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Worm’s Tinker Specialist is mentioned here but otherwise no true cross.

Chapter 3:

They had light discussions on certain things, such as the fact that they were all Builders now. And as such, pretty much immortal except for ashing. Which meant hard as hell to kill and could not be turned. In fact, vamps and other blood drinking demons avoided their blood on general principles. Though, when they were old enough, they would still be able to donate blood and would have light healing abilities through it.

The higher the quality of construction materials they “disintegrated” that weren’t broken down for food or monetary gain could be used to reconstruct or “transmute” new items from equal quality goods. That was why they wanted to gather as many divergent blueprints as possible. So, they could build new items as they were Builders.
Bob was actually an Ancient-Grand-Master Builder while they were in their “Youngling” phase. And had to do like in gaming and earn enough experience in their skills to go up to Apprentice Level one of three. Then Journeyman one through three. Then Master level through five. Then Grand-Master. Then Ancient-Grand-Master.
They had each been given the cleaned-up version of “Tinker”. Which, as far as Bob was concerned, went well with Builders in general. And when they upgraded to Apprentice Level one, they would be able to specialize further from a list that would be given to each of them. It would depend on where and how they put to use the Tinker Knack they were given.

They had also been given “Mind Magic”, or “Mind Arts”. Which allowed them to keep from having Telepathy or Mind Magics worked against them and included illusionary arts. Though Mind Tricks from others, Verbal Mind Tricks and Mind Tricks they use on and against themselves was another thing altogether. Therefore, as part of what they were given was the ability to learn their own mind. And the knowledge to do so. Which would be totally up to the individual. As would keeping it up.

Same with Meditations. Which was another perk. And was for use in both Spiritual knowledge and affect and Mind knowledge and affect.

Languages were Romance based for now, plus Linguistics. Or the study of the base concept of languages. And not the languages themselves. Contrary to popular belief. Though they now had the ability to quickly pick up languages based on how much they wanted or willed it to be. And that would be not only the base parts of the language but the idiomatic and colloquial parts as well. And thus, gaining mastery over it.

They had what Bob called “Body Visual Learning” or “Photographic Reflexes” ability. Which meant basically, they could copy body movements from others, no matter the source, and, by rote, learn to do them. Videos for the win on that one, plus using some of the funds they would get from “helping” around Rory’s work areas to get into one of the many martial arts studios in the ‘Dale. And actually, get something out of it.

They each had been given leave to pick individual perk items now to set the stage for later, and he had chosen Mentat from Dune and Shinobi Chakra from Naruto. During that night, he planned to spend most of the night ordering his mind into a Mind Palace, then go through the rest of nights during the following week or weeks and work on his Pattern Recognition skills.
Willow had also taken Mentat but had taken Demon Lore and was going to combine the two. While Jesse took Mentat and Barter/Silver Tongue. To aid in the trading skills and needs.

Once they were set, Xander grabbed each of their hands and they formed a circle, in the center of the main room.
With him as team lead and family member to the “owner” therefore having proper access to the land and property, they reached out through him and claimed domain rights. Which, in turn, gave them the rights on the paperwork in the bank and city hall so that part of the property on down as far as possible, including all mineral wealth and water, etc., belong to him/them. And their corporation, Sineya.

Before they all got ready for the two to leave for the evening, they all went out and cleaned up a section in the yard that was a real accident waiting to happen.
Getting the minerals for food to refill them up, the precious metals that had been stored in the mess to trade for money to put in their accounts, and the rest in for transmuting for new stuff when they were ready.

After the duo was safely home, Xander grabbed a clipboard and notebook paper and a pen. Then went to the back room to take stock inventory and see what just needed to be restocked.
The shop was a lot like Giles and Anya’s shop for magical needs, but for the true practitioner instead. And not for college crowd like theirs was.

They quickly found that the only sleep they actually needed was enough to rest their conscious brains, and that was about three hours. And the duo stuck at home, found themselves up at a time when their parents and other adults around the house were just going to bed, and had to bide their time, while Xander could putter around the shop.

Xander, was just finishing his inventory and had put the clipboard on the front counter, when they called out ‘good morning.’ He had just snorted as by then he was just getting ready for bed, but if they were up, they were to start on their mental projects so they didn’t get in trouble with their parents, and he would join them in a few hours after his own nap.
However, they’d have to keep things on the mental frequency as Sunday was usually the day each of their families went to the respective grandparents for the day. Getting an “Oh, yeah.” From both of them.
In the meantime, he was going to see about getting some minions up and running and a good start on renewing the place they now called their own.

Calling into place four construction minions, he, along with the minions, circled the building. And started to deconstruct it down to below the bedrock. Taking out several demons while they were at it but leaving the sleeping one in the building and their new stock alone.

Using the materials from the deconstruct, they rebuilt the outer walls and fortified them with solid steel cores.
Building upwards from the, now, second basement, on upwards. And making sure to make small spaces for the wiring that Willow would be putting in for the computer system she would be building. All the while putting in the rest of the wiring for the power and a new perpetual motion generator to run the power. So that they were now completely off the power grid.

Putting in a desalination unit to take the water from the nearby ocean and use that as their water base. With the salt and minerals set aside and bottled/bagged for later trade for the goods they would need.
With both generators in the bottom basement. And the basement locked in place and added reinforced fortifications from tunneling and magical access.

The upper basement was for magical works and rituals, which he would leave for Willow to finish setting up. However, he had a bathing area for the cleansing area that would double as the shower and decontamination area.

He replaced the entrance and delivery doors with a solid steel core and a steel core frame and walls to attach them too. Then replaced the locks with heavy duty security locks with the Evil Overloads Lock Quote 66: My security keypad will actually be a fingerprint scanner. Anyone who watches someone press a sequence of buttons or dusts the pad for fingerprints then subsequently tries to enter by repeating that sequence will trigger the alarm system.
Adding his prints, Jesse’s, and Willow’s to the system.
Then, looking up and around the room a few other quotes from both the Overlord’s List and Hero’s List came to mind: “My secret lab/lair will have excellent ventilation, automatic sprinklers (with addendum of blessed water), and halon extinguishers handy at every bench.
“I will always remember fights are in 3-D and try not to fight in 2-D.
“At no point will my vents be large enough to crawl through.”

The ground floor had the delivery area and the customer/clerk, along with the office. Which, again, the computer system would be up to Willow. However, the demon was carefully moved to safety behind the customer counter and by the clerk’s desk.

It was in a dome form with a secured connecting dome form for the goods they would be selling/trading. And with curved, matching high impact, bullet-proof, security windows that had drop-down top-rated hurricane level 5 steel shutters. That locked once in place. And same with the entrances. With the overhead lighting able to go into the UV setting.

The second dome had no windows and was sectioned off into tiers for the goods. The shelving to be replaced later.
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