Imagine: The List
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References to Bob the Builder from PBS.

Chapter 2:

The trio arrived at the bank, First National, and headed inside. Willow was currently the shorter of the trio and had red hair down her back, green eyes, and fair skin. And was dressed in pink overalls with a cream-colored shirt with a light pink frilled trim. And pink tennis shoes.

Jesse was the slimmer of the trio from a growth spirt instead from malnutrition like his friend Xander and was as tall as Xander. And had lighter brown hair and eyes than him. He was wearing the a-typical t-shirt and jeans and had a slight slackers slouch.

Willow was in the lead and left a message at the front desk before leading them to sit on the nearby couch to wait for a free agent.
“So…Bob.” Jesse began with a hint.
Xander hummed a familiar refrain and whisper called out “Can we build it? Yes, we can.” Which got both the other two face palming and Willow mumbling about “Of course Xan ran into Bob the Builder when he died.”
Xander snickered and was about to answer back when a middle-aged Bracken half-blooded human motioned them to follow him.

Willow and Xander looked at each other, then she opened up with the standard trade merchants greeting in the main local demon language. Getting a stumble from the man who turned and “looked” at them before replying back in the same tongue that last time he checked she was a pure human.
Xander added that, ‘they had been blessed by both Janus and a Builder God recently’, which got a nod, and told that he would update their paperwork accordingly.

Turned out the bank did business with both sides of the town. So, it was no problem getting accounts of their own, as it seemed that the demons or even half could tell they were not human anymore.
A good couple hours to finish filling out the new paperwork they were finished. They now had access to all the underground demon facilities for neutral to good demons in the area. This would also allow them to now deposit or change the gold received from the acquired things at the going gold rate into standard trade funds.
Of which they combined their recent funds into thirds with one third going to the hospital for Eric’s care. One going to the combined account under the name of Sineya Grey Council. And the last for automatic rent to Rory for the building on his work site that he rented out to a sleeper demon who used it as a trade location when he was awake. The demon, being a sleeping/hibernating one, was perpetually late on the rent, so a contract for subletting was made and sent to Rory for the Counsel to let the building while it wasn’t in use. Including the back rent. And getting the back utilities turned back on and ready for their use.
This would give them both access to a base location, and a location where they would have access to their needed food supply via Rory’s junk and auto yard.

From the bank they headed to the new site, where the papers had already been served to Rory, and the month’s rent taken out.
They had new keys to the doors made, so they would have easy access to the inside of the place. And along the way, they acquired the blueprints of many of the downtown buildings, including the oddly shaped warehouses.

They did a stop off at the lumber yard to gain access to the goods there. Using the new id cards, they had obtained for that.
And with Xander effectively homeless at the moment till either the mayor’s office realized and sent him back home, or his parents did and took him in for resale later, (the gift that keeps on regifting after all) he would be bunking at the new place. As it would be safer for Willow to ward against enemies.

At the secondhand shop, they got sleeping bags and pillows for each of them, along with some sleep wear and workout wear. And as they hiked the last portion to the building, they noticed the closed sign was up, so that meant the demon inside was still asleep and hibernating.

Xander had already told his two friends to wait till they were in their new building for their questions, so when they came to the site, each made sure to acquire the blueprints then he walked them through a scan of the place to figure out any work that needed to be done on the outside using their new builders ability now that each of them were at full levels.
Then, as they came around the front again, he put his finger to the front door lock and repaired the rusted thing to be like new. Then put the key in the lock and they were in.

Inside was the humanoid dragon clerk/owner stopped in mid yawn as he froze into his statue form over by the door into the backroom.
A checkout desk in the middle of the main room and behind that the old mail and bills, of which they had paid off the backlog of and had put them on automatic pay. This had allowed things like the utilities to be put under the name of their own business instead of the old business of Sleeping Dragon.

Xander motioned to the other two to open the windows and door to air out the place. Then called out to Willow to go out to the back storage and check on what she needed to ward the place with non-violence wards. And he and Jesse were going to start cleaning up the main room for now.
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