Imagine: The List
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Chapter 5:

Sunday, June 19th, 1988:
Xander crawled out from under the new server he and Willow had transmuted and put together. He had just finished hooking it into the system/small network they had put together for the business and it was now ready for Willow to go through and test for bugs and problems.
They would have a network of three computers and three PDAs on it for now. With one computer for the shop, one for the bestiary and books scanned in (safely as both he and Wills remembered Moloch), and one for other. Which would include their gaming and idea files.

With a security system that recorded 24/7 to disks in the basement. The system was visual in normal view and heat/night vision and recorded inside as well as outside and all along the rental property. The viewing of which showed just which demon had hostile intentions towards them when they were forced back by the high security intent wards.
Xander made a point of watching it every morning when he got up and documented them. Then when Willow came in, he would have her hook into the street cameras and track the idiot’s home. From there he planned attacks based on who, how many, and the security they had.
He hadn’t gone out yet, preferring trade harm for now, but it was going to happen soon.

The three of them had also fixed up an older tv they found and were now hooked up to the inter-realm cable network. With Willow also having put together a TIVO to record shows they wanted to watch later. And that system was hooked into a newer VCR/Stereo system with some excellent speakers.

Since that day was Sunday, he had the shop to himself, of which they were now open 7 days a week from 12 pm “ 11 pm. And were trading at a brisk pace in not only the main product, but human goods some demons couldn’t get for one reason or another. Trading in cross goods, gold, or rare books that they needed that were easier for demons to get.

His own minions had finally finished organizing the junk yard into a semblance of order, with sections set off for them to go through for themselves. And the funds received from their “chowing down” so to speak, was split between themselves and his uncle.
And as builders generally had the actual base form of “goo” and therefore could theoretically take on any form, he had taken on his adult form. Sans the missing eye. And complete with proper clothing.
So had spent the previous day while Jesse manned the desk and Willow finished off the computer system, buying the old Calex building and the land around it. Which they would work on next. Along with the dockyard not from it, which he had also purchased. Both of them for back taxes.
With his own funds, he bought up some of the land around the trade shop they had up and going right now, for his own use.

In using his building and Builders knowledge for his first “big build” with getting the shop and stuff up, he had graduated to Apprentice 1 level. And the other two were not that far behind him with their plans for the Calex Building and the docks.
And since he had effectively gone up a level, he was allowed to take on a whole new perk if he wanted to. So, he took on Dimensional Math Specialization. And the math/theoretical math to go along with it.

With it being a Sunday, he opened, and would be manning, the shop by himself that day. Which was not a hassle unto itself, as he had a minion from both Willow and Jesse helping him.
Willow’s minion was taking inventory as a precursor to putting everything in the computer and putting bar codes on the inventory shelves under each of the goods to make ordering and inventory easier. So that minion would be in the back and available to get goods. While Jesse’s minion was up front in an adult humanoid form to man the desk and do trades. While he was in the office and doing the paperwork and other things needed to keep the business running.
Of the cash profits made, taxes were taken out from the top. Then what was left over was split between them, with a portion for the original owner of the business as a thank you.

Xander kept the security cameras on watch from his office, with the volume turned down, and an earwig in to listen to the minions he had scattered too the various landfills in the area. Their job that day was to do what they had done for his uncle’s yard, on contract from the mayor’s office. Separating things into their own sections so city hall could auction each of them off to highest demon bidder. Once the contracts were confirmed as fulfilled the group’s corporation account would get a nice pay drop, with first call on the land under any of the landfills for their own use.

Friday, July 1st, 1988: 1030 am:
They currently had the office paperwork off into the office safe, along with the weekend bank money of various types and in various denominations.
There were chairs around the large desk with kids between 7-10 years old seated in them. And Jesse sat behind the desk with a game masters screen up in front of his papers. A buffet set up of food and drinks off to the side of the room. And in the center of the desk was a grid paper map big enough for the painted miniatures placed on it in some of the squares.
Each of the kids looked on in concentration as one of them shook some dice, then groaned as Jesse spoke of dire consequences of his act.
Meanwhile Xander, in his adult form, got the shop ready to open, as he was manning the desk with a minion in the back to gather whatever was needed.
The computers were up and running with everything having its own bar code, and a weight set by the computerized cash register along with a scanner for the merchandise.
It was the 4th of July weekend, so business was going to be brisk, even for them. Especially since a lot of specialty orders were ready for pick up.
Willow had finished her area in the basement and had also set up a side area for specialty studies, so he was also expecting brisk business for that room that day now that the word had gotten around. So, he had on the whiteboard a list of books they had been asked to get that they were willing to do a trade for.
And Jesse had recently had him buy out the old book shop downtown, for his gaming shop. Which would have its own set of rooms set up for gaming. And both Jesse and Xander planned to use the landfill they had been given to use as LARPing centers. Or places to do Live Action Roll Plays. With appropriate warding structures of course.

Xander planned to send a minion in his place for schooling while he ran the various businesses. And on Mondays “ Wednesdays, Xander would have minions working in the shop while he did his own work in his new workshop next door to the shop. With some of it going for consignment.
Willow doing much the same thing since her parents were going out of town more and more often. She planned to get her new computer business up and running out of the old Calex building.
Jesse unfortunately was at the mercy of his parents and had to go in person. But would be manning his own shops once they were up and running in the afternoons/evenings.
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