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Rough Draft Muse Chapter 1

I gave a nod of acknowledging towards the guards on duty as I was handed back my hunter's license.  The sunlight was almost blinding as I walking out of the gloom of the dungeon.   Popping the identification disk back into storage.   I cast a glance over at the restless parties waiting outside, earning a couple of sneer and looks of derision in return.

"About freaking time."

"Crap the cripple actually made it out, dam it!  Now I owe Mac a hundred bucks.  Son of a B***~"

I couldn't help but grind my teeth as I overheard the coarse and morbid heckling  from more than one of the local hunting groups.  The area was a favored training ground due to the low monster levels but high spawn rate.  A perfect environment for the induction of new members in team play and skill refinement.

The unmistakable corrupted black and red boarder Sentry rune tattoo on the base of my right wrist was damning.   Not only was the "Sentry" classification considered a trash job, the corruption effect had also made it defective.  It's already meager growth potential penalized drastically by it's desecration.  Unless you were one of those lucky bastards that obtain against all odds a unique class or the corruption actually lead to a beneficial growth potential.

If not you were treated worst than a leper, unwanted, undesirable a nonperson.  For many it marked the bitter end to all hopes of joining any type of notable organizations let alone fame and riches.   However for those who had the tenacity to continue, they could eked out a living by perpetually farming tier 1 and 2 dungeons.  It was not an easy nor a cheap path to follow and many opted instead used their nerfed abilities to obtain good paying jobs in the mundane job market.  As for me?  Well it is often said the best hiding spot is often in plain sight.

Ignoring the trash-talk.  I made my way out of the square after checking the exchange rate.

copper pieces (cp)                              5 Dollars

silver pieces (sp)                                22 Dollars

gold pieces (ep)                                60 Dollars

It was only due to government regulation and management that the guilds haven't monopolized fixed instances.  Although it wasn't for lack of trying, if I was luck I was able to secure three or four (2 hour) passes a month for a dungeon run.  The entrance fee wasn't anything to sneeze at either.  Costing on average $1,200.00 an hour with a maximum limit of 5 party members.

Stepping down onto the walkway leading towards the secured car park.  Everywhere you look there were luxurious vehicles such as Hummer's, SUV's and sports cars.  Each of them displaying brand names such as Mercedes, BMW and Porsche.  Not including top of the line RV's such as K~Air used as mobile base camps by well to do Guilds.  In comparison my restored old class C stood out like a sore thumb.  The small motor-home had gone out of productions decades ago but it had everything I needed.   After the retrofit the kitchen and sitting area was removed and a large shower and laundry area had been installed in front.  While the remaining space in the back had been fitted with a full size bed with a fold down table for work.  Belying it's vintage appearance water, power, waste and security was all taken care of through extravagant rune relays and power crystals.

Beeka~ Beeka~

Closing the door behind me, I quickly cast Clean over my cloths, equipment along with the floor before stripping.  Today motif had been filled with dank and dirty alleyways and city sewers filled with gud know what.  While the ability to Clean was good enough to get rid of the sweat, dirt and the muck.  But traces of smell still had the tendency to linger ugg~ nothing a good cycle through the washer couldn't fix.  Stepping into the shower I let the hot water do it's magic as I scrubbed down.  In the mood for a bite out I decided to head out for a bit before coming back to get a few hours sleep before the next run.  Today had been a good day, not only was I able to schedule two runs.  My haul from the dungeon had been surprisingly good.

5 - Knowledge Modulas

Beginner's Introduction to Accounting
Beginner's Introduction to Hair Cuttery
Beginner's Introduction to Business Management
Novice Guide to Spanish
Beginner's Introduction to Food Preparation and Storage

1 - Spatula Storage Bag (12 slots)

2 - Basic Tactical Jackets (Large; 1 Black, 1 Dark Blue)

1 - Basic Tactical Boots (Size 12; Brown)

On top of which the spawns had been extremely generous dropping over 4K in cash.  While the dungeon boss and his two elites had not only dropped three Basic Health Serum but had also finally dropped a  Body Enhancement one.   Puling out a change of cloths from the overhead storage bin, I slipped on some old jeans and a long sleeve shirt.  It took me a minute however to finally fine a pair of  socks without holes in them.

"Defiantly gotta do some shopping soon."

Sliding my feet into a pair of worn but oh so comfortable sneakers by door, I pulled the divider open and flopped down into the drivers seat.

"I wonder if Howie's is open."
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