like last time, he’s filming the grand exit of his pet.’
Willow’s hard voice came through, ‘You end it fast and save the boy or get vengeance for him Xan. We are almost there.’
He disintegrated/acquired the door and quietly padded in on his bare feet, hearing the cries of the previous boy as a whip descended on him.
He was in the mud room off the kitchen, and quickly reached up to get the carving knife, ‘When you get here, use the phone to call Ashgrove Demon Hospital to get the Healers to come to help him. And I will see to the rest.’
‘Roger that. We are at the door now.’

He followed the sounds downstairs to the quote “dungeon/playroom” unquote, and saw a bloody, unkept boy on a cross with a medium sized, gone-to-pot, football player type, holding a bloody whip and doing a bad guy spiel to the surrounding cameras. (Playroom acquired.) He grimaced, he had seen and been in better. Hell, he had designed better for Anya.
He balanced the piece of shit knife and threw it. Piercing the man’s back and heart. And causing him to fall over. Happy to remember this was the late eighties and not the new century where this would have been going live online.
Willow and Jesse came barreling down the stairs, “See to him while I get the cameras.” He called out as they looked around in distaste. “Jesse, see if you can find me some clothes, will you?”
Jesse nodded and went back upstairs.

(Cameras acquired) He disintegrated and “acquired” each one and their film, before doing a flash-flame on the body and getting rid of the evidence.

Willow was doing a healing spell on the boy while on the wireless wall phone to Ashgrove to get him help. The healing spell lightened his pain as he looked up at both of them.
Xander asked him his name and where he was from in both English and Spanish as he looked mixed. “Eric” he gasped out, “Eric Lenser. From LA. I was told it allowed my family more food on the table and a place to lay their heads.”
Both Willow and Xander grimaced at that picture for different reasons. Her for the obvious reason, and him for the obvious lie to cover up their deaths.
Jesse came downstairs with a boy’s cowboy vest, no shirt, but chaps and boots. “Sorry, all I could find was the costume closet in your size. And this was the best of the lot.”
Xander grimaced as Willow was finishing up her call and he stood to put the chaps and boots on. “Better than nothing. But I am going to have Wills do a shrinking charm on the guy’s pants till I can get some of my own. Wills, time?”
“A couple minutes out. And then after their gone we can pillage and burn.”
Xander shook his head, “Nope, Poltergeist the house and shrink it into the void where it belongs.”
“I can go with that.”

Jesse looked at the two of them, “Ah guys, not to sound ungrateful or anything, but how are we alive? How am *I* alive? As the last thing I remember was being taken down into the tunnels under the cemetery.”
“Good question, I remember the FUBAR from the idiot opening the Hellgate under the capital for supposed power and dumping a dark Hell Demon Realm on us and the two of us being the rear-guard as we got the mini’s off to the Alpha Site.” Willow answered while keeping an eye on the boy.
Xander nodded, “Bob said I’d be the memory.” At their looks, he waved them off, as the Healers from Ashgrove started to arrive. They moved the trio out of the way as they bundled Eric up and got him transported to the Healer’s Hospital down the way and much better than the human “ for parts “ hospital that the main hospital was. The EMT stopped by Willow, and she pointed to Xander, who whispered in the being’s ear that payment would be dropped off later at their admin office. Getting a nod.

Once gone, he showed the other two how to break down everything and explained that the energy received from the breakdown was now their main source of food and, a lot of times, money. And to also get blueprints of things before acquiring them. Then told them to start in the basement and he would start upstairs. If they found a rolodex let him know as he would be passing it on to others to help defray the costs of Eric’s help.

They were all nicely full by the time they were done pillaging and emptying the house. And Xander had gotten Willow to shrink down several of the creeps’ outfits to take as his own, as his own parents had “sold” him to the guy for alcohol and drug money. Just like they had done so several other times during his life.
He had not been kidding about the Armenians.
They had gotten Jesse filled in up to the attack in LA from the opening of Black Thorn’s Portal and Xander’s being in Africa with Willow and many of the survivors from the First being at that apocalypse by the time they finished and watched as Willow sent the bastard’s house twisting into nothingness like in the Poltergeist movie.

“So,” Jesse started as they turned to head uptown to the bank Willow’s parents used for her house and education trust fund, “Alpha Site?”

Willow waved at Xander to go on, “Not long after I returned from getting slayers in Africa, we heard the new president was looking for things buried and forgotten under the site of the capital. Next thing we knew Hell Spawn were coming out and attacking worse than the portal attack in LA a few years previously, and our leadership “ including the Pentagon “ was gone.”
Willow nodded at that, “Totally passed ‘Foothold’ and into the ‘Middle of an Invasion time.’
Xander continued, “By the time it was world-wide, it was decided to get the younglings to the Alpha dimension. And Willow along with the Covens opened that up with some of the last survivors with Willow and I being rear guard. I was taken down and dying when Willow was taken down. She managed to hold the gate till the last of the Coven was through, then closed it and…that is the last I remember till Bob.”
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