Imagine: The List
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Chapter 4:

By the time Xander got up, Jesse had cleaned his room and taken his shower, and was playing video games quietly while kvetching at his mind companion, Willow. Who reminded Xander of after school finals and all the horrors she had inflicted on them with it.
It took the “Willow” whisperer as Faith and Buffy used to call him, to get her focused and to stop almost bouncing off the walls. And. To. Focus! He had her sit on her, now, tossed bed, and focus on breathing with him and then focus inwards. Then begin her journey inwards and to her center…
A couple hours later she was much calmer, and they had both spent times working on their centers. Which was good as it was time for her to get ready to go visit her family.

He went to the bank to drop off the gold he had gotten from his work and authorize the next payment for Eric’s care.
Then, after making sure he had cash, he headed for the nearby convenience store to get a couple of 12 packs of soda and headed back to make some calls. One was to the Healers to get information on how Eric was doing and information on where to call for new trade herbal and spice (in trade for the bastard’s rolodex numbers “ and this included passwords to get in and get the best deals. Damn he knew calling the maternity/pediatric ward healer was the best call he could make as he hung up).

With time now on his hands, Xander headed out to the scrap part of the yard. There, he went through things and parts to find salvage he could decently repair and put them in his pocket spaces for later work. And set up his minions to head out to organize each area. With one of them writing down what was where and in what condition. For his, and the group’s use.

He sat back in the front desk chair and propped his feet on the desk as he pulled his first item out of his pocket space and twiddled with it. Soda can by his feet on the desk and the radio tuned to the demon inter-realm music and news station.
A few hours later each piece was sitting on the desk, clean, fixed, and ready for Rory to resale for a profit. Half the 12 pack was gone, and he was on the phone with a distributor for some of the stock needed. While he didn’t have Jesse’s perk, he still knew enough about where things were in town for trade deals and this call was the last one needed to get things up and running. He just had to get a few for the trades made to get the items needed and he was as good as gold.
Hanging up, he finished off his can and converted it for use later and got up to head out to gather the needed items on his new list. And drop off the newly remade parts to Rory’s desk in his office.

That evening, after he finished his errands, the other two were vying for most critical comment against a family member mentally, (they were currently tied as they each had racist members who were trying to outdo each other on the comment section) and Xander had just relegated them to the back of mind as white noise.
He had managed to make the trades needed for the stock supplies and the whiteboard up front with erasable markers. And a new account book.
He was mentally taking stock of what each of them would be doing and what still needed to be done.
And on that front, he transmuted several metal milk crate sized boxes and started to slowly unpack the shelves to the crates and the crates to where he wanted them.

Once that was done, he slowly began to transmute Indian Rosewood shelves that were carved in Arabic Geometric Runes and Designs of Preservation and Stasis on and around the wood in the ground tea vine from the tea bushes the redwood was planted with.
The patterns were colored by natural stains to set off each area as a different section and make finding things much easier.
And as the 4.5 foot by 3-foot units were finished he would go through and transmute octagonal jars that lay on their sides for easy access, then transfer the herbs and spices to the jars. With the proper bags for holding the material(s) next to them.

Monday, June 6th, 1988: Early Morning:
Willow and Jesse arrived at the shop carrying mocha for each of them, then dragged Xander out to the yard to top off their tanks. Being a bit more discriminant this time and sectioning out things that could be repaired and resold.
They had finished their drinks and had talked about where each was to head off for the day or morning. So, Willow headed down to the basement to start on the computer systems. Jesse was off to do some trading for books on Willow’s list, gaming books of differing types, and comic series. And Xander was going to work on what they set aside and then working on fixing more of the shop.
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